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Thursday, February 8th 2001

Far Gate has Arrived!
Inter-linked Wormholes aid you in your space and timeTravel across the Galaxy!

Baldur's Gate 2!
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. has hit Mplayer! Are you ready to take the next challenge?

Did You Hear?
Just in time for Christmas, The MidiLand 7100M!

Q3: Team Arena Interview has released an interview with id Software's CEO, Todd Hollenshead. They talk to him about the upcoming mission pack, Team Arena.

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Gaming News sponsored by

Startopia Gets WebCam Treatment
Eidos Interactive and developer Mucky Foot have announced the launch of “the first-ever games web cam,” which offers a new screenshot of the forthcoming Startopia. ...

Zany Brainy Shuffles Store Operations
Zany Brainy, Inc. started today a reorganization of the company’s store operations’ department ...

PSO Loot Up for Sale
One of's editors discovered that people are even putting Phantasy Star Online “Meseta” currency up for auction on eBay. ...

Source: CNET Closing Gamecenter has learned that CNET Networks, Inc. is readying an announcement that it’s closing its Gamecenter website... ...

Ubi Soft Q3 Numbers
Ubi Soft Entertainment announced today its financial results for the third quarter. ...

Majesco Changes Game Name
Majesco, Inc. has bolstered its forthcoming Fortres with a minor name change to Fortress. ...

GBA Demand Higher than Supply
According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the demand for the Game Boy Advance in Japan will far exceed supply. ...

Interplay Discovers The Matrix
Even though Interplay told its executives back in November that the company had gained The Matrix license, according to eV the deal was finalized this week. ...

Blade of Darkness Gone Gold
Codemasters' PC title, Severance: Blade of Darkness, has gone gold. ...

Arush Partners with Gigex
Arush Entertainment has come to terms with Gigex where Gigex plans on launching six titles for Arush through its Syndicated Network. ...

Nintendo Releases Paper Mario
Mario fans can rejoice as the stud of the industry is starring once again in a Nintendo 64 game, titled Paper Mario. ...

PS2 FaceOff Now Shipping
Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. has begun to ship NHL FaceOff 2001 for the PlayStation 2. ...

Shrek For Xbox
TDK Mediactive Inc. has announced its first title for the Xbox. ...

Shadowbane Beta Testing Begins
Wolfpack Studios, Inc. is now in the first phase of beta testing on Shadowbane for the PC. ...

Italian Government Chooses AMD
Italy’s Ministry of Justice and Consip has decided to use the Olivetti MK800 desktop computer in its offices. ...

Epic Career Opportunity
Epic Games is looking to hire a 3-D Character Creator/Animator. Candidates should be experienced in Maya or 3DStudio MAX/Character Studio. ...

Kids Get More Freddi Fish
Humongous Entertainment has announced another title in development for the Freddi Fish series. ...