"But," says Erikson, "whatever weird sounds there are have to serve the song. Whatever takes away from it is cut. The song is what's important."

"Nothing's sacred," adds Vig. "The day after pouring your guts into recording, you have to be able to 'erase it'. In the end they're just magnetic impulses."

All members of Garbage contribute to the lyrics - but the lyrics are anything but introspective. Vow and Queer are dark evil stories. The chorus of Vow goes "I'm gonna' tear you up/I'm gonna track you down."

"We're all worriers," says Butch. "But stuff comes from books and films. With Queer, I was reading this novel about this women who was hired to go and make this guy's son a 'man'. The kid is missing a few marbles. But then he realizes that the women who came to his room is also f**king his father. Vow partly came from a newspaper article about a sado-masochistic couple who couldn't keep away from each other. But the songs aren't that literal. I don't want to spell it out but I want to make eclectic pop records that aren't what they seem."