St. Martin Catholic School
55 Salisbury Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4X 1C5

Total enrollment 224
Principal Murray Seymour
Tel: (416) 393-5222 Fax: (416) 393-5807
Superintendent Eleanor Shannon
Tel: (416) 222-8282 ext. 2353 Fax: (416)
Parish Our Lady of Lourdes
11 Earl Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 1M4
Local Trustee Elizabeth Boyd
Tel: (416) 512-3411 Fax: (416) 229-5353

History & Tradition

St. Martin Catholic School has a long and glorious history of serving the Catholic children in the Cabbagetown area of Toronto. As we celebrated our 100th anniversary, we were reminded of the generations of children who have been provided with a wonderful academic and spiritual education. For many Irish and Italian immigrants it was their introduction to their new country.

Over the years the students have been alternately served by the pastors of St. Paul's and Our Lady of Lourdes' Churches. In 1995 the boundaries were expanded to allow more children to attend St. Martin. Most of these students came from Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. For most of our school's history the teaching staff was comprised mainly of Loretto and Ursuline nuns. In the last few decades lay teachers have replaced the nuns in staffing the school.

The school is named after St. Martin, bishop of Tours, who was born in 316 A.D. in Hungary. He was drafted into the army but refused to fight against German invaders on the grounds that a Christian should not engage in war. A famous tradition says that he met a beggar one day in winter during a severe frost. Having no money, Martin divided his cloak with his sword and gave half to the beggar. That night he had a vision of Jesus who was wrapped in the part of the cloak Martin had given away. We celebrate the feast of St. Martin November 11th.

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

In September 1995, due to a boundary realignment by the school board, the population increased from 80 to approximately 200 students. The new students were welcomed with the understanding that they would receive all the benefits of a Catholic education they had enjoyed previously at Our Lady of Lourdes School.

One of St. Martin's initiatives is to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment. To this end we began a conflict resolution program so that children take responsibility for solving their own disputes. This program involves selecting and training peer mediators from among the students. Those chosen are provided with a vest and are visible in the yard. Their function as mediator is explained to the rest of the population. They handle disputes whenever possible.

St. Martin Catholic School has a code of behaviour for children which includes general and specific expectations. Parents and teachers are encouraged to work together in instilling discipline in the child.

Co-curricular activities include various sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer and baseball. School teams are formed to compete in tournaments with other Catholic schools. St. Martin has chess, ping pong, W5H (trivia knowledge) and badminton to supplement the regular school activities.

Other initiatives that take place at St. Martin include: young business education, concerts, high school orientation, choir, Cabbagetown Festival Parade, spoken arts festival, science fair, artists in the schools.

After school the children are able to go to activities at the K-Club, Cabbagetown Youth Centre or the Darrell Kent Centre.

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Graphical Summary
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Our Catholic School Report

The Our Catholic School (OCS) report provides a description of the school’s history and tradition, a graphic summary of both EQAO and CAT/2 assessment data, and the school’s Action Plan for continuous school improvement.

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