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British made, classic action adventure series, Thunderbirds, blasts back onto TV Screens for the first time in eight years. The thirty-two part series has been digitally restored and remastered and is available to pre-order now in both VHS & DVD Formats. [more!]
Fight The Holiday Flab
You have had your fun so now it is time to work off all of that xmas excess. But don't worry because Melinda Messenger, Cindy Crawford & Elle Macpherson are here to help!...[more!]
The Remorseful Day
After thirty-two mysterious cases, super sleuth John Thaw joins fellow detective Kevin Whately for Morse's final mystery. A year long investigation into the murder of yvonne Harrison in a quiet Cotswold village is sparked into life with the promise of new evidence...[more!]
Hammer House of Horror
Thrills and chills. Mystery and intrigue. Suspense and supernatural. Everything from sheer spine-tingling horror to sinister drama,the occult and the eerie..Volume 1 & 2 in this new collection available now...[more!]
The Prisoner
The most famous, the most acclaimed and the most intriguing of all classic television thrillers. Emmy Award winner Patrick McGoohan as a man with no name but only a number... [more!]
New Film Collection on DVD...
A new collection of blockbuster films is now available on DVD including Rambo, Terminator & Reservoir Dogs... more!
Father Ted's Ardal O'Hanlan stars in ITV's acclaimed thirty-something comedy drama.

 New Releases
MONKEY'S TALE This action packed animated adventure tells the heart-warming story of two tribes of monkeys separated by fierce rivalry.
DREAM STREET None of the buildings have chimneys in Dream Street! But dont worry, Jack Hammer has an idea to help make this Christmas extra special

 Coming Soon...
TERMINATOR 2 He said "I'll Be Back" and meant it! The Ultimate Edition coming soon on DVD.
CHAMPIONS Episodes 3 to 6 of this popular cult TV classic on DVD. Pre-order your copy now!



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