Director T.P.Gajendran's Answers
                        Film director T.P.Gajendran has given the following answers for the questions put to him by the reporter of "Dinakaran" Newspaper. The details:

                        Question: You hadn't directed films after "Paasamulla Pandiyarae", acted by Rajkiran. Why?

                        Answer: During this project a few films acted by Rajkiran got released one after the other within a short span of time. His films started to generate great expectation among the audience. It was a great mistake on my part to have chosen a very ordinary story for such a leading hero who had a big reception among the masses. The film "Paasamulla Pandiyarae"'s high market level, though it happened to be a low-budget film, was also one of the reasons for it's slip.

                        Question: While you weren't direecting, what were you doing?

                        Answer: It's my natural life style---to do some work very briskly, daily, right from my waking up from the bed. When I got shut up inside my house because of the failure of "Paasamulla Pandiayarae", I became mentally sick. I even feared I might go mad.

                        Taking films in a grand scale is possible only when there's such team work---which has, say A.R.Rahman's music, P.C.Sreeram's cinematography, Thotta Tharani's set designs, B.Lenin-V.T.Vijayan's editing work and the like. But this set-up is unreachable for me. So there's a long gap between cinema and me. Hence I even toyed with the idea of bidding farewell to my cinema career by switching over to small screen. In the meantime I felt got up in a situation as per which I had to do some work or other to run my family life. So I took distributionship for such commercial products like Complan and Mysore Sandal soap. Presently this business has been feeding me.

                        I tried to make a T.V.serial out of the story 'Budget Padmanaban'. I had sent the story to a That company replied that the story was getting rejected by it. The decision proved to be a good thing...for my story has now been made into 'Budget Padmanaban' feature film and the same has proved to be a big success throughout Tamilnadu.

                        Question: How did 'Budget Padmanaban' came to be produced as feature film?

                        Answer: Irama. Narayanan's "Thiruppathy Yaezhumalai Venkatesa" proved that even small budget films could become great hits. This gave me good encouragement. I narrated 'Budget Padmanaban' story to some of the producers. But nobody came forward to make it into a film. I approached producer K.R.G. and narrated the story. The next day the film-making work started. So let me convey my thanks to K.R.G. manymore crores of times. If this film has got this much, big success only K.R.G. desrves all the credits. Moreover, I can't forget the co-operation given to me by all the actors, actresses and technicians. I thank them too. In today's condition, only small budget films that run well could do good to the film industry. If such films have to be created actors and actresses should give full co-operation. Producers also should get into production work with confidence. Distributors should have the courage to purchase the films' rights and to release those films.

                                                                                                (To be continued)