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The Gorey History
Fri, 15 Dec 2000


It's clear that animal rights voters flexed their muscles and helped decide the election.

The following is being issued by Last
Chance for Animals:

Al Gore lost the presidential election because of a few votes in the State of
Florida and one vote in the Supreme Court. However, he also lost the states
of New Hampshire, Ohio, Nevada, and his home state of Tennessee by narrow
votes. Any of these states would have put the Vice-President on top in the
electoral college vote without Florida. Voters in these states indicated that honesty and trustworthiness were the two qualities that mattered most to them in their vote for President -- and these voters overwhelmingly supported
George Bush. Somehow Al Gore's public image was one of going back on his
word and saying he's for an issue and then doing the opposite.

Many Animal Rights supporters could not bring themselves to vote for Al Gore
and voted for Ralph Nader -- which ended up being a vote for Bush. Why, because he has consistently lied to the Animal Rights movement. Over ten million Americans claim to be sensitive to Animal Rights issues -- a large constituency who knows the difference between right and wrong, and could see
Al Gore for who he really is -- an enemy to animals all over the world.

The Gorey History:

-- Supports a federal grant of $130 million dollars for a direct and indirect bailout of the hog industry, which pollutes our land, water and air but doesn't pay for cleanup and lost property values.

-- Helped to overturn dolphin protection laws, which allow tuna fleets to trap and drown thousands of dolphins off the Pacific coast. The Dolphin Death Bill -- passed by Congress in 1997 -- also permits Latin American countries to ship dolphin deadly tuna into the U.S. with the "dolphin safe" label.

-- Delayed the European Union's ban on the use of steel-jaw leghold traps for another six years in the U.S. thereby allowing the U.S. to continue selling furs to Europe from animals caught in the leghold trap.

-- Joined with the Environmental Protection Agency in calling for the complete testing including the cruel LD-50 test-of all HPV chemicals by the year 2005 involving at least 200,000 animals.

-- Refuses to support sanctions against Norway for the slaughtering of hundreds of whales in violation of the global ban on commercial whaling.

-- Failed to prevent Congress from weakening environmental laws through riders on appropriation legislation, i.e., 1995 salvage logging rider and moratorium on the listing of endangered species.

In the future before a candidate runs for public office and wish to gain the support of Animal Rights voters they should make sure that their record, past and present, has helped animals instead of perpetuated their suffering. With a record like this how could Al Gore claim to be a friend of animals? We assume in future elections that candidates from any party will take this message to heart since we now know that every vote counts.

Pat Wolff
New Mexico

The 1948 Election
Fri, 15 Dec 2000

Dear CounterPunch,

You wrote, "LBJ had much more faith in the political and moral resilience of his fellow citizens when he used to boast triumphantly of his first senate race in 1948 that he "stole it fair and square."

Your quotation is correct, but as I recall (can't find that boring Caro biography!), this was Landslide Lyndon's
second senate race.

LBJ won his first senate race in 1941 honestly, but it was stolen from him. The farm "votes" came in late, and the final victory, after several days of wrangling, went to W. Lee O'Daniel, the right-wing governor. Johnson lost by 1,311 votes out of about 600,000 cast. The next time he played the game he made sure he would "steal it fair and

Thanks for the great articles.

Best wishes,

Jim Kafadar


Brunch with dumb and dumber
Thur, 14 Dec 2000

One morning Al Gore and George W. Bush were having brunch at a restaurant.

The attractive waitress asked Gore what he would like and he replied, "I'll have a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit."

"And what can I get for you, sir?" she asked George W. He replied, "How about a quickie?"

"Why Governor!"the waitress says,"how rude,and you're not even president, yet!"

As the waitress stormed away, Gore leaned over to Bush and whispered..... "It's pronounced quiche."



Thu, 14 Dec 2000

Just a short note to say that your site has the most ridiculous and unmerited subject matter I have ever read. Your listing of the 100 most influential books is beyond belief ("Encyclopedia of Gardening, and My
Journey to Llasa"???), and your support of Gore is appalling. It's one thing to question the integrity of the election process, but to imply that the liberal agenda is good for all American's is most ignorant indeed. A fellow worker of mine recommended your site to me...I don't know if I should pity the poor bastard, or spit in his face. You folks, and Jesse Jackson, need to get a real job. America can read this crap anywhere! Enough

Nauseated in Arkansas,

W. Beauford


Are you out of your minds?
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 14:07:49 EST

The Republican party is now more energized and ready to fight than I have ever seen them in the last 50 years, you guys go a head and start trashing Harris and Bush and Bush's kids and you are going to awaken a sleeping monster. People are really starting to pay attention and this will only hurt us. Please stop this madness!

Charles Morgan

Lee Davis photos
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000

You have these execution photos of Lee Davis on your site, but where are the pictures of his victim(s) and description of why he was executed? He isn't the victim. Get your head out of your sphincter.

Shawn Holland

New Reader
Tue, 12 Dec 2000

Hi there! I just discovered your website for the first time. I'm glad I did because it's good for a laugh. There's nothing funnier than liberals when they're OUT of power. The things they do just get more and more ridicules. Thanks again. I look forward to four years of side splitting laughs.

St. Louis

You Suck
Tue, 12 Dec 2000

Digging into the Bush's past? Katherine Harris? Don't you have anything better to do? The only loser here is Counterpunch. You suck.


Are You?
Tue, 12 Dec 2000

I have heard that you are "reporting" allegations of sexual affairs between Jeb Bush and Katheryn Harris. Haven't we learned anything from the "supposed" president's affairs (not his supposed affairs, but that he is supposedly a President) and those of so many people... the fact that anyone had any adulterous affair is not news. Rape and Abuse of Office are, not to mention selling out the country. Get a grip. Do you think you are really doing any justice? Who cares about sex, unless you are some kind of trash bag your self, or in the words of the Almighty;willing to "Cast the First Stone". Get off it! If we ever get back to true ethical, not political behavior, then maybe that will matter, since we won't have anything else to focus on. Let's talk about making up rules for one's own benefit in politics or selling secrets to China...whatever! Something besides feeding frenzies, folks.

Teresa Balanesi

Left wing gorons
Tue, 12 Dec 2000

Will your side stop at nothing!! You are nothing more than the red headed
stepchild of the Clinton/Gore administration. Doing their dirty work
investing the Bush's and Katherine Harris.

If your side doesn't win, then
all is fair, correct? Don't forget, we are on this earth for a very short time and we will all have to answer for our actions.


Palestinian links; blacklisted at polls
Tue, 12 Dec 2000

Dear CounterPunch:

A week ago or so, I found a reference to reliable Palestinian links on the CounterPunch web site. However, now I can't find it. It's not on the CounterPunch archives, either. The ElectronicIntifidah website is nowhere to be found, perhaps because I can't spell it correctly.

Can you please put it back on the web site, someplace where it can be found? Thanks!

On another topic: Your article "Blacklisted at the Polls" ALONE was worth the annual price of the subscription. The media has had saturation coverage of the contest,
but almost nothing about this. It's a huge scandal, in which the media and the Democratic Party have almost no interest.

John Farley

[John the article as at http://www.counterpunch.org/torture.html ]

Sat, 16 Dec 2000

Your assertion that there is no difference between Gore and Bush is contradicted by the fact that Bush would not have abided by the Supreme Court decision on the election.

Also, Bush will attempt to privatize Social Security and Medicare, partially at first and wholly over a period of time. Those two programs are extremely important to low and middle income people, who will be unable to live even a half-decent lifestyle in their later years because of that policy.

Maybe you, Nader and other well-off people see no difference in your lives if those programs are privatized, but many others will suffer.

Bush will appoint judges like Scalia and Thomas. Contrary to what you have written, the latest decision by the Court shows that there is a difference between
Clinton-Gore appointed judges, even if it is not as large as it I would like.

I would like to thank people like you and Nader, who will never depend on Social Security and Medicare, for screwing the rest of us.


A Racist Elephant in Our Living Room
Fri, 15 Dec 2000

Let's see now. First we have White Supremacy always saying "Blacks don't
vote," i remember hearing that 4 years after every 4 years of voting. Turns
out that we do vote and our votes have been getting tossed aside.

2. White Supremacy Democrat versus White Supremacy republicans- Both seeing to our destruction: Democratic supremacy- the so called lesser of the two evils, kills us at a slower camouflaged tactics with Negro leaders who run
around and tell us we still got it good. Republican Supremacy- they do not
waste their time in letting us know how they feel about us (Melanated
People). Not only do they throw their hatred in our face, but they inform us
of what they are going to do about our existence - which they want eradicated
as soon as possible.

3. Now we have a Warlock for president. A witch who will use his father's
advice and cabinet to roll back the clock and give birth to Jim Crow of the
Millennium. And yes, we will still have those same Negro leaders kissin they
arses for continued funding as it erodes away, and yes, we will continue to
be a race of people who still don't know that both parties are an abomination
of the real democratic system they stole from the Iroquois Indians before
killing them.

4. Clarence TOM-ass, who kept quiet during the questioning of both parties.
C. TOM-ass, who probably realizes that he is too deep into White Supremacy to
really have any power of justice. He knows for sure that he is just a bonafide House Ni**er who must go along with those who secretly hate his Black Ass. Runt-quist, played the Slave owner-controlling the plantation
called the Supreme court. Incidentally, they are republicans, so gore didn't
have a change period. And Scalia? What can be said of an Italian (correct me
if I am wrong about his race) who, in order to continue that White Skin preferential treatment he must do the bidding of those who know that Italians are not considered a pure white race? Italians were not declared White until 1942, and seems to be doing a good job of using that W. S. P. treatment punch card if they expect to be accepted here in Amerikkka!!

5. Janet Reno, Old Butch Cherub with the Shimmy Shakes, did not once act on
the information given to her by Frizell Gray (Kwesi Infume- the man who went
around imploring the death penalty for a Black Man while his son sold cocaine
and heroin) because like Tanner said "A BLACK MAN AIN'T GOT NO RIGHT THAT A
WHITE MAN IS ABOUT TO RESPECT: meaning, that When Whites are war with each other- they will use melanated people through military- to economics to defeat their own evil. But when it's Melanated People versus Albinism, then Whites will stop fighting each other and will protect their WRONG DOING that serves against the defeat of the world 99% melanated people.

6. Tom Browkaw, who now feels that his job is to make closing quotes of Lincoln: "together we stand- divided we fall." That quote pertains to White only. White can not afford to divide being a global minority. Abe Lincoln knew this during the civil war. He knew that if White separated permanently, then they would be at the mercy of highly populated Melanated People. United we fall-divided we stand as melanated people seem to keep doing in some form of mis-eduated/ mis cultured mentacidal effort to continue the sustainment of Whiteness.

7. Colon Powell- the great Head Overseer of fighting other Melanated People for the admiration of White Supremacy and getting Brownie points on the front
cover of that tired Bourgeousfied Magazine called Ebony for being a hero.
Of course, when White Supremacy picks our leader, most graham craka editorials follow suite. Before Colon was being primed for CABINET MEMBER, he was at republican parties slow dancing with that old dusty kirby vacuum cleaner called Barbara Bush. He even gave her a bird peck kiss on the lips. Alas, Barbara finally as close as she will eva get to the taboo of being with a Black Man? Colon will have no power to do anything. No more power then the plantation of House Negroes that Clinton had in his stable (cabinet).

8. Melanated People will still be-a-runn'n to White Supremacy to help them deal with the harmful effects of institutional racism, In the meantime, we can shop, party, eat foul foods, ignore the warning signs, .. (hey, we can even put up a Christmas tree and celebrate a White Bishop from Mira and call him Jesus.), cause when this is all said and done with great slave shackled mentality of holocaustic glee, we can pull our pants down and get ready for 4 years of an ass kicking where some of us are
actually going to lose it...and some of us will die.

i am melaninboy


Shorter, Please
Fri, 15 Dec 2000

Got to your site from Russ Smith's New York Press. Pretty impressive. Cockburn's always been up there on my list (Rave or Hit, you decide). But can't you get those articles shorter for online. Sheesh. Who has time?

Anyway, check us out:

bruce campbell


Wounded Dogs Bite Out of Fear!
Thur, 14 Dec 2000

Dear Editor:

Why do you want to rage out against government officials who are complying with the law they agreed to uphold when they took the job. Do you not understand that this nation has to be governed by laws and not by feelings? Are you that below the earth that you would make up lies and spread them just because your man, Al Gore, did not become President? Are you in favor of that kind of behavior from all people who lose and election? Do you have any idea how many people running for office in this nation lost their bid? How many are acting like you and seek to destroy the reputation of innocent people? Not any that I am aware of. You may seek to destroy but in the end you will fail and 50 years from now you will be forgotten.

Then what? How long do you plan to live? I salute the U. S. Supreme Court. They did not and will not read your website for assistance in solving problems. They will resort to the document that has stood the test of over 200 years. If your boy had become President, that document, The U. S. Constitution, would be in jeopardy. Neither he nor you apparently respect it. You are a little voice compared to the truth. Wounded dogs bite out of fear. Why do you bite? JF


America Hijacked!
Thurs, 14 Dec 2000


Hey, The New York Times put it like this:

This will long be remembered as an election decided by a conservative Supreme Court in favor of a conservative candidate while ballots that could have brought a differnet outcome went uncounted in Florida. . . .


. . . Mr Bush should keep in mind the more complicated numbers of this election. Mr Gore got more popular votes nationally and probably in Florida as well. Mr Bush's title to the office comes through the electoral count and through appropriate legal procedures that settled in his favor the official result of a messy Florida election.

This is the sort of wincing, mincing liberal faggotry that has repeatedly over the years kissed the mailed fist of fascism as it is being forced up the ass of the American people.

If Bush stold this election, he stold it like you steal flies from a blind spider--or the way you steal a blowjob from a $2 crack whore.

From the moment that Gore renounced Clinton and took the Judas Leiberman as
his running mate, the Republican mobsters knew they could turn this punk
out, fuck him right square in his ass and all he'd do is whistle 'Gee Whiz'.

It is the inherent cowardice of Liberalism, with its bows and scrapes toward the anti-communist crimes of Capital, its effete reforms to put a human face on its congenital authoritarianism; it is Gore's craven addiction to expediency that has allowed unrepentent feudalists like the
Bushes and the cadaverous James Baker and bloated and suppurating Wm Bennett, and the grease-balls Scalia and Clarence 'frogman' Thomas, these ignorant fucking Skull and Boners and Free Masons and Speed Freak Christians white-with-foam, to piss fire all over the graves of those who gave their lives in the heroic struggles against fascism, those struggles quite rightly identified with Communism: Whether it be on the graves of murdered freedom riders in Selma, Ala, or on the graves of murdered French and Yugoslav partisans in Serbia.

You know, the Bushes didn't steal this election: They just walked right up to the Democrats, got right up in their slack-jawed face, and, like it was a sixth grader with his lunch money, said, 'Give it up, punk!'

Gore and Leiberman didn't have the nuts to stand up to the Bush gang and their whore, Katherine Harris--and Clinton didn't have their backs--so when some 300,000 mostly colored folks in Florida got disenfranchised, where Ike would have sent in the Natl Guard, all the Gores could think of to do was mobilize a squadron of overpaid, chickenshit shysters. Boies might have been the boss with Microsoft, but remember, the Bushes bankrolled Hitler.

They say a people gets the government it deserves. But nobody, neither the
Americans nor the Yugoslavs, no matter how ignorant or deluded or war weary
they might be, nobody deserves to live under the kind of occupation that has just fallen on the US with this putsch by the criminally insane.

Mick Collins

Thurs, 14 Dec 2000

Dear CP -

Thanks for the overview in the article "No Closure, No Peace" - Dec.13. Just what I expected was happening in terms of no action from Clinton justice dept on voting
access violations.



The sky didn't fall
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 13:03:55 EST

A little perspective:

In all this calling out of the Supreme Court's "partisanship," no one seems
to note that one of the main dissenters is Justice John Paul Stevens, who was
Gerald Ford's choice picked by none other than Ford Chief of Staff, Dick Cheney!

So, that means that a Republican president's choice went for Gore and Gore's own choice, Antonin Scalia (Gore voted yea) went against the Alphaman.


Far from fitting
Wed, 13 Dec 2000

I find great humor in your attempt to show the execution of Lee Davis as
cruel and unusual. I would say the fungus got off quite easy given the acts he was charged with. Davis deserved a much more paniful exit from this world, one akin to the exit he forced upon his victims.

Todd Bettler

Visited Your Site
Tue, 12 Dec 2000

After visiting your site, it seems to me that your political bent appears to be libertarian. the articles you edit, though they lean more towards the emotional/inflammatory than the factual, have a 'get the government out of it' type of message. however, i see no specific claim to your political affiliation. if my observation is even close, then have you visited http://www.lp.org?

Duffy Lasker

[Yes, Duffy, we are both anarcho-libertarians. One of us slightly more anarcho, the other slightly more libertarian. But we are NOT liberals!--jsc]

Tue, 12 Dec 2000

hummmm.....alleged media ha smearing fellow americans. question........what's your agenda? i had to do some reseach on you guys. no military service. don't attend church. slander and attempt to destroy fellow countrymen and women. i bet karl marx posters adorn your walls. you two are going to be a lot of fun for me in the coming months.

ciao....that means see ya


Hate - is OK - as long it is towards Conservatives and Repulicans
Tue, 12 Dec 2000

I guess I can say you are the scum of the earth. I guess it was O.K. that Clinton turned the White House into WhoreHouse where he can get his jollies off of sick sex shanigans. You are top of the list of a SORE LOSER..... along with Gore and Leiberman. It amazes me that you will do anything to discredit people - but you have already discredited yourself and your hateful, mean-spirited and "hate Crime" attempts you are displaying by trying to find dirt. I am sure you are no angel either and this proves it. It shows how vendictive you are because you are mad that the US Supreme Court probubly will not allow GORE to count ILLEGAL Votes and to continue to with the Florida Supreme Court bias court their agenda and unlawful manner of changing the election laws and subverting the Constitution.

It is just too disgusting... if you don't like America and our Constitutional Republic.. please leave this country and go live where you should be more confrontable - like: Communist China, Communist North Korea.. etc. I think this is the kind of coutry you want America to be...

Why don't you do something that is very useful -- dig and convict all of the crimes that Clinton and Gore has created agains this country, including TREASON!!! That you and other liberal news protects... it is beyond me.

Take Care and I will be praying for people like you...

Dawn Rutledge

Rake It
Mon, 11 Dec 2000

Good day,
Your works relevance and importance continue to grow as main stream media
outlets continue bow to there corporate masters. Stay free and never turn
back. Great work.

Nick Fischer



Jeb Bush and/or Dubya
With Katherine Harris

Mond, 11 Dec 2000

Saturday Night Live had a funny bit portraying everything as a soap opera.
It included an affair between Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris. After a
passionate kiss, Harris dumped Jeb, declaring, "I'm going to be an
ambassador! I can do better than some bureaucrat named Jeb".


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