Geonetics , Putting spatial data to work

  Putting spatial data to work...

Putting Spatial Data to work...


‘Geonetics goes beyond stand-alone GIS solutions by developing solutions which integrate spatial data into mission critical business functions’ .

Geonetics incorporates geographic information into core business functions by providing software application development and system integration.

Client Driven Solutions

Geonetics business philosophy is based on the establishment of long-term partnerships with clients. Geonetics work closely with clients to plan, architect and implement enterprise data solutions that address each client’s unique business requirements. As a vendor independent company, Geonetics can objectively recommend the most cost-effective solutions to meet long-term needs.

The Geonetics Advantage

Geonetics has its roots in engineering, transportation, and spatial data management. This background allows us to understand the issues important to these disciplines and provide solutions that meet short and long-term objectives. Our staff pays particular attention to how users interact with a system, how data is developed, maintained, and how analytical functions are performed. Based on this approach, and using on our extensive programming skills, Geonetics builds practical and cost-effective integrated solutions.

Beyond Stand-Alone

Geonetics believes that the use of spatial data no longer needs be the exclusive domain of a single department. Technological advancements permit spatial data to be used effectively at all levels of the organization. The realities of the modern business environment require the efficiencies of integrated spatial data."


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Airport Business ToolKit
Geonetics Joins with Decision Support Technologies

Geonetics provides space management integration to DST's Airport Business Toolkit. Geonetics is now a DST certified solution provider in developing spatial data solutions serving the airport business users' needs.

New Web-based Projects completed or underway

 SPHERE09.gif (875 bytes) Oracle Web Server extranet railroad monitoring application for Boston's Central Artery Project.

SPHERE09.gif (875 bytes) Environmental Compliance Tracking Application for Massachusetts Highway Department.

 SPHERE09.gif (875 bytes)   Construction verification website for Boston's Central Artery Project. This Oracle-based website will allow surveyors to upload raw field data to a central server where it will be processed for graphical viewing analysis.


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