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My name is Dave.  Yours is John Smith, right?  Nice to meet you.

After browsing through our website, you are probably wondering why we would offer such outlandish, anti-establishment titles. 

The first reason is simple; we want to make money. You can't buy this stuff at your local Walmart, and we hold exclusive distribution rights to much of this information, so you have to buy it here. 

Of course, we could make money selling other stuff, such as cars, real estate, jewelry, etc.  We choose to sell these unusual titles because we want to help people learn more about the unjust system of government in America and throughout the western nations.

I am a libertarian and everyone who works for me is a libertarian.  We believe that Government has only two mandates; national defense and public works. All other functions should be performed by the private sector, including education, welfare (only for those who really need it, based on a voluntary donation fund).  In agreement with Clarence Darrow, the famous "Scopes Trial" lawyer, we also favor the legalization of all drugs, an end to all taxes, and the abolition of the criminal justice system.

A bit wierd? Maybe.  But even if you don't agree with our ideology, I think you will find some of our titles very beneficial.

Happy surfing!

Dave Milton
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