Gmail - Another Gnome Email Client

Gmail is an experimental sql based vfolder email system. It has the following features:

We are aiming for stability and usability, especially for people who have a large volumes of email.

Gmail has been running as a small project since March 1999.
Thanks to everyone at linuxpower for hosting this site.


Gmail is distributed under the GNU GPL. This license gives freedom for anyone to use, redistribute and modify this code, according to the terms of the license.


Jan 22nd, 2001 - Gmail reviewed, development news.
Gmail was reviewed by Bob Bernstein in an excellent article at Earth Web.
I'm begining my studies again soon and don't expect to be putting many new features into gmail other that bug fixes. I'm happy with the current stability and feature set of gmail.

Dec 16th, 2000 - gmail-0.6.8 "Polished Part 1" Release
This is a minor update fixing many bugs. It also implements a new feature allowing rebuilding of the matched index values for the items in a vfolder. Gmail is currently in heavy bug fix and polish mode... We want to get our current feature set as stable and usable as possible. Send feedback to the mailing list.
This release requires gmime-0.2.0. RPM's are now available below.

Nov 21st, 2000 - gmail-0.6.6 "Showtime" Release
This is a huge update encompassing lots of MIME updates using the libgmime library (download below), online docs, multiple POP3 servers and lots of smaller useful features. The Changelog is too big to post here so download it and check it out!
This version has gone through lots of test releases through the gmail mailing list, and represents a significant milestone in the progress of this project!

Oct 3rd, 2000 - gmail-0.6.0 "The big six point zero" Release
Big feature in this version is you can now compose and queue messages offline, and send them at a later time when you are online.

Aug 29th, 2000 - gmail-0.5.6 "Printing and outgoing attachments" Release
You now need gnome-print to install gmail. Sorry this is not optional, but having it allows us to have printing features in gmail. You can now also send outgoing attachments.
I am aware that the mime decoding stuff does not yet work very well. Please feel free to look at the code and contribute.

Aug 19th, 2000 - gmail-0.5.4 "Brown Paper Bag" Release
Lots of updates in this one. The big bug fix is that the problem with the mysql password being forgotten is now corrected. The compose widget has now been converted to libglade and works nicer too. See the changelog in the tarball for more info.
The MIME support is not stable yet, but it is being worked on. I would love to delegate this area of the program to another person to maintain, now that it is basically integrated.

Aug 4th, 2000 - gmail-0.5.3 "UI updates and MIME" Release
Lots of updates in this one. Please help us test this out. Here is the changelog:


The author of this project is Wayne Schuller. I am a computer science graduate living in Melbourne, Australia.
This project is under development. If you would like to help with the development process, e-mail me.
There is a mailing list setup for those wanting to help with development and testing. Go to our excellent gmail-discuss mailing-list web page for more info. Please use this list if you would like to help gmail develop faster. I will be sending release announcements to the list.

The mailing list is archived.


gmail-0.6.8 main window (100k)


gmail-0.6.8.tar.gz (339k)
gmail-0.6.8-1.i386.rpm (811k)

Older releases:
gmail-0.6.6.tar.gz (334k)
gmail-0.6.6-1.i386.rpm (808k)

All RPM's on this site are developed and tested on Redhat 6.x systems.
Help with create packages for other distributions is needed badly!


You need the Gnome libraries of course.

The following MySQL RPM's are quite large, but Mysql is a useful database to have running, you may find other applications will access it also. Hopefully Mysql will become part of main distributions now that it is under the excellent GPL licence.
You don't need this if your distribution already has MySQL (such as RedHat 7.x).
You may desire to download a more recent Mysql from the Mysql website.

MySQL-3.23.27-1.i386.rpm (8.5MB)
MySQL-client-3.23.27-1.i386.rpm (2.6MB)
MySQL-devel-3.23.27-1.i386.rpm (0.8MB)
(yes you need all 3 mysql rpms)

Here is an older version of MySQL, but it is not as fast as the above version, and Gmail may utilise new features at some time in the future.
MySQL-3.22.23b-1.i386.rpm (3.7MB)
MySQL-client-3.22.23b-1.i386.rpm (1.3MB)
MySQL-devel-3.22.23b-1.i386.rpm (0.4MB)

Gmail also requires the following libraries:

gmime download site.
Local: gmime-0.2.0.tar.gz (260k) (check for later versions on the official server)
Locally rolled RPM's (you need both): gmime-0.2.0-1.i386.rpm (44k) gmime-devel-0.2.0-1.i386.rpm (26k)


Gmail uses the standard GNU autoconf and automake. So tarball installation is easily done by unpacking the tarball and typing:
make install

Or to install the Redhat rpm of gmail, simply run the following command as root:
rpm -ivh gmail-0.x.x-1.i386.rpm
(Make sure you get the rpm file name right, and install the mysql rpms first.)