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Because they are such amazing shots, we have built this archive for the Photo of the Day. Special thanks to our excellent web-photographer, Chris Figenshau.

A few years ago, I was skiing this huge powder day with a couple of friends. We were riding a lift up when we heard a few people talking about the snow,

"Check out these freshies!"

"This is awesome pow-pow!

Right then I just got annoyed. Not at the people, or the conditions, but the verbiage. I thought to myself, skiers and snowboarders have been using the same dumb expressions for quality powder snow since glaciers carved the Tetons. Hell, my dad says "pow-pow."

So anyway, my friends and I decided that we needed a new word, one that had nothing to do with powder, or snow, or fresh, because they were all used up anyway. Right then, I blurted out the first word that came to mind -

N I C K E L !

Yep, Nickel Baby. After I had said it, I wondered why that word popped into my head. I still have no idea, but as the word began to grow on me (and my friends) it just seemed so appropriate. All day long the expressions just started flowing: "The mountain is freshly minted!!" (translation: There is a blanket of fresh nickel on the hill)
"I had spare change flying all over the place!! " (Translation: HUGE face shots!)
"An untracked chute is a "Nickel Slot!"
"Jackpot!" means you "Cashed in" on a bank of Nickel.
"There is so much Nickel we have a dollar!"
"Jesse James" is someone who just stole your line.
"I'm spent" brings on a whole new meaning, and
"We're broke!" means no new snow last night.

I would hardly say that the word caught on like wildfire in the skiing community, but I still use it. So, when you come on out to Jackson Hole, and you see a guy with the word "NICKEL" taped to the back of his helmet, that's me. Tap me on the shoulder, and say "Nickel, Baby!" I'll think you are pretty cool




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