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Oxygen GVX1 wins Cadalyst Labs best High-End board 1999

Oxygen GVX-420

128MB Workstation Graphics with Dual DVI

The Oxygen GVX420 is a high-end workstation graphics accelerator for demanding CAD and DCC professionals who need effortless interaction with the most complex designs to maximize productivity. Dual new-generation, 3Dlabs® GLINT® R4 processors provide 256-bit graphics performance, 128MB of on-board memory and flexible analog and DVI dual display capabilities. Unlike graphics cards based on gaming technology, Oxygen GVX420 is a true professional graphics solution with 3Dlabs’ renowned OpenGL® quality and extensive application certifications for trouble-free performance.

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    Features and Benefits

    Dual New-Generation GLINT R4 Rasterizers
    Delivers unified 2D, 3D and video processing with professional quality and enhanced small primitive performance for smooth interactivity with large models.

    GLINT Gamma G2 Second-Generation Geometry Processor
    Offloads 100% of the OpenGL transformation and lighting calculations from the CPU for maximum application performance and to boost the interactivity of large models.

    128MB On-Board Memory
    Holds large amount of textures on-board for smooth interaction with complex scenes, even with high-resolution screens and full-screen anti-aliasing.

    Flexible Dual Processor Architecture
    Enables two display modes: single screen mode where both processors are efficiently focused into one framebuffer for 256-bit graphics performance, and dual screen mode which drives two independent displays, effectively acting as two 64MB graphics boards.

    Dual Display Capability
    Seamlessly drives two screens as a single, large OpenGL-accelerated virtual desktop for flexible and productive layout of 2D and 3D applications.

    Dual Analog and DVI Display Connectors
    Flexibility to drive dual analog or high-quality digital displays; preserves graphics board investment as displays are upgraded.

    Technical Specifications

    Dual GLINT R4 Rasterization Processors * Unified 2D, 3D and video processing
    * Flexible digital stripe interleaving architecture efficiently focuses both processors into one framebuffer for double fill-rate performance or drives two independent displays
    * 256-bit memory bus architecture
    * Dual integrated 300MHz RAMDACs
    * 7 independent DMA engines provide low CPU utilization
    * Integrated SVGA Controller
    GLINT Gamma G2 Second Generation Geometry Processor * 100% OpenGL 1.2 transformation and lighting in silicon
    * 5Gflop floating point performance
    * 6.3 Million transformed, lit triangles/sec
    * 16 Simultaneous light sources
    * Directional, positional and spotlights with quadratic attenuation and local viewer support
    * Two-sided lighting directly supported in hardware at no extra cos
    PowerThreads OpenGL Drivers * Full OpenGL 1.1 ICD (1.2 ready)
    * Dynamic load balancing optimizes geometry and lighting load between GLINT Gamma G2 and host CPU
    * Fully optimized for Intel SSE and AMD 3DNow!
    Professional 3D Rendering * Complete OpenGL 1.2 functionality in silicon
    * Full OpenGL overlays
    * Single pass bump-mapping, per-pixel lighting
    * High-quality Gouraud shading
    * Perspectively correct bilinear and trilinear filtering with per-pixel mip-mapping
    * Dual bilinear mip-mapped textures in a single pass
    * 2048x2048x32 maximum individual texture size
    * Source and destination alpha blending
    * Fogging and Depth Cueing
    * Anti-aliased lines and polygons
    * Full-scene anti-aliasing
    * Hardware scissoring, stippling and stencil buffers
    * GID clipping for efficient window management
    * 32 bit Z-buffering
    Integrated Video Processing * Full virtual memory management unit in GLINT R4 silicon
    * Allows the board to act as a full 256MB graphics card
    * Independent texture handling in each GLINT R4 optimizes texture handling in dual processor architecture
    Memory * 128MB of unified high-speed SGRAM for framebuffer, Z-buffer and texture memory
    Board Physical * Full-length ATX form-factor AGP card with connected PCI daughter card
    * AGP 1x/2x/4x compatible
    * AGP Pro compatible
    Connectors * Dual DB-15 analog connectors
    * Dual DVI-D digital connectors
    * 3-pin mini-din stereo connector
    Multi-head Capable * Supports dual high-resolution analog or digital displays from a single card under Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0
    Multi-head OpenGL and Window Manager * Dual screen virtual desktop with uninterrupted OpenGL acceleration at any window position
    * Maximum virtual desktop resolution of 4096x1536 on dual analog displays and 3200x1200 on dual digital displays (monitor dependant)
    * 3Dlabs’ advanced window manager provides point-and-click control over dialog and window positions on the desktop
    Stereo Support * True quad-buffered stereo support up to 1280x1024 true-color per screen, 118Hz refresh rate (Stereo not supported on flat panel displays)
    * Independent Z buffer for left and right eye
    * Dual screen stereo supported for effective maximum stereo resolution of 2560x1024
    Drivers * Windows NT 4.0 (including dual head OpenGL support)
    * Windows 2000 (dual head OpenGL support available in Q4 2000)
    * DDC2B support on all operating systems
    Advanced Control Panel * Point-and-click optimization of system configuration for key professional applications
    System Requirements * 100% IBM compatible PC
    * Intel Pentium, AMD Processor or compatibles supporting AGP 3.3V signalling. (Note: The Intel 850 chipset used on some Pentium 4 systems only supports 1.5V. Please check with your system manufacturer).
    * IBM compatible motherboard with AGP or AGP Pro slot and adjacent empty PCI slot
    * Microsoft Windows 2000 or NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5 or higher
    * 64MB System memory
    * 16MB free disk space
    Warranty * Three (3) years parts and labor limited warranty

    Fully Tested and optimized On All Leading Professional Applications

    DCC applications including: 3D Studio Max, Houdini, Maya, 3D Studio Viz, Lightscape, Softimage XS

    CAD applications including: ArchiCAD, Co-Create, Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD, I-DEAS, SolidWorks, CATIA, MicroStation J, Unigraphics

    High Value Bundled Software

    Oxygen GVX420 comes with three high-value software bundles to increase your productivity: Vibrant's Soft Engine 4 improves display performance of AutoCAD by up to four times. 3Dlabs also delivers E-Colortms industry leading color solutions, Colorific® and True Internet Color®. Colorific® color-calibrates your display for optimal viewing and screen-to-printer matching. True Internet Color®, the only solution for delivering accurate color over the Web, enables accurate color viewing when you shop online.


    The OXYGEN Family

    • Oxygen GVX420: 128Mb Workstation Graphics with Dual DVI
    • Oxygen GVX210: High-end, 256-bit Graphics Power for Demanding Workstation Professionals
    • Oxygen GVX1 Pro: 64Mb Workstation Graphics with DVI-I
    • Oxygen GVX1: Accelerated Geometry Power for Workstation Professionals
    • Oxygen VX1: Industrial Strength Graphics for Workstation Professionals
    • Oxygen VX1-16: High-Value, Entry Level Workstation Graphics
    • Oxygen VX1 Stereo: Industrial Strength Graphics and Stereo Visualization for Workstation Professionals
    • Oxygen VX1 1600SW: 32Mb Professional Graphics for the Silicon Graphics 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor

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    NewMedia Magazine

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    Cadalyst Magazine 
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    DV Magazine

    4 Star Rating
    Cadence Magazine

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