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silicon alley - freeware, shareware, and custom software development
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proud to serve the internet community for 5½ years from this site

Latest freeware

June 2000:

Plot w(z) and... view(z) is a system to create and view plots of functions of a complex variable on a spherical surface that maps conformally to the one-point compactification  ¢ U {oo}

Other recent freeware

March 2000:

fracFour is a Windows program to explore the fractional  powers of the Fourier transform: a generalisation of the usual FT, morphing smoothly between time and frequency domains (!) (Note: since writing this program i found out the term "fractional Fourier transform" is already in use for something else. This is NOT that. Sorry about that <g>)

December 1999:

xpng 0.01, fixpng 0.00 Rudimentary PNG tools. So many wonderful graphics packages that do PNG, so few that do transparent, you want to get rid of your GIFs... xpng (½ K) adds a tRNS chunk to make color 0 transparent. Simple.
And now you've edited palettes or other stuff in a hex editor, and that CRC chexum doesn't tally anymore... fixpng (1 K) checks and optionally fixes the CRC's. Alternatively, just use it to view those extra chunks embedded in your PNGs.

eqn 0.00 Having had fun recently with the classical cubic and quartic equation formulæ, i coded them. Some accuracy enhancement workarounds. Had a go at doing the operator overloading thing (C++ can be fun after all ;-) 48 K. My shiney new complex class, and other source, are of course available.

polymath 0.00 is a simple util to do symbolic multiplication of a number of polynomials in a number of variables. This one may yet grow into a more comprehensive tool. DOS and Linux versions.

March 1999:

Latest version of rotate stands at 2.20ß

What else is new at this site:

LinuxOur machines now have Linux installed. Expect more silicon alley programs for Linux soon...

silicon alley is an independent software house on the Isle of Bute in Scotland. Software is written by marijke.
Please help yourself to copies of my freeware and shareware programs for PC (DOS, MSWindows, Linux).

I can provide software solutions for your specific needs, including C, C++ and assembly programming, as well as HTML, perl scripts and website design. If you like my style (or lack of it <g>), why not contact me with your requirements.

Other pages at this site:
The incomplete dictionary of filename extensions hasn't been updated for a long while, i've just been too busy with other things. But i'm still collecting for a future update splurge, so keep 'em coming!
There are also some articles on writing HTML and how to make sure everybody can actually read your pages.
And a growing set of pages about my home, the Isle of Coll in Scotland.

marijke's personal page is here nowadays
with lots of piccies of me and the pussycats

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