Hometown: New York City
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 117 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1999
Catch Phrase: "Whatever the boss wants, the boss gets!""

A gift from Cyrus to Danny Doring when he was in his deepest misery (for about 15 minutes), Elektra once provided ringside assistance and distraction for Doring and Roadkill, until turning against them.

Siding with Lou E. Dangerously, Elektra maintained a position as the Director of Covert Operations for his Dangerous Alliance until the demise of the unit.

Without a moment to spare, Elektra hooked up with the up and coming trio of EZ Money, Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero, providing a dangerous new element to their already talented partnership.

Amazingly beautiful, Elektra shows no fear when it comes to defending her men in the ring, whether the assailant is male or female.

Elektra brings many assets (as you can all see for yourself) to the table for anyone she seconds here in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

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