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Cruiserweight Champion

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Current Champion: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeats Above Average Mike Sanders 12/04/2000 - Lincoln, NE.

Above Average Mike Sanders defeats Primetime Elix Skipper in a Handicapped Powerbomb Match 10/02/2000 - San Francisco, CA

Primetime Elix Skipper defeats Kwee-Wee with Papaya 08/14/2000 - Kelowna, BC

* Lance Storm gives The One Hundred Kilos And Under Title to Primetime Elix Skipper.

* Lance Storm renames the Cruiserweight title The One Hundred Kilos And Under Title 08/01/2000 - Terre Haute, IN

Lance Storm defeats Lieutenant Loco with The MIA 07/31/2000 - Cincinnati, OH

Lieutenant Loco with MIA defeats Daffney Unger with Crowbar and Disco Inferno with The Filthy Animals 06/06/2000 - Knoxville, TN

Daffney Unger defeats Crowbar 05/22/2000 - Grand Rapids, MI

Crowbar with Daffney Unger defeat Chris Candido and Tammy 05/15/2000 - Biloxi, MS

Chris Candido defeats The Artist (FKAPI)*, Lash LeRoux, Juventud Guerrera, Shannon Moore and Crowbar in a Suicide Six Man Cruiserweight Title Match at Spring Stampede 04/16/2000 - Chicago, IL

All Titles were ordered vacated upon the return of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo as the creative team. New Champions will be determined at the Spring Stampede PPV
04/10/2000 - Denver, CO

The Artist (FKAPI)* defeats Lash LeRoux 02/20/2000 - San Francisco, CA
* Final match in a Cruiserweight tournament

Oklahoma relinquishes the title after proclaiming himself to be the undisputed winner of the battle of the sexes. He said he would relinquish the title knowing that he would go down as the greatest champion of all time - 01/18/2000 - Evansville, IN

Oklahoma defeats Madusa 01/16/2000 - Cincinnati, OH

Madusa* defeats Evan Karagias 12/19/99 - Washington DC
* Madusa is the first woman to hold this title

Evan Karagias defeats Disco Inferno 11/21/99 - Toronto Ontario

Disco Inferno defeats Psychosis* 10/04/99 - Kansas City, MO

Lane stripped of title, belt awarded to Psychosis - 10/02/99.

Lane defeats Rey Mysterio Jr. 08/19/99 - Lubbock, TX

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeats Psychosis 04/26/99 - Fargo, ND

Psychosis defeats Rey Mysterio Jr. 04/19/99 - Gainesville, FL

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeats Kidman 03/15/99 - Cincinatti, OH

Kidman defeats Juventud Guerrera 11/22/98 - Auburn Hills, MI

Juventud Guerrera defeats Kidman 11/6/98 - Witchata, KS

Kidman defeats Juventud Guerrera 09/14/98 - Greenville, SC

Juventud Guerrera defeats Chris Jericho 08/08/98 - Sturgis, SD

Chris Jericho* defeats Rey Mysterio Jr. 07/13/98 - Las Vegas, NV
*Belt returned to Jericho because of the interference by Dean Malenko, who is suspended, during the title match on previous day.

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeats Chris Jericho 07/12/98 - San Diego, CA

Chris Jericho* 06/14/98 - Uniondale, NY
*Title returned to Jericho after Malenko vacates it.

Dean Malenko defeats* Chris Jericho 05/17/98 - Worcester, MA
*Malenko gave up the title on 06/11/98 after Jericho disputed the loss by protesting that he had signed no contract to wrestle Malenko. Malenko won the title shot while wearing a mask in a cruiserweight battle royal.

Chris Jericho defeats Rey Mysterio Jr. 01/24/98 - Dayton, OH

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeats Juventud Guerrera 01/15/98 - Lakeland, FL

Juventud Guerrera defeats Ultimo Dragon 01/08/98 - Daytona Beach, FL

Ultimo Dragon defeats Eddy Guerrero 12/29/97 - Baltimore, MD

Eddy Guerrero defeats Rey Mysterio Jr.* 11/10/97 - Memphis, TN
*Original spelling

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeats Eddy Guerrero 10/26/97 - Las Vegas, NV

Eddy Guerrero defeats Chris Jericho 09/14/97 - Winston-Salem, NC

Chris Jericho defeats Alex Wright 08/12/97 - Colorado Springs, CO

Alex Wright defeats Chris Jericho 07/28/97 - Charleston, WV

Chris Jericho defeats Syxx 06/28/97 - Inglewood, CA

Syxx* defeats Dean Malenko 02/23/97 - San Francisco, CA
*Currently performing as X-Pac

Dean Malenko defeats Ultimo Dragon 01/21/97 - Milwaukee, WI

Ultimo Dragon defeats Dean Malenko 12/29/96 - Nashville, TN

Dean Malenko defeats Rey Mysterio Jr. 10/27/96 - Las Vegas, NV

Rey Mysterio Jr.* defeats Dean Malenko 07/08/96 - Orlando, FL

Dean Malenko defeats Shinjiro Otani 05/02/96 - Orlando, FL

Shinjiro Otani defeats* Wild Pegasus** 03/20/96 - Nagoya, Japan
*Tournament final to become first champion
** Currently performing as Chris Benoit

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