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Boston Team

Ken Levine
Co-Founder, General Manager, and Creative Director
Ken began his career as a screenwriter for Paramount Pictures and a playwright in New York. After joining the games industry in 1995, Ken created the original story and game design for Looking Glass' Thief: The Dark Project. Following that, Ken was the lead designer of System Shock 2, creating the game design, the story and writing most of the game content. He is now the project director of The Lost, Irrational's survival horror game for the Playstation 2, and the executive producer of Freedom Force, the new superhero tactical RPG.

Ian Vogel
Lead Designer
Bred and spread in Portland, Maine, Vogel has traveled from Paris to Los Angeles in the pursuit of the Coolest Job in the World. Beginning in the seedy, vampiric world of Los Angeles, Vogel cut his entertainment industry teeth as the "Fog guy/ Grip 2" on Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video. Later moving to San Francisco, he then folded sweaters and greeted an endless parade of johns and hookers at The Gap. Leaving in disgust, and having sold both his beloved '73 Dodge Dart and Peavy bass amp, Vogel returned East to embark on a television career starting 6 years of hard and exciting work as a news photographer and as a reporter. Endless human dramas and ridiculous snapshots of life ensued. Having met presidential candidates and professional athletes, mobsters and murderers, priests and panderers, he retired from news when a consultant advised him to not only trim his sideburns, but also to try "that delicious shade of purple" in a jacket and shirt ensemble. Vogel's game credits include level design and adding voice talent on Thief-The Dark Project / Thief Gold, voice talent for Thief II-The Metal Age as well as the unreleased Jane's Attack Squadron. At Irrational, he's done level design and lent his voice talents to System Shock 2, was Lead Designer on Deep Cover (working title, unreleased) and is currently Lead Designer on The Lost. He aspires to either be the sadistic, yet good-hearted mogul behind a new string of pop sensation boy bands, or convince People magazine to hold a World's 50 Sexiest Nerds contest.

Nate Wells
Lead Artist
After abandoning promising career opportunities in medicine and later, nautical archaeology, Wells dropped out of college in 1993, developed a raging tobacco habit, purchased a used sewing machine and attempted to start and maintain an technical outerwear business. Six months later, with total_life_failure nipping at his heels, Wells was introduced to 3D by friend and future colleague Shawn Robertson. The rest was history. Wells has given his art/ level design/ voice talents to Thief-The Dark Project / Thief Gold was the voice talent/art consult for Thief II-The Metal Age. Starting as Senior Artist for Irrational, he did level design and voices for System Shock 2, was Lead Artist on Deep Cover (working title, unreleased) and is currently doing an excellent job as Lead Artist on The Lost. Despite his rags-to-riches success story, Wells remains grounded, never forgetting that he was once so hungry he engaged in, and lost, a foot-race with his pet cat to a chicken finger dropped by a roommate on the kitchen floor.

Gareth Hinds
Senior Artist

Gareth was originally hired by Looking Glass upon graduation from Parsons School of Design in 1994. He was Lead Artist on the original Flight Unlimited, and contributed to Terra Nova and System Shock Mac. He left LG in 1995 ("making me the earliest LG-quitter among the Irrational team!") for a brief sojourn in the commercial software world ("it was supposed to be like the Metaverse, but it ended up more like Lotus Notes"), after which he became Conceptual Lead on the GameFX title Sinistar Unleashed. Gareth joined Irrational as a consultant in the early prototyping stages of System Shock 2, and ended up as Lead Artist. Although allegedly acting under orders, he was the man most directly responsible for all those unbelievably blocky monsters ("Hey! You try and do better with 275 polygons!!!"). He currently mucks about with concept art and character models for The Lost. He spends his spare time drawing comics and his spare money publishing them.

Steven Kimura
In spite of having a real fine arts degree from a real fine arts school he's designing environments at Irrational, not living in an enormous loft in SoHo whipping off sloppy paintings in between parties with models and rock stars.

Paul Hellquist
Level Designer
After "wasting" quite a bit of time playing PC games in college, Paul decided to try and make a career out of it in his senior year at the University of New Hampshire. After finishing his Bachelor's in Anthropology, he started out on the "lowest rung" in the industry...testing intern at EA. In his spare time, he worked on user missions for Half-Life, until starting at Irrational, where his is currently designing levels for The Lost.

Henry Smith
At some point midway through university, Henry came to Irrational for a 4-month internship. At least that was the plan... it turned out to be hopelessly inaccurate, and now, more than a year later, he is the longest running member of the programming team and still doesn't have his degree. With his flapping head and beady eyes, Henry spends most of his time at Irrational waiting diligently for System Shock 2 to come out for the Mac. ;) And for those of you in the know, he is still doing his much acclaimed shareware on the side.

Bryn Bennett
Lead Programmer
After graduating from the University of Buffalo with a CS degree, Bryn worked at a steel factory, "failed" at starting his own game company, and played in a band with John Velora. That's all he has to say about that. Currently he is Co-Lead Programmer on The Lost.

David Bax
Level Designer
David Bax graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1997 with a major in music synthesis. He started his career in the game industry at Looking Glass Studios as a QA tester on Thief: The Dark Project. Afterwards he moved on to testing and doing some additional production/audio work on System Shock 2. Dave finished his QA tour of duty at Looking Glass Studio after finishing testing on Thief Gold and doing some audio work on Flight Unlimited 3, at which point he joined Irrational Games as a level designer. Dave will be an "Imaginator" as of October 26, 2000. In his spare time, he sometimes makes noise.

Edward J. Moore III
Level Designer
After graduating from Hofstra University in New York in December of 1997, with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, "Stork" bummed around the New York City/Long Island area for a while. In 1998, he lent his budding level building skills to Monkey Magic, a Playstation game developed by M-Pen, Inc. in Manhattan and published by Sunsoft in November 1999. From January to May of 1999, he served a short stint at Advanced Productions as a network programmer on The Discovery, an unpublished sci-fi role-playing game. After that, he spent the summer of 1999 blissfully free to spend his time doing whatever he pleased, which usually entailed staying up until 4 AM every night either playing System Shock 2 with the lights out and the headphones on, or creating his "Evil" series of levels with Worldcraft 2.1 for Half-Life. Despite the warnings of former IG level builder Matt Boynton ("Don't touch this guy with a 20 foot pole!"), Ken Levine decided to heed the strangely hypnotic whispers of small children on his phone in the middle of the night, and gave the guy a shot (of tequila, that is). Eddie relocated to the Boston area and officially joined Irrational in October 1999, and since then has contributed his level building talents to the never-seen Deep Cover project and now to The Lost.

John Abercrombie Jr.
John is a recent graduate of Brandeis University where he spent his days preparing for a career in game development. Formally an intern of Irrational Games, now a full time employee, John now spends his time hand-assembling BSP trees for The Lost and debugging anything he can.

Mauricio Tejerina
Known as "MO the Artist" around the studio, Mauricio has been all around the world, landing in New York where became an Artist Assistant in New York while doing some freelance illustration and fine arts in Dominican Republic and Spain eventually making his way over to Boston where he made terrain and environmental contributions for Miniracer, an N64 game from Looking Glass that never got shipped and for Flight Combat, another Looking Glass project. At Irrational Games, he created the "Von Braun", a famous ship in System Shock 2, as well as most of the objects. Now he is working on The Lost doing creature and object design as well as terrain. It's been rumored that he is quite the crazy Spaniard, trying to teach the other team members Spanish but all they want to know are some dirty words and a few good pick up lines.

Robb Waters
Robb's career in games began after answering an ad from Looking Glass Technologies in 1993. Initially, he attended Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. His gaming background originally was non-existent, outside of growing up with Atari and playing an occasional game of Tron, until he became involved in the original System Shock at Looking Glass Studios. In addition to designing quite a few of the Shock baddies, including Shodan, Deago, the Cortex Reaver and a puss-headed mutant, he also produced textures, models and conceptual work for Terra Nova, Star Trek Voyager (which was cancelled), and Thief. For Robb, working on Thief was a great experience because he was given the freedom to design and create all of the characters from scratch and to help establish the look of the game. He is currently the conceptual artist for Freedom Force. Comic books and superheroes have always been his first love, so obviously he's having a blast designing all the heroes and villains for the game.

Shawn Robertson
Shawn Robertson comes from the once glorious halls of Looking Glass Studios. There he worked briefly on the Flight Unlimited series before becoming lead 3D artist on Flight Combat, a.k.a. Jane's Attack Squadron, a.k.a. The Best Cancelled Flight Sim ever. Now at Irrational, Shawn is working on facial and character animation for the multitude of characters in The Lost.

Eric Brosius
Audio Director
Eric was the audio director at Looking Glass Studios for 4 yrs or so and worked on the Thief series, System Shock 2, the Flight Unlimited series, Terra Nova, British Open Champion Golf, and a few N64 games...and was scurrying to finish the unreleased Jane's Attack Squadron when LG's proverbial roof caved in. His new home is here at IG, where he's adding some thuds and clangs to The Lost and Freedom Force and havin' fun.

Dorian Hart
Senior Game Designer
Dorian spent over seven years at Looking Glass Studios, learning the arcane rites of game design. His design credits from his time there are: Ultima Underworld 2, System Shock, Thief: The Dark Project, System Shock 2, and (in a very limited role) Thief 2: The Metal Age. He also was the lead designer of Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri, and he's very grateful to the 17 people who purchased it. After the implosion of Looking Glass, Dorian signed on with Irrational Games, joining the talented team working on The Lost for the PS2. He's having a blast, designing game systems and writing mini-bios about himself in the third person.

Mikhail I. Islam
Human Resources Manager
As the newest member of Irrational Games, Mikhail's work involves creating a more fun, productive and fulfilling environment for our team. He manages company's benefits, amenities, and resources on the team's behalf, making Irrational's atmosphere more comfortable and rewarding. His other tasks include organizing team activities and events as well as product marketing.

Carlos Cuello
Once a mild-mannered college student and steadfast amigo, Carlos soon found his calling after buying a copy of Unreal three years ago. Since then he's worked on numerous Unreal and Unreal Tournament mods, including the critically-acclaimed Unloaded, several weapon mods, and several particle systems and effects; was the lead programmer on what was then The Worst Game of All Time(tm), Extreme Paintbrawl; lent his talents to other shipped titles including Extreme RockClimbing and Unrealty; and spent way too many waking hours in front of a computer. He now spends his days programmin' on The Lost, devouring altoids, and being his usual "secksi" self.


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