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XNEW!  ATLANTIS is in Mexico! -This latest discovery will force many historians to look for this illusive lost continent much closer to home.

January 2001: Ancient alphabet found in Australia, Israel, Colorado and Yemen.

X Evidence of An Ancient Migration to America From The Middle East
We now know who carved many of the ancient petroglyphs in America's Southwest. We can now begin translating these odd symbols into English. What we are learning from these translations is about to turn American history upside-down. See for yourself -- the first of hundreds of translations are disclosed and explained.

Important and well researched evidence suggests the historical "father" to both Jews and Arabs was originally someone quite different from our varied legends. In light of recent discoveries, this article is a "must read.".

X Were Ancient Celts In Oklahoma?
ViewZone visits a remote cave that is said to contain ancient Ogam inscriptions. Is this real or just a coincidence?

X A Brazilian Mystery
Weathered by thousands of years, a giant head, resembling Egypt's Sphinx, beckons explorers to Brazil. Does this ancient site hold the keys to a lost civilization?

X Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe
An unusual skull turns up in a west coast curiosity shop and opens up a controversy.
X Third Witness
The true transcript of a hypnosis session that takes a patient into the future.
X Is There "Snuff" On The Web? ViewZone's own Sky Dorey scratches the surface of our newest technological miracle and finds something sad, evil and familiar. Some of this material may be disturbing to view.
In Search of Lost Genes  An interesting and happy story of a woman's search for her natural mother. Are all searches so happy?

Discoveries: September 2000

X A Phoenician Furnace and Fortress in Oklahoma?
It appears that another discovery has been made that will weigh in on the side of "diffusionists." ViewZone examines some curious ruins in the most unlikely place.

David and Sue Campbell live in Denison, Texas. Sue's excellent photography and David's assessment of the architecture demonstrate that significant discoveries can be made by non-professional explorers. Sadly, these sites remain virtually ignored by main-stream historians. This extraordinary site openly raises questions about our American and human history.

While the academics debate the possibilities of pre-Columbian habitation and even exploitation by Asian and European cultures, talented explorers are already making monumental finds like this complex structure. What is your opinion? As always, your comments and suggestions in learning the truth are always welcome.


Government agents bulldoze the Oklahoma site believed to be a Phoenician furnace. Similar stories from New Zealand - what are they trying to hide?

X The Philadelphia Experiment
Did the Navy really succeed in making a ship and crew disappear into thin air? New evidence is revealed.

X Do Our Brains Have Gender?
Research seems to show that homosexuality is caused by a hormonal "delay" during the first 6 weeks of life.

X Devil Lived
An interesting but shocking look at the ancient origins of the devil. Not for the faint-hearted!


X Cosmic Consciousness - an overused phrase assumes new significance in this brief conversation with brain scientist, T.D. Lingo, introduced and explained by his student, Neil Slade.

They came by the thousands... some begging for the solution and many still trying to "Turn All The Lights On."

Arts & Culture

X The Dine
Popularly known as the "Navajo," Viewzone asks questions of a Medicine Man in this exclusive and revealing interview.

X E.S.P.and L.S.T.
Is There A Cosmic Connection?

A validation of psychic abilities has come from an unusual and unexpected source -- our own galaxy.

X Mystery Photo
Perhaps you can solve the mysterious lines that appeared in the Alaskan wilds. Read what others have suggested and give your own opinion.

X A Miraculous Cure For Stroke Victims?
A jazz musician has discovered some unexpected and dramatic results when using rhythm therapy with stroke victims!

X Can humans be made immortal?
Science has discovered what makes us age. Pundits predict that if you can stay alive for the next 20 years, you may not have to die!

What's Happening In the Skies Over Serbia? - Strange weather and cloud formations worry scientists. A report by Golan Pavlovic in Serbia.


Stanley Miles shares his years of listening and compassionate advice with Viewzone readers. Stan welcomes your questions.

Reptile Rescue! - A comforting story about a special woman who cares for God's small creatures.

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