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TM - The Latest Revolution in Horn Strobe Technology has Arrived!

Introducing the Genesis™ Series Horns and Strobes, the latest evolution in life safety technology from EST. Did we say "evolution?" We meant..."revolution." These new strobes are truly revolutionary! Not only do they utilize the latest technology, but their design is like nothing you've ever seen before!

The Genesis™ line of signals are the smallest, most compact audible-visible emergency signaling devices in the world. About the size of a deck of playing cards, these devices are designed to blend with any decor.

Thanks to patented breakthrough technology, Genesis™ signals have given rise to a new benchmark in strobe performance significantly exceeding UL light distribution requirements.

Genesis™ Strobe
Competitor's strobe

Take a look for yourself at these actual light pattern comparisons.

Both of these strobes meet UL requirements, but as you can see, the Genesis™ strobe's light pattern is far superior to anything on the market today!

The Genesis™ horn is also a step above competitors' horns. The Genesis™ horn produces a more appealing, highly effective means of alert than anything else on the market.

All Genesis™ strobes are self-synchronizing. When installed with a Genesis™ Signal Master, strobe flashes from devices on the same circuit are synchronized to within 10 milliseconds of each other over a two-hour period. This meets revised UL standards in effect as of November, 2000.

Genesis™ strobes and horns are available with red or white textured housings and feature an iconographic symbol indicating the purpose of the device. This universal symbol is code-compliant and is easily recognized by all building occupants regardless of what language they speak.

These hot new strobes are available now! Don't be the last one to get your hands on them. Contact your local EST sales representative for more information.

You can also find out more about the Genesis™ Series by checking out our ads online and looking for us in all the industry trade magazines.

The Genesis™ Series Horns and Strobes...Signaling From the Future.