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Brookhead Revisited

Official Opening
Cheadle Brookhead County Primary School (as it was then called) was opened on Tuesday 18th December 1951. The school still retains a copy of the programme from the opening ceremony - click here to view.

Class Photographs
Did you attend Brookhead in the 50's and 60's? Your picture may be in this selection of class photographs - remember to sign the guestbook, we would love to hear from you.

The Punishment Book
An interesting insight into days gone by at Brookhead is the Punishment Book.

In 1951 Cheshire Education Committee stated:

  1. Head Teachers are to use every endeavour to reduce all forms of punishment to minimum compatible with the welfare of the children and the School, and should not in any case inflict corporal punishment (except for grave offences) until other methods have been tried and failed.

  2. Head Teachers are held responsible for all corporal punishment inflicted in their respective departments, and for every case of corporal punishment being carefully entered in a 'Punishment Book', giving the date, name of child, the offence and particulars and extent of the punishment. Such punishment shall be administered only by the Head Teacher or by Qualified Teachers, who may have such powers delegated to them by the Head Teacher, with the assent of the Managers.

  3. Head Teachers who either delegate to, or withdraw from their Assistant the power to inflict corporal punishment, must do so in writing, and must note the same at the time in the Log Book.

  4. All blows by the hand, boxing the ears, striking on any part of the head, and other irregular modes of inflicting corporal punishment are forbidden.

  5. The Managers or Divisional Executive Committee may at any time call for the Punishment Book to be produced at their meetings.

Punishment Book

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