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The New Party is a progressive political organization taking root around the U.S. By starting small and thinking long-term, we're building a multi-racial, lively and creative political organization that can, over time, break the stranglehold that corporate money and corporate media have over our political process.

For the last five years we have focused on local elections, and have won more than 200 of our first 300 races. This fall, for example, the Little Rock New Party won 7 of 7 races - electing New Party members to the City Board, County Board, and State Legislature. We now have 4 members on the 10-person City Board, and are launching a major campaign to end urban sprawl and invest in poor neighborhoods.

And in Montgomery County, MD, we helped elect Phil Andrews, the former director of Common Cause to the County Council, unseating a 15-year incumbent conservative. We now have 4 members on the 9-person council and are fighting to win an ambitious Living Wage and Responsible Development ordinance.

We're doing the same thing in other cities across the country - from Chicago to Missoula, Long Island to Minneapolis. The New Party is demonstrating that by building strong coalitions, recruiting a real membership base, and focusing on the issues people care about, progressives can win and govern effectively.

Browse through the documents on our strategy, program, and ongoing campaigns. Enjoy. And if you like what you read, join the New Party. We want to build a government that is more democratic, more accountable, and more responsive to the needs of the governed. But we can't do it without you.

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