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Permedia3 Create!

Maximum Graphics Productivity for Business and Web Professionals
Why waste your time trying to run your hard core productivity apps on a games card? Permedia3® Create! has the power you need to work fast all day and play hard all night. Built on 16 years of quality from 3Dlabs®, Permedia3 Create! integrates advanced silicon with quality drivers to deliver vibrant 32-bit color graphics at desktop resolutions up to an amazing 1920x1200 (or 2048x1536 with driver support - 4Q99). Add in Virtual Texturing for massive amounts of textures per scene and a Triple-blend texture core for unmatched realism and you have the professional graphics platform that doesn't forget how to you like to spend your play time.

Features and Benefits
Technical Summary
Technical Specifications
High Value Bundled Software
Permedia3 Create! is a Member of the Award-winning 3Dlabs Family
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Features and Benefits

Increased productivity through consistent performance
3Dlabs has over 15 years experience in optimizing hardware and software for graphics performance. Permedia3 Create! provides 100% hardware acceleration for Windows 95/98 with OpenGL and Direct3D, as well as Windows NT. Permedia3 Create! also provides complete hardware acceleration for all Direct3D applications under Windows 2000, enabling use of the operating system and 3D API with no compromises.

Optimized for Web and business content creation applications
Different applications place different demands on a graphics accelerator. 3Dlabs puts the control in the user's hands to tune the graphics display for maximum performance in any specific software application. Just select the target application by name or type in the control panel and Permedia3 Create! is tuned for any application. If an application isn't listed, custom entries can easily be created for optimal performance.

High-precision, high-resolution display
Permedia3 Create! has a 300MHz RAMDAC to enable superb, high-resolution displays; driving flicker-free resolutions up to 1920X1200 (or 2048x1536 with driver support - 4Q99). With a full 32MB of on-board memory and Virtual Texturing, 3 million pixel displays can be processed and displayed with 32-bit color, 32-bit textures and full 32-bit Z buffer. Permedia3 Create! also has the flexibility to mix pixel formats for the use of 8-bit stencil buffers and GID planes.

Pentium III and 3DNow! Optimized
Permedia3 Create! is fully optimized for Pentium III and 3DNow! to maximize 3D geometry and lighting performance.

Virtual Textures
The Virtual Texture engine enables more textures per scene and smoother interactive frame rates. Permedia3 Create! has a full demand-paged virtual texture sub-system in hardware, using on-board graphics memory to cache huge textures stored in main system memory. Permedia3 Create! allows seamless manipulation of up to 256MB of textures. Virtual Texturing provides up to 30 times the capacity and efficiency of normal AGP texturing, without the loss of quality usually associated with texture compression.

More realism in real-time
Permedia3 Create! delivers the industry's most sophisticated pixel processing capability including 100% of the OpenGL 1.2 pipeline, accelerated volumetric rendering, bump-mapping with per-pixel lighting, dual bilinear mip-mapping and triple texture blending in a single cycle.


  • Fill rate - 110Mpixels/sec trilinear mip-map texture
  • Fill rate - 220Mtexels/sec dual bilinear mip-map textures
  • Polygon setup rate - 11M polygons/sec
  • Polygon rate - 2M lit, transformed, displayed, textured polygons/sec (depends on CPU, figure quoted for 500MHz Pentium III)

Technical Summary

  • 3Dlabs Permedia®3 graphics processor
  • 32MB SDRAM graphics memory
  • AGP 2X with texture execute
  • 256MB Virtual Textures using host memory over AGP
  • 15 years of quality drivers
  • 300MHz RAMDAC
  • Application-Specific control panel optimizations
  • Colorific and PowerDVD software included
  • High-precision 32 bit Z-buffer
  • Advanced graphics processing including single-cycle bump-mapping, dual textures and triple-blending
  • 100% DirectX 6.1 and OpenGL 1.2 in hardware
  • Windows 2000 ready

High Value Bundled Software

Permedia3 Create! comes with three high-value software bundles to increase your productivity: Cyberlink PowerDVD for full featured DVD playback. 3Dlabs' also delivers E-Colortms industry leading color solutions, Colorific® and True Internet Color®. Colorific® color-calibrates your display for optimal viewing and screen-to-printer matching. True Internet Color®, the only solution for delivering accurate color over the Web, enables accurate color viewing when you shop online.

Permedia3 Create! is a Member of the Award-winning 3Dlabs Family

Awesome Rating
NewMedia Magazine

Highly Recommended
Cadalyst Magazine 
Award of Excellence
DV Magazine

4 Star Rating
Cadence Magazine

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