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U.S. Champion Advances To Finals In Sydney, Australia

The three winners with trophy
The three winners with trophy (Edwin Krause 2nd, Darryn Van Vuuren 1st, Sergio Garcia Maroto 3rd)
After three days of training and intense competition, a victor has finally emerged from the world's first international Pokémon video game competition. Pokémon-masters from eight countries put their skills to the test in Sydney, Australia, to determine who would become Nintendo's Pokémon 2000 World Champion. When the dust finally cleared and the last Pokémon battle ended, Darryn Van Vuuren captured the gold and brought the Pokémon 2000 World Championship home to the United Kingdom. Ian Garvey, the reigning U.S. Champion, placed fourth in the final round.

The eight finalists during the closing ceremony
Pokémon video game players from Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States converged in Sydney, Australia, to challenge each other in an ultimate battle on Nintendo's Pokémon StadiumTM for the Nintendo® 64. Using their very own Game Boy® trained Pokémon from Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow versions, the national champion from each country competed tournament-style in the three-day championship. Runners-up for the event included Edwin Krause of Germany and Sergio Garcia Maroto of Spain.

Darryn and Edwin in pre-final press conference
"This was an unbelievable battle that truly put my Pokémon skills to the test," says Ian Garvey, Pokémon 2000 U.S. Champion. "I was proud to represent Nintendo and the U.S. in this first ever international Pokémon video game competition."

Darryn and Edwin battle it out for the championship

"We congratulate Ian on this tremendous accomplishment," says Minoru Arakawa, president of Nintendo of America Inc. "These competitors may not speak the same language, but they all understand Pokémon, which any way you say it translates to 'fun'."

Darryn with trophy in Sydney Harbor
The championship was part of a twenty-two day Pokémon fun and entertainment festival, which began September 12 at Pokémon Park. Located in Sydney University, Pokémon Park is an interactive area where Pokémon fans of all ages and nationalities can compete in trading card tournaments and video game face-offs, enjoy food and much more including a Pokémon Team Rocket live show, a Pokémon disco and limited edition, first-in-the-world Pokémon products. Additional details about the Pokémon Park and the World Championship can be found at the international website, www.pokemon2001.com.

Ian Garvey and his father watch the final competition

Additional details about the Pokémon Park and the World Championship can be found at the international website, www.pokemon2001.com.

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