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Hi Wayne!

I've visited your website a few times, and it is certainly impressive. I especially enjoy getting updates on a market that is near and dear to my heart, as I cut my radio teeth in Halifax. "Teeth" is an appropriate choice of words, I believe, `cause it is an extremely competitive market - always has been.

Congratulations on the successful launch of K106. E Passage never had it so good! I recall Steve Feindel and I took the CJCH Coke Disco Road Show at the High School there, sometime back in the 70's. If anyone can remember that, they win a prize! See Bill Bodnarchuk to collect, tee hee.

All is well here at Loyalist College. We continue to produce outstanding graduates. CJLX-FM has become a community leader in this 5-station mkt., so it shows the student how important PR and good relationships are to the success of great radio. I won't go on and brag about the awards and our grads too much, of course. Smug and proud, as usual. Let's just say that I don't think you can drive the Trans Canada for more than 10 minutes without hearing one of our grads. Man, I love instructing students on the subtleties of voicetracking! Welcome to the new millenium in radio, huh?

I would love to hear from friends and acquaintances - even all the ladies we used to squire about at the jury room 25 years ago! Ooops. I can be e-mailed at

July 09th/99

Hi Wayne:

My name is Andrew Murdoch, I worked at Q-104 as production manager '88-'92. Four of the most enjoyable years I had in the biz, from Q I went to CKGM/CHOM Montreal and since late '96 I've been crunching granola here in beautiful Kelowna, BC (at Silk Fm). I just wanted to let old pals know they can get me at to Reiser the newf in Hawaii (have you tanned that white ass of yours yet?).....e-mail me I'm trying to get a hold of you. I do plug myself into your site every so often, thanks for all your news Wayne! Halifax/Dartmouth is still one of my favorite places to be...great people...(I married a blue noser).

hey gang!

just checked out your website for the first time...excellent stuff!! nice to have contact with the media back home. by the way, in case you havent heard, former atv'er paul mennier has joined the a-channel family in alberta and will be hosting "news at six" in edmonton starting in august! another atlantic canadian in the group!!!

I am trying to find my cousin Bruce Nunn who works in Haifax on one of the stations, Had an address for him sometime ago on Southpark. He would be Jim Nunn's brother and apparantly does a human interest type program. I would like to know if he has an email address. My email - I live in Atlanta, Ga. but born & raised in Sydney, My brother is Judge Nunn. tks for your help I also have an ICQ address also ICQ 28679847. Would appreciate either your help or have Bruce contact me. Have a nephew Bruce also, but the Bruce I am looking for is the radio Bruce son of Clyde Nunn from CJFX

Mary Miller

It has been a big couple of years for me. Last summer I developed and installed audio broadcast equipment in 3 metro-area ATM vestibules. The content is created in a studio I designed in Dartmouth to handle up to 4000 local vestibules. The studio updates the location's equipment as often as needed. Both the Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal are current users. All the other major US and Canadian Banks are not yet developing this new retail market. Mine are said to be the first of their kind in North America developed by Broadcast methods I learned while in the Radio industry.

Everything is shrinking as so good talent knows no boundaries at my company. The work load is increasing about 100% per year and we support 3 "part-time" voice talents. I expect to see a facility with over 80 work-stations set up to do voice overs en-masse to clients across North America. I can be reached at for more information on this technology.

I miss working with Anna, Harv and the rest of the guys and gals and etc. at Q-104. I worked under the Barry Horn Pee Dee-er ship in 1990-92. I got to spin the last Double Side Show on the front of Bob Powers morning show. and Hosted the Top 30 Album Countdown. I saw Rod Scholfield come abord and bootleg the entire music library~ oops sorry Rod. I miss you dude. I got to work every slot at least once and missed the first round of lay-offs at the Q back in 1991. I then QUIT to work for Wacky Wheatleys as the novelty of my oath of poverty wore off. Thank's to B. Horn. I doubled my income by taking the leap and never harbour any regrets. Bob Powers advice to me as a "green-horn" was to get out as soon as I can. He meant if I had any other skills, like Sales, use them. He was right. Thanks Bob!

After getting out of Radio I noticed I had influenced others to get in in some small way. Hi M.J. :-)


I did afternoons in Halifax for CFDR (back when it was 680) and for CHNS in the early nineties when Moe Dunn was PD. Great to see guys like Rod Schofield and Mike MacFarland are doing well. You too Moe. I'm originally from St. John's and started in radio in '79 at CJYQ, then moved to New Brunswick to CKCW and then to CIHI and CFNB before departing for the U.S. for a number of years.

Came to Halifax in ' 90 and spent four years in the Media Hockey league. Black Pylons and Radio Flyers where are you now? I'm most proud of being suspended for 30 games for fighting. It still brings a tear to my eye. Well, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in ' 94 and spent a couple of years over there until a great gig came up in Honolulu on Oahu. I'm doing mornings with a local comedian named Paul Ogata and we are having a ball! You can check us out on the web at My best to all the old radio dogs from Atlantic Canada. They are a rare breed indeed.


Thanks for staying in touch with us and keeping us informed about the Maritimes. Allan and I spent 2 months in Iowa with my family for Thanksgiving (US) and Christmas. We had decided to relocate to Tampa, which is home to me, and two weeks before Christmas Allan received a phone call from OSR 1200 in Ottawa. OSR flew us to Ottawa for a quickie tour of the station and Senators Hockey Game. We left Iowa January 7th and here we are in Snowy Ottawa!

OSR changed to all sports format back in September 98 and have a 10 year deal with the Ottawa Senators. Allan has been hired as the program director for OSR. He has plenty of Sports Experience as he launched THE FAN 590 in Toronto in 1991. We have bought a home and will be moving in April. I know we will be back in the Halifax area from time to time. We left our golfing partners, brother Ted and sister in law Jan behind.

Allan & Tammy Davis

*(On The Air note- Al davis was once the morning guy on 96.5 SUN-FM in Halifax!)

Well, I have to tell you; After hearing reports of your site for some time, I have been priviledged enough to FINALLY find it. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dave Cruickshank. I was a full time production assistant/producer at C100 and CJCH until February of last year when the big lay off spree happened. After the big event, I moved to Calgary and began working in the production department of QR77 / POWER 107 (both stations being number one on the AM and FM dial respectively). It's nice to have found your site, and pick up all the latest news on many of my friends in the Halifax Broadcasting scene.

Hope you drop me a line back, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Wayne:

I just wanted to say hello to all of my friends back east. I was News Director and Talk Show host at CFBC and C-98 in Saint John until June of last year. I am now working at CKOV in Kelowna as morning news anchor. I am also doing a daily editorial and filling in on our main Talk Show. I would like to hear from the folks back east whether former listeners or colleagues in the business. Please drop me a line.

Hi Wayne,

Just wanna give a thank you for all the work you put into this page. It's obviously a labour of love.

Now, I'd like to say HI to everyone at Magic 97 (you too AVR!) where I worked from 1986 to 1992. It was a great six years. A special hello to former co- workers like Morrisey Dunn, Mike Mitchell, Wayne Hines and Bill Spurr. I'm still in touch with old friends like John "the greatest white male dancer" Whidden, Matt "I smashed up the station van" Cundill and Blaine "another pint of Keiths eh buddy" Morrison.

I'm the morning newsie and co-host at Q104 in New York City, on the air as Shawn Kelly. What a long strange trip it's been!!!!

Hi Wayne:

Like to say HI to all the great folks that I was lucky enough to work with during my tenure doing Mornings at CJCH. I was doing the show with Stephanie Woodin as my "on-air" partner for two years in the late eighties. If you are a Radio Professional and want to join a new discussion group, and talk about this wacky business: e mail me:

( I hope we can convince Wayne to join!)

It didn't much to convince me Tom, .......... I'll BE THERE!!! ;-)

I notice that the list has somewhere in the header "all across North America", but I guess that has to be broadned a bit to accomodate this one. My name is George Leacock (Tobago), and with guys like Marvin Lightbourne, Rico Cox,(Bahamas) Warren Solomon (Trinidad) and James(Bermuda), we hosted a Saturday program on the then Brand New CKDU, called Caribbean Jam. I played ball at Dal until 87.

After returning to my Native Tobago I worked in the Govt. service as a Sport Development officer and did occasional colour and sport reporting. On June 8th. this year Tambrin 92.1 FM, which I own and operate went on air. We run a computerised system provided by Broadcast Electronics. We serve the Island of Tobago and the Nort Coast of Trinidad. Hope to webcast soon. We literally play all kinds of music with a heavy emphasis on Soca and other Caribbean beats.

Hoping to hear from everybody really. Congrats CKDU on your recent award.

Wayne, I'm a first-time contributor to your web page, but I read it often and enjoy keeping up on the goings-on in the Halifax radio market. I thought I'd keep you up to date on what I've been doing since I left Q/SUN/KIXX, a.k.a. "Metro Radio Group", at the end of March of this year. I moved to Vancouver at the beginning of June where I started to freelance as a producer/operator for "Rogers Broadcasting Ltd." for the nationally syndicated show "Lovers and Other Strangers", (which airs-as you know-on SUN FM), and the internationally syndicated open line/sex show "Rhona At Night". In between stints between there, I also did some freelance work with SILK FM in Kelowna, BC, (in the beautiful, and HOT, Okanogan valley). There I worked with my ex-roomie and bestest pal Andrew Murdoch where I helped the station beta-test a new computerized automation/on-air system.

I've also done some freelance work with ROCK 101 in Vancouver ... the new home of Brother Jake, a.k.a. "The Champ". Very recently however, I became the full time technical operator for "Rhona At Night" for "Rogers Broadcasting Ltd."!! I must say that things are getting quite exciting working in Canada's 2nd largest english speaking market ... but I miss my pals at Q-104, et al. I hope to return one day to Halifax and "greener pastures" than what I left behind.

Hi wayne:

Seems many current and former radio/tv people read your column with interest. Keep up the good work. As I have seen some good friends from days of old (Jordi, etc.) trying to track down former workers, I would like to do the same. Myself and Dave Bannerman, whom you know from Kingstec have, for years, been trying to find Kevin Meredith, a former grad of the first Radio & TV Broadcast class ('77). He may be in Calgary now...who knows...if you do, please let me/us know. Thanks.

Hi Wayne..

Please excuse the obvious self interest here..but I would like to connect with a few people in the business I have not heard from in a long, long time. Actually, we may even be able to put a few people together on-line.

I was at CRXL (the old AVTM Training school run by Rick Green, AJ Walling, George Jordan, Bill Wall et al) in 1975-76... At the time the school was rotating people through, putting hoardes of young broadcasters into the business throught he 70's. I would like to find some of these a few I worked with over the years.

I was at CKBC in Bathurst for a couple of years (77-79), CHSJ in Saint John (79-80), AVR (1980) and C100 1980-1989. It would be great to hear from anyone from those halcyon days. Fire of an e-mail to

My name is Matt Cundill and I worked at Magic 97 in the Annapolis Valley between 1989 and 1992. During the day, I doubled as a student at Acadia University. I certainly miss Nova Scotia, and am relieved that Keith's Pale Ale has finally arrived in Edmonton... eases the pain of being away don't you know.

HI Wayne!

I don;t know how many will remember me, but I did the talk show at CJCH in 1975-76, (I was the guy between Ron Pumphrey and Steve Murphy)

I was the morning news and comment guy at CHNS 1980-83 and then I went to Maclean Hunter's Newsradio bureau in Ottawa as Bureau Chief, where I was still heard on the air until 1987 when the outfit was bought by CKO and subsequently went bankrupt.

Anyway, I'm out of the broadcasting business but my website is


Howdy from Cowtown. It's Rod Schofield (former jock and Producer at Q104 and 780 CFDR) and I'm handling the Production responsibilities at CJAY92 and AM1060 CKMX in Calgary as well as interviewing bands and doing some remote comedy for the morning show and afternoon drive show. Kickin' ass and lovin' it in Calgary. Also, could I be added to the mailing list for the "On The Air" updates?