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Medical Magic II

Taubman Amulet 115 (Bonner 40)

Reaper wearing high cap and kilt, stooping to right to cut six stalks of grain with long-handled sickle. Two stubbles. Behind him, tree with branch arching over his back. (page 271)

Taubman Amulet 115 (Reverse Bonner 40)

, i.e. , "for the hips."
Haematite. Transverse oval, 23 x 18 x 3 mm. (page 271)

Taubman Amulet 124 (Bonner 39)

Reaper to right cutting three stalks of grain; wears tunic, leggings, and apparently cap with a short visor. Tree behind. Extremely crude work. (page 272)

Taubman Amulet 124 (Reverse Bonner 39)

, below which is a large character like an lying on its back.
Limonite. Upright oval, 33 x 22 x 5 mm. (page 272)

Taubman Amulet 131 (Bonner 22)

Ouroboros enclosing uterine symbol, here of globular form. Above it divinities, left to right, Nephthys(?), Anubis and Osiris as mummies, Isis-Tyche with cornucopia. Below, the first five vowels, the others chipped off. Round margin, outside ouroboros, the Soroor formula, (Bonner, page 206), many letters rubbed and indistinct. (page 273).

Taubman Amulet 131 (Reverse Bonner 22)

. The last word resembles the name , which is known from papyri, but there is nothing to govern the accusative.
Haematite. Upright oval, 18 x 12 x 4 mm. (page 273)

Taubman Amulet 132 (Bonner 21)

Ouroboros enclosing uterine symbol. Above, Anubis, Chnoubis, Isis. Outside ouroboros, the Soroor formula, with some letters lost by damage to the stone. (page 274)

Taubman Amulet 132 (Reverse Bonner 21)
Haematite. Upright oval, 18 x 15 x 4 mm. (page 274)

Taubman Amulet 134 (Bonner 26 {formerly Wyndham Cook})

Ouroboros enclosing uterine symbol over which, at each side, stands a goddess with a hand raised towards a squat figure (center), probably intended for the mummy of Osiris, with flail whip over each shoulder. Round edge, the name Ororiouth, three characters ls as follows: . . (page 274).

Taubman Amulet 134 (Reverse Bonner 26 {formerly Wyndham Cook})

, apparently , "for the feet." The genitive (alone) might have been expected, as in () on the reaper amulets; but the accusative with may be used to show the purpose for which the amulet is to be used.
Red jasper, the only example of the material that I have found among amulets of this type. Upright oval, 13 x 10 x 3 mm. Catalogue of the Wyndham Cook Collection, 252; no illustration. (page 274)

Taubman Amulet 135 (Bonner 24)

Ouroboros enclosing uterine symbol placed with mouth up. Above, three divinities shown from head to hips, lower parts omitted: Osiris mummy between Isis and Nephthys, winged. Below, the seven vowels. (page 274)

Taubman Amulet 135 (Reverse Bonner 24)

Haematite. Upright oval, 17 x 11 x 3 mm. Slightly chipped. (page 274)

Taubman Amulet 138 (Bonner 25)

Uterine symbol crossed diagonally by two lines making an X; appendages slightly indicated by lines drooping from top. No divinities. A crude example of the uterine design reduced to its simplest form. (page 275)

Taubman Amulet 138 (Reverse Bonner 25)

Haematite. Upright oval, 13 x 9 x 4 mm. (page 275)

Taubman Amulet 139 (Bonner 20)

Ouroboros enclosing uterine symbol. Above, center, a goddess (Isis?) to left, holding right hand towards head of Bes, who stands facing front a little below her. Behind her, a lion to right. In field, the seven vowels. (page 275).

Taubman Amulet 139 (Reverse Bonner 20)

Above, scarab. Below, octopuslike object (tentacles downward), probably another form of uterine symbol. Inscription in two complete circles round design, some letters scarcely legible: gr . . The long formula beginning sthombaole is found, with variations, chiefly with solar designs.
Metal, probably gray iron with slight admixture of zinc; the only example known to me of a metallic amulet of this type. Upright oval, 21 x 17 x 3 mm. (page 275)

Taubman Amulet 141 (Bonner 19)

Ouroboros enclosing Harpocrates seated to front, head to left, on uterine symbol; right leg extended, left bent under him. Disk on head, right hand to lips, left resting on knobbed handle of key. Round the design, inside ouroboros, , and the vowels . For the magical names see (Bonner) page 197. (page 275)

Taubman Amulet 141 (Reverse Bonner 19)

(a palindrome) .

Red carnelian, clouded with white above and at left. Upright oval, 29 x 23 x 4 mm. A smoothly drilled depression near the bottom of the reverse may indicate that the lapidary started to make the uterine symbol on this side also. (page 275).

All descriptions of amulets are taken directly from:

Bonner, C. Studies in Magical Amulets. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1950.

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