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1. The first rule of Pub Club is "Don't Talk About Pub Club." OK, it's alright to mention it, just don't post the URL anywhere or we'll send Pub Thugs to breaka you legs.

2. Everyone here should have a handle, use it. If you're not on the Pub Patron's list, email me your handle. Anonymous posters will be heckled(likely by ACross) then deleted.

3. This ain't merchandise mart. Tickets, hotels and Heisman Trophys can be traded or sold in "The Back Room."

4. Rousting is expected, but pissing matches are subject to deletion. If a roust goes past 10 lines it will be considered a pissing match. Blatant insults(i.e."You Suck") are subject to deletion.

5. Nobody is allowed to start rumors on this board. It is, however, permissable to spread rumors on this board.

6. Posts from rival schools are welcome, flaming is not(See #1.)

7. Impersonating anyone other than Elvis will get you banned.

8. Please do not steal Mike Frank's posts and respect copyrights.

9. Brevity is the soul of witty subject lines(though when we're excited we all ramble.) Linking capital letters together(read:CAPS LOCK) in subject lines is strongly discouraged for all but initials and achronyms.

10. If you scratch on the eight ball, you lose.

"Pub"lisher's Note: Smiley faces :) are allowed, but embarrassing to all.