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Lottery Winners

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Florida Lottery
"Could Be" Winners

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Florida Mega
Money Winners

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Almost $90 Million for Virginia Man

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Kentucky Friends
Split Win

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Missouri Couple Hit
the Jackpot

Lottery Tidbits

Virginia Lottery
For the first time since its inception, all Virginia Lottery proceeds will be sent to the locality generated to be used solely for public education. The money will be used for new teachers and other educationally related expenditures.

The Virginia Lottery

Kentucky Lottery
Since its start-up in 1989, the Kentucky Lottery has had cumulative sales of over $4.7 billion while generating $1.223 for the state. Players have won prizes totaling nearly $3 billion.

The Kentucky Lottery

The Georgia Lottery became the only state lottery to ever increase sales each year for the first six years! Last year, the Georgia Lottery grossed $1.736 billion! Since its inception, the Georgia Lottery has contributed over $3 billion to the state for education.


Pennsylvania Lottery Only Benefits Seniors
The Pennsylvania Lottery remains the
only state lottery that exclusively targets its proceeds to benefit older citizens. It began 27 years ago and has contributed more than $10.7 billion to program benefits.

Pennsylvania Lottery

Since 1970, the New Jersey Lottery has contributed more than 10 billion to support State Education and Institutions.


The establishment of the Kentucky Lottery was approved by voters and legislators in 1988. Tickets were first sold in April 1989. Since then the Kentucky Lottery has generated over $1.2 billion for the Commonwealth.

Lottery Winner's Quote of the Week
"I couldn't believe it!
I couldn't stop giggling all day!"

$95,000 winner
More Winner's Quotes

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New Stuff from the Lotteries

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California's "Treasure Cove"      Florida's "Wheel of Fortune"

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                   Colorado's "Bingo"      Minnesota's "Birdhouse

more instant games

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Washington Lottery Players Help Build Baseball Stadium
Nebraska Man Gets Very Lucky
more lottery winners . . .

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Recent Lottery Winners

California Woman Wins $1,000,000
Playing Big Spin 2000

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In apparent disbelief, Deanne K. is undoubtedly very happy with her "Spin, Spin, Spin" win. She collected $1,000,000 on California's TV lottery show, Big Spin 2000.

In Florida, Winning is All in the Family

fl-david.jpg (10969 bytes)Winners of the FLORIDA LOTTO $55 million jackpot from July 24 are Paul D. Jr. (left) and his father, Paul D. (right), both of Ocala. They say they used a special set of numbers, and they plan to use some of their winnings to build a family hunting camp, to make home repairs, and to take it easy. They bought their lucky ticket at the Kash and Karry store in Gainesville, where Paul Jr. formerly worked as the liquor store manager.

Minnesota Man All Smiles Over Jackpot

mn-nylin1.jpg (20061 bytes)To say that Aaron N. is excited about winning $100,000 on the Viva Las Vegas scratch game is an understatement. He couldn't stop grinning this morning while at Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. Aaron stopped at a local laundromat on the way home from work last night. The change machine wouldn't accept the new $20 bill he had in his wallet, so he drove to Holiday, 7 NE Eighth St. in Buffalo for change. "I bought $5 in gas, one $5 Viva Las Vegas ticket and got two $5s as change," Aaron said. He scratched the ticket when he returned to the laundromat.

"I scratched the first line (of the Lucky Pairs game) -- nothing. I scratched the second line and got two 8s for $100,000. I asked another lady at the laundromat, 'Am I reading this right?' She told me that I won $100,000. I started shaking; I couldn't believe it."

The 27-year-old service advisor for Morrie's Buffalo Ford plans to replace his 1992 Ford Escort.

North Carolina Couple Claims Second Half OF $3.9 Million Lotto Jackpot

Walter and Joyce D. of Winston-Salem, North Carolina came to Lottery Headquarters in Richmond to claim their half of a $3.9 million Lotto jackpot prize. Their ticket was one of two that correctly matched all six numbers in the Saturday, July 17, 1999 Lotto drawing. The winning numbers were 02-20-21-25-28-42. Walter purchased the winning ticket from the Cana Exxon Stop, Highway 52 in Cana. He used the Easy Pick feature and allowed the terminal to select the winning combination. The store received a $5,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Lotto jackpot ticket. "I always travel across the border to this store to buy my tickets," said Walter. "I buy tickets for 20 advance drawings to keep from having to make so many trips," he added.

The estimated annuity value of this jackpot was $3.9 million. Because there were two winning tickets, each ticket was worth approximately $1.95 million. They chose Cash Option and received a one-time payment of $1,049,187 before taxes; $713,447 after taxes. The Lottery is required to withhold 28% for federal taxes and 4% for state taxes on all prizes over $5,000. The couple stated they have no immediate plans for their winnings and chose not to release any additional information. The other winning ticket for this jackpot was claimed by Bennie and Sandra A. of Rustburg. They also chose Cash Option.

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WOW! What a Wedding Proposal!

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Mustang Madness

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Kansas Promotion

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Cash Kickoff

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Ticket Vending
Machines in Colorado

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Florida's Monte Carlo

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West Virginia Lottery
Wins National Award

Help for Compulsive Gamblers in Kentucky

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with the Money
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Largest New York Lottery Prize in History is Claimed
Floyd H. was the sole winner of New Lotto $45 million jackpot. "For a long time, I played my own numbers," said Floyd.
"I really didn't win much then, so I decided to get a Quick Pick. I guess I made the right move!" Floyd was the sole winner of the history making jackpot.


Total contributions to the Washington State General Fund by the Washington State Lottery have surpassed $1.5 billion. The WSL was established in 1982. The money is used to support education, human services, and natural resources.
Washington Lottery
New York Lottery

Michigan Lottery Club Wins $100,000 for Second Time in Two Weeks!
Exactly two weeks
after winning $100,000 playing the Michigan Lottery Cash 5 game, the Garden City Lottery Club hit the jackpot again for another $100,000!

Michigan Lottery


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Winner's Quotes 

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