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All About...
Madden NFL 2000

Well, here we are again at the pointy end of one of the longest running franchises ever
For Madden fans, this game is a must.
It just wouldn't be football season without the annual appearance from Coach Madden's game, and this year's version is his best yet. Packed to overflowing with gameplay modes and customization options, the real selling point for Madden NFL 2000 is the hard-hitting action that takes place out on the field. The running game is balanced beautifully, letting you and the computer coach execute a game plan similar to what you'd see in an actual NFL game, and the adjustable AI feature gives everyone the ability to tweak the game to their liking in both on-the-field results and difficulty levels. Pigskin fans are encouraged to check this one out.
- Rob Smolka

Madden NFL 2000

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Take it to the End Zone

Developer EA Sports
Publisher EA Sports
Genre Sports
Players 4
Supports Rumble Pak

Controller Pak (Memory)

Expansion Pak (RAM)

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