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XRat Player



December 1, 2000
XRat Player version 1.25 released. 
What's new:
- Added +CD and Select button
- Added "Clear playlist on load dir" and "Clear playlist on load CD" options 
- Added support for Microsoft ADPCM and A/mu-Law Wave
- Lots more improvements
- Lots and lots of bugs fixed

October 27, 2000
XRat Player version 1.21 released. Some minor fixes and improvements.

October 20, 2000
XRat Player version 1.2 released!!! Totally rewritten source code, new incredible features like "Favorites" playlist manager, advanced mouse wheel support for volume and equalizer adjusting, system wide hotkeys, context sensitive search in playlist and much more!!!

October 19, 2000
Now you have ability to subscribe for site news.
September 22, 2000
Updated section VolumeTray schemes. Added BlackSquare scheme for VolumeTray (thanks to Peter Bonge).
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