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This page is used to publicise important items of general interest to the NLP community.

Let us know if you have anything that should be made known to the world.

Latest News 12 December 2000

In the High Court of London today (12 December 2000), Paul McKenna and McKenna Breen were adjudged to have committed a serious libel.

The case had been brought by Dr. Tracie O'Keefe in response to an offensive article posted on the McKenna Breen web site. Damages of 7000 plus costs were awarded to Dr. O'Keefe.

News item - 12 December 2000

Regarding the lawsuit in the USA filed on behalf of Richard Bandler (see below

Bandler returned to court seeking injunctive relief against the previous judgement made against him on 23 March 2000. This was for the judgement of $600,000 awarded to Chris Hall.

He further argued he shouldn't be paying interest on the amount outstanding until the judgement was made on 9 November 2000.

The judge disagreed.

For the full 4 pages of the judgement click: PAGE1 
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Latest News 18 July 2000
This action has now been concluded.
In the High Court of London, on 14 June 2000, Paul McKenna's solicitor read a Statement agreeing to contribute 1000 to Tracie O'Keefe's costs and 5000 to Michael Joseph's costs. See for fuller details.

In the action between Paul McKenna and Michael Joseph and others, concerning an alleged libel in the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, the date of 8 March 2000 has been set for the trial.

News item - 3 April 2000

The lawsuit in the USA filed on behalf of Richard Bandler (see below) has now been settled, unless there is any appeal.

Chris Hall has been awarded $600,000 damages plus costs against Richard Bandler.

The Court found that..."Bandler has misrepresented to the public, through his licensing agreement and promotional materials, that he is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights associated with NLP, and maintains the exclusive authority to determine membership in and certification in the Society of NLP."

The Court also found ..."that Hall is entitled to a permanent injunction relief enjoining Bandler from claiming exclusive ownership of intellectual property rights associated with NLP, including but not limited to, the name, seal and logo of the Society of NLP, or from claiming or advertising that Hall is not a member of the Society of NLP in good standing and/or does not have rights to certify using the name, seal or logo of the Society.

The Court further declares that both Hall and Bandler played a role in the development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. ... The Court further finds that Bandler and Hall are both equal members and owners of the Society, both having all the rights appurtenant to such ownership, along with the other persons who are members of the Bandler Group."

News item - 12 February 2000
  1. In an interesting statement issued by Christina Hall at the conclusion of her court case with Richard Bandler the following was given to us:
    "On Thursday, February 10, 2000, in a Santa Cruz courtroom, Superior Court Judge, The Honorable Robert B. Yonts, Jr., reconfirmed the status of Christina Hall as an owner of the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, including all the rights therein, and in light of her contribution to the development of NLP, she is fully empowered to continue doing NLP seminars and providing NLP-related services"

  • The trial lasted 9 days, and ended Thursday, Feb 10th.
  • John Grinder and Lara Ewing have settled with Bandler
  • Steve and Connirae Andreas settled with Bandler in December 1999
  • A final ruling in the case is due within 10 days and we shall let you know when we hear more.


News item

Those of you following the lawsuit in the USA (See Item 2 below) will be interested in the latest information available. One of the issues concerns ownership of The Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming.
At a hearing on 19 May it was determined that Richard Bandler has not owned The Society since 1982. Ownership rests with six people (referred to as The Bandler Group).
It has not been determined whether Bandler is or is not a member of the Bandler Group.

This means that effectively from the date of the 1982 action it is deemed that Richard Bandler does not own or exercise any rights over the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (Except hypothetically any rights he might have if he were shown to be a member of the Bandler Group).

We print below the text of a statement referring to this matter and will be keeping you informed of implications.

Parties acting for Christina Hall et al have succeeded in obtaining summary judgement against Richard Wayne Bandler on both points of the case which deal with Bandler's claimed ownership of and the right to control The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The judge affirmed that control of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming its Trademarks and other property had been transferred from Not Ltd to the Bandler Group in 1982. STATEMENT ENDS

More details above.

Further information is available at the site being set up by Steve Andreas.


News item

On January 23, 1997 a case was filed in Santa Cruz County, California on behalf of Richard Bandler and others against several of the major NLP trainers in the USA, including John Grinder, Steve Andreas and Christina Hall.

We now understand that the hearing date has been fixed as 10 December 1999, when the defendants are seeking summary judgement against Bandler with the intention of terminating the case.


News item
ANLP has been informed by the lawyers acting on behalf of Beverley Doda, previous business manager of Richard Bandler, that a judgement has been made in the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, on 18 December 1998 against Richard Bandler.

The Court awarded Beverley Doda $496,605 against Richard Bandler and Neurosonics Inc.   Richard Bandler's counter claim was struck out.

The case concerned the way Beverley Doda's contract of employment was terminated.


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