Justin Credible
Ozone Park, New York
Height: 6'
Weight: 225 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1992
Catch Phrase: "That's Not Just the Coolest, That's Not Just the Best, That My Friends is Justin Credible!"

Championships Held:
ECW World Heavyweight championship
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Lance Storm)

With a mean streak in him unlike even the most grizzled veterans, the youngster known as Justin Credible is vile, cunning, decadent and disturbing. The former ECW World Heavyweight champion has stopped at nothing to destroy his competition and rise to the upper echelon of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Credible's hit list reads like a who's who of Pro Wrestling. He broke the leg of the Japanese Legend, The Great Sasuke, and stole his sacred mask. He stole The Sandman's Singapore Cane and "Hardcore Icon" status. He ran Shane Douglas, Lance Storm and Sid Vicious out of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Perhaps the most disgusting of all, he spit in the face of a ceremony honoring Tommy Dreamer's deceased grandfather. These disgusting acts have made Credible's success even more nauseating to ECW's fans.

Managed by "The Queen of Extreme" Francine, Credible is an intense wrestler, utilizing a spinning tombstone christened "That's Incredible" to take out opponent after opponent.

Credible claims he is "The Impact Player" in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and with the World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist, no one could argue.

With his loss to Jerry Lynn at Anarchy Rulz!, however, Justin finds himself back in the role of the hunter. With the atrocities he has committed in the past, one question lingers above like a dark cloud waiting to pour.

What will Justin Credible do to return to the top of Extreme Championship Wrestling?

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