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Discussion Board!02/09/01-
Join in on the new Avantasia Discussion Board and discuss the new metal opera, Edguy, and more!!

02/06/01 -
Look to the right, and you will see the new Avantasia Poll. You can choose your favorite song from The Metal Opera, and see how it compares with others' opinions!

02/02/01 - The "Ask Tobias" Question Form has returned! (for a short while)
-We will be taking your questions for Tobias in the "Ask Tobias" section for the next couple of days (or until we get too many too questions)! So, if you want a question answered, you better hurry to the section! Full details and rules can be found there! Have fun!

1/31/01 - New Site Design Posted and Update from Tobias:


"Howdy my friends,
I just got some great news from my record company. Avantasia entered the German album charts at position #35. Thanx so much my friends, for all those nice words on my guestbook and for pushing the album to where it is now: High in the charts!!! This is a great moment for me and for this kind of music I guess. A MILLION THANX to you, my friends. We'll meet soon (as I met some of you during my signing sessions, that was great fun...) and then we'll have some bottles of white wine together, okay?!

Cheerzzz, stay heavy and see ya all, Tobias

-If you haven't had the chance to sign the new guestbook yet, this is just a reminder to tell you that it is posted and functional. So drop by and let Tobi know what you think of Avantasia!

1/18/00 - BIG Update from Tobias:

"Hey my metallian friends, the day is drawing nigh! I am so fucking excited about monday, 22nd; when I hopefully can get your first reactions on Avantasia. It's just a few days to go and I swear, I am as curious about your opinion as you are about the album (well, I hope that you are, hehehe).

I wanna thank all of you for supporting the single and for all the nice words you wrote into my guestbook about the first songs you've listened to. When I asked my record company if everything is okay with them, they said that they have never had such a euphoric fan reaction on a single before. THANX TO YOU OUT THERE!!! But believe me, the single was just the calm before a sixty-minutes-epic-metal-storm...

So, let's rock my friends and lets prove all the dull buttheads out there, that those aliens with long hair who eat children are not dead yet...

Cheeeerzzz and see ya, Tobias"

The Avantasia Poll!
Q: Your Favorite Song From Avantasia?

Reach Out For...
Serpents in Paradise
Malleus Melleficarum
Breaking Away
The Glory of Rome
In Nomine Patris
A New Dimension
Sign of the Cross
The Tower

View old polls

Recent reviews of Avantasia - The Metal Opera Part I

-"Heavy guitars, bombastic choirs and a great production lead the outstanding talent to the olympus of metal. If you miss this opus you miss a part of rock history." (Break Out Magazine 01/2001)

-10/10 points in Rock Hard Magazine, 10xDynamit and soundcheck #3

7/7 points in Metal Hammer Magazine

11/12 points in Heavy Oder Was!?-Magazine and soundcheck postition #3

Newcomer of the month in Break Out Magazine

9.5/10 points in Metal Heart Magazine

"Most expensive album in my records-shelf" Tobias himself 01/2001

-The "Ask Tobias" section has been updated with lots of new Questions and Answers!! Enjoy!

-The Avantasia Part I Album Cover has been posted to the right!


"Hello everybody, unfortunately I had to realize that some of you thought I would personally appear at the Avantasia-pre-listening party on the 13th of January in Bochum, Germany. I am very sorry about I will not be there, although some of you hoped on meeting me there and having a couple of drinks with me. And those among you, who wanna give me the chance to see your faces in real life and not from a stage (you will be amazed by how short I am standing in front of you, hehehe...) can visit me during my promotion-/ signing-tour. Would be pretty cool to meet you all...

Take care and see ya, Tobias


18/01: LYON (F) - 5.30 PM (no info about the store yet!) 19/01: PARIS (F) - 6 PM (no info about store yet!)
20/01: STRASBOURG (F) - 2 PM (no info about store yet)
21/01: ROERMOND (NL) - THE ROCK - 7 PM
22/01: MUENSTER (D) - MEDIA MARKT - 6.30 PM
23/01: HAMBURG (D) - SATURN - 6.30 PM
24/01: STUTTGART (D) - W.O.M. - 6.30 PM
25/01: NUERNBERG (D) - SATURN - 6.30 PM
26/01: MAINZ (D) - MEDIA MARKT - 3 PM

As it seems the tour will continue in the beginning of February in Athens and Saloniki (Greece). It's not confirmed yet, but we'll keep you informed!


-Photos from the recent Avantasia Press/Release Party have been posted to the "Photos" section of the site! And don't forget, the full album Avantasia release is only a few weeks away!! To get you even more excited for the release here follows the full tracklisting of Avantasia Part I:

1. Prelude
2. Reach Out For The Light
3. Serpents in Paradise
4. Malleus Meleficarum
5. Breaking Away
6. Farewell
7. The Glory of Rome
8. Nomine Patris
9. Avantasia
10. A New Dimension
11. Inside
12. Sign of the Cross
13. The Tower


-The Countdown for the Avantasia Maxi CD single has now ended! The single is available for purchase at local merchants in Germany and beyond!!

-Yet more "Ask Tobias" Questions and Answers have been posted! Enjoy them and look for the Question Form to be reposted shortly!


Tobias' band, Edguy will be traveling to Scandinavia in the coming days for their upcoming tour. For Tour Dates and More Information see the tour section of the Official Edguy Site!

-The countdown for the Avantasia MAXI CD now stands at 3 days!!

-More "Ask Tobias" Questions and Answers have been posted today. Find out the origins of the name "Avantasia" and much much more! Enjoy!


-More and more"Ask Tobias" Questions and Answers have now been posted!! If you've asked Tobi a question in the past days you'll want to have a look as many manyanswers have been answered. If your question does not appear it probably will eventually! Enjoy!

-The Avantasia MAXI CD Release Date is November 13th!! The countdown now stands at 12 days!


-The "Ask Tobias" section is now online where you can ask Tobias questions! Your questions may be answered by the King of Avantasia and if they are they will be posted here at the site in the "Ask Tobias" section!!

-Tobi's Weird World section is now back online complete with the "ULTIMATE ULTIMATE Sensation"!! You'll definitely want to have a look!

-We apologize for the server/site problems over the last day. Our server has now been upgraded allowing for faster connections to the site! Hopefully, those troubles are behind us!

10-24-00 - MP3 Added!

-An MP3 soundclip of "Reach Out For The Light" is now available in the Avantasia section! Enjoy!

10-6-00 -Avantasia Single Update!!

To make you survive the waiting time until the album-release in the end ofJanuary, the single of Avantasia will be released November 13th. Hope it'sgonna blow you away, since its tracklist sounds pretty exciting. It's gonnabe as follows:

1. "AVANTASIA" (a groovy mid-tempo-rocker featuring Tobias and the glorious
Ernie on vocals)
2. "REACH OUT FOR THE LIGHT" (a six-and-half minutes epic speed song,
featuring Tobias and Ernie on vocals as well...)
3. "THE FINAL SACRIFICE" (according to Tobias, the heaviest song he has ever
written so far. Featuring Tobias and David DeFeis on vocals and Jens Ludwig
as special guest on lead-guitar)
4. "AVANTASIA" (longer album-version of the first song)

To be released: November 13th!!! Watch out!

-Tobi's Weird World section has been updated and according to Tobi the new item , " Is the Ultimate Sensation!" You'll probably want to have a look at this one!


-The Discography section is now operational with a Tobias Timeline; showing you what Tobi has sung on over the years.

-Tobias has been searching and scowering the Internet for more fun and weird stuff to add to his Weird World Section! Well, he has done it again; he has found something else that is very bizarre and he, of course, makes it bizarrer! Check it out!

-The first "Avantasia" soundclip is still available in the Avantasia section! If you haven't downloaded it make sure to, as many are posting in the guestbook about it! You might want to join in on the conversation! Enjoy!

9-6-00 - "Avantasia" Soundclip now available!!!

-A Real Audio Clip from Avantasia, "Reach Out For The Light" is now available in the Avantasia section! Enjoy! And remember, Tobias would be very happy if you all posted what you thought of the clip in the Guestbook; Tobias will probably interact with you there!

9-5-00- "Avantasia" News!

-Within the next days, a cut version of a song from "Avantasia" will be available to download in Real Audio format. As singers it features the two leading roles of the story: Tobias himself and Ernie (listen and guess who hides behind this name, hehehe...).

8-20-00 - The Second Update:

-The "Photo" section is now online with some pictures of Tobias!

-A new bit of information has been added to the "Weird World" section; if you like Tobi's cow pants then you'll for sure want to check this out!

8-13-00 - The First Update!

-Avantasia: The Official Tobias Sammet Website is now online!

-See Tobi and his band Edguy in one of their few last shows of 2000. For dates see the official Edguy site!

*The latest breaking "Avantasia" News from Tobi below!!!!*

-Tobias' Metal Opera "Avantasia" (see Avantsia-section) will be released worldwide in January 2001 on AFM records. An advance single will be coming out in November 2000. First reactions of the few people who had the chance to listen to some excerpts make us expect, that it's gonna be something beyond the scope of many albums comparable that have been done before, something really big... Or as ex-Magnum singer Bob Catley, whom Tobi is friends with, said after he heard some of the stuff: "This is not a project, it's a fuckin' epic..." We'll keep you informed about it.

-Soundclips from "Avantasia" will also be posted as soon as possible.

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