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Bin Laden Reported To Be Dying
  • Kidney Disease May Be Cause
  • Word Came From Hong Kong-Based Magazine

  • HONG KONG, March 16, 2000
    Osama bin Laden, file photo
    (CBS) March 16, 2000 - Suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden reportedly is dying of kidney disease.

    Bin Laden, 45, is suspected of masterminding the deadly 1998 bombings of two American embassies in Africa - which killed 224 people, including 12 Americans - and is believed to be hiding in Afghanistan.

    The Hong Kong-based magazine Asiaweek reports kidney disease is starting to affect bin Laden's liver. It also says a close associate is trying to get a dialysis machine to help him.

    The weekly news magazine, quoting "a Western intelligence source who has been tracking him," said the Saudi Arabian millionaire remains mostly conscious and is able to talk and hold meetings.

    The kidney disease reportedly had begun to affect bin Laden's liver and associates were trying to obtain a dialysis machine to stabilize his condition. But "the man is dying," Asiaweek quoted the source as saying.

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