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XML: Simplify Data Distribution and optimize Data Exchange
With Delphi 5, you build high-speed Internet applications that quickly deliver your data to the web. Delphi's support for XML data enables you to quickly build systems that are flexible and extensible to support the next wave of Internet e-commerce.
HTML 4 : Full featured Dynamic Thin-clients for the web
Delphi 5 delivers the power you need to build dynamic ultra-thin clients using HTML 4 and XML. This gives you rapid deployment to the Internet with full-featured and responsive client applications.
ADO: Fast access to all types of information
Delphi 5 gives you fast access to both relational and non-relational databases, including e-mail and file systems. Using Microsoft's ActiveX Data Object and OLEDB technology you gain immediate access to the universe of data that your end-users needs to make better business decisions. Combined with Delphi's open data component architecture, you will quickly build systems that take your business data to your customers on the Internet, to your end-users and your entire supply chain. Your applications will deploy effortlessly as ADO becomes a standard part of your end-user's client operating environment.
InterBase Express: High-performance turnkey systems
With InterBase Express, VAR's, SI's and ISV's build applications with the assurance that they will deliver high-performance systems that are quickly deployed. With Delphi and InterBase, high productivity, high-performance development is combined with a fast, low-maintenance, small-footprint relational database. With InterBase Express, you no longer need to develop with and deploy the Borland Database Engine to build the perfect embedded system.
TeamSource: Give your entire development team a boost in productivity
With Delphi 5, your entire team will work together better and faster. Team Source will revolutionize the way you manage your source code. TeamSource builds on your existing source code management and versioning engines and extends them with a highly productive workflow model that simplifies the management of source code for large distributed teams.
Borland Translation Suite: Conquer new markets worldwide
With Delphi 5, the market for your application has grown to include the entire planet. The Borland Translation Suite is what you need to quickly internationalize or localize your applications for new languages and cultures. Simultaneously develop your application for multiple locales for a faster time to market. Delphi will manage the translation of resources and maintain a repository of translated items to accelerate your international development.
MIDAS: Scalability for your Internet applications
With MIDAS, you build systems that can handle the demands of Internet based applications. MIDAS builds on the high-productivity of Delphi to deliver applications that scale as your volume of transactions and numbers of end-users grow. Build Internet applications that can easily handle large numbers web browser clients or Windows clients on the Internet or your Intranet. MIDAS leverages all the distributed computing standards such as CORBA, COM and MTS to smooth the integration of your existing systems with your e-commerce applications. Some of the many new features in MIDAS include:
  • Stateless DataBroker for more control in mobile and low-bandwidth situations
  • WebConnection component to securely move your applications to the outside of the firewall
  • Server object pooling for enhanced scalability
IDE: High productivity for the Developer
The Delphi 5 IDE greatly increases the productivity of the developer by simplifying the process of reading, writing and browsing code. The code editor eases the task of navigating within a unit or between related units. Drag-and-Drop support in the Project Manager makes it easy to add files to projects from any open project or Windows Explorer file dialogs. Use the Project Manager's multi-project support for the easy compilation on multiple targets such as EXE and DLL files. With Delphi's visual form designer you will quickly create Internet, distributed computing and Windows applications visually by selecting components from a palette. Delphi 5 includes numerous new features and enhancements to the VCL including:
  • Customizable Desktop Settings for increased control of your development environment
  • Editor Key mapping to fine-tune the editor to the way you work
  • Project-Wide browsing to better understand your code and to navigate the VCL
  • DataModule Designer with Tree and Data Diagram View to gain a comprehensive understanding of the data in your application
  • RC Files integrated with the project manager and compiler
  • To Do lists to keep your development on schedule
  • Control Panel Wizard to customize your applications' properties
Visual Component Library: The ultimate in code reuse
With Delphi, you exploit the power of Object Oriented development to create robust, efficient applications. Build your own components with Delphi's proven object oriented component architecture. Delphi 5 includes the Visual Component Library, containing over 200 (in Delphi Enterprise) components that will dramatically increase the speed to market for your Internet and Windows applications. With the new Frames capability your productivity will soar as you visually build components for your business. You will discover the elegance of VCL with open access to the source code (now includes additional source code for the Decision Cube components and additional Property Editors). Component-based development with Delphi simplifies the most difficult development tasks whether you are developing for the Internet or Windows applications. Delphi 5 includes numerous new features and enhancements to the VCL including:
  • Frames for building and reusing compound components
  • WebBrowser component for integrating HTML browsing into your application
  • Set of MS Office automation components to quickly integrate your applications with Office applications like Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Property Categories to improve learning and productivity
  • Owner Draw support in the Property Editors for simplifying property choices
  • Enhanced Support for Advanced Custom Draw functions for increased control over the Windows API
Advanced Debugging for bringing complex projects to market faster
With Delphi, finding and fixing bugs even in the most complex projects has never been simpler. Delphi's advanced debugger helps you to understand and control the behavior of your code. With Breakpoints you dive in to the code at the exact spot you want. Now you get even more control by setting the action to take at the breakpoint and by grouping breakpoints together you can quickly debug the areas of the code you are interested in. Delphi 5 includes numerous new features and enhancements to the debugger including:
  • Streamlined usability and integration among debug windows and the editor including clipboard and drag-and-drop support
  • Breakpoint ToolTips for faster navigation
  • Breakpoint Actions for increased control over the debugging process
  • Breakpoint Groups for easier control over multiple breakpoints
  • Easier debugging with DCUs and Debug symbol search paths
  • FPU view with support for MMX for enhanced low level debugging
  • Multi-Process debugging
  • Temporary Process Options for focused multi-process debugging
  • Cross process debugging for stepping across process boundaries
  • Debug spawned processes
  • Attach to and debug running processes