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GPK for Quadriplegics (Tetraplegics)
UPPERTONE for Quadriplegics (Tetraplegics)
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rehabilitation for quadriplegicsGPK Inc.'s first product, the UPPERTONE allows people with C4-C5, and below, quadriplegia to do sixteen upper-body exercises without any assistance. Unique features such as controls that can be adjusted without gripping, allow them to make all necessary adjustments, such as station height, station width, and resistance, unassisted. Wrist cuffs are not required.


rehabilitation for quadriplegics Designed by the C4-C5 quad who designed the UPPERTONE, the QuadTrac allows C4, and below, quads to use computers with ease and alacrity, without the difficulty of having simultaneously move the pointer and click switches.


rehabilitation for quadriplegics GPK Inc.'s newest product the QuadCommander is the first and only joystick that allows people with C4-C5 and below quadriplegia, to experience the FULL delight, fury, and realism of today's of today's PC games software. Developed by the same company that introduced the UPPERTONE and QuadTrac for Quads, the QuadCommander can be used without any hand grip strength.

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