The Way:


(as reported, 1/7/95 through 3/31/95)

The following is the second (somewhat loose and informal) assemblage of
-recent- reports from the Internet, of unusual things seen in the skies.
In most cases, they should follow in chronological order. There are a
few from the previous quarter that didn't get reported in time for the
first Sky Activity Report. Sorry for taking so long to put this second
one together. If you're aware of any reports not found here, please e-
mail me at the address below. You'll notice I've included reports of
objects described as bolides, or fireballs. As this explanation may or
may not apply to all those so described, I've included them all. It is
also likely that some of these reports describing something that is
clearly aircraft of some type, are advanced military aircraft. Again,
this file is a catch-all for everything recently reported. Hopefully,
time and information from readers will help sort these out. I welcome
your help. I would especially be interested in someone having the time
and facility to compare this approximate 12-week period with other
similar periods in the recent past, in terms of number/frequency/quality
of sighting reports not only on the Internet, but in the mass media as

Jackson Donovan


"...There will be a significant increase of UFO activity preceding the
Night of Lights in the following countries. Russia, United States,
Canada, Mexico, Ukraine. In some of these countries, it has already
(from Night of Lights - 2, 11/20/94)

"...In your mind, there is one question above all others. When? When are
they returning? Be assured that it is not a question of "IF," but
"WHEN." ...Before this time, there will be ever-increasing acts of
contact. They will begin slowly, so as not to panic anyone, and increase
in both frequency and degree, of revelation... There has been a
noticeable lack of UFO activity in the last year and a half. Do not be
fooled into thinking they have left or lost interest. This is merely the
calm before the storm...."
(from Way - 12, 11/27/94)

(For instructions on where/how to access these and related files, see
the end of this file.)


From: (hvw123)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Dutch ufo sighting in Almere.
Date: 14 Feb 1995 19:21:14 GMT
Message-ID: <3hqvra$>

Summary from a daily dutch newspaper (De Telegraaf), 14 febru-
ary 1995.

Almere sighting.

2 Woman are walking with their dogs in the evening at 19.40
hours. It is the 21th of November 1994. One of the ladies
said, "it was a sphere and it just looked like a sunset".
Dozens of people also from Amsterdam and Zeewolde witnessed
the same object. Most people thought it being the moon and
payed no attention to it. The OPUS (Onderzoek (= investigati-
on) Parapsychology, Ufos, Spiritual) foundation collected all
data and concluded this week that it was no blimp, constructi-
on work light or a ball lightning but a real ufo. That sphere
was seen above waters, trees and residential areas. It showed
remarkable behaviour. Initially it hoovered, moved from left
to right, and one family saw it spinning around before it shot
off into the air at high speed. The KNMI (Dutch meteorological
intitution) could not explain this sighting. Nor could a
foundation (De Koepel) in Utrecht which is also specialized in
ufo sightings. According specialists so many people watching
the same ufo is very rare.

Bliepings ...,

Henk van Winkoop (


Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: (David)
Subject: UFO seen in Kingsley Michigan
Organization: Federation
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 20:35:40 +0000
Message-ID: <>

*** Reproduced and uploaded with the kind permission of the author ***
***                        Joseph B. Wilson                        ***

COPYRIGHT 1995 by Joseph B. Wilson

UFO seen in Kingsley Michigan

The following description is drawn from my own interviews of the people, not
from newspaper reports. I think it's kind of interesting.

When Tracey Cedja, of Voice Road, just east of Kingsley, Michigan, first saw
the object at approximately 6:30 AM Wednesday, December 21st, 1994 she had
just let her dog out for it's morning constitutional. She didn't see anything
at first, but the dog sensed something. Instead of going onto the lawn to
relieve itself it stayed on the porch, jumped, then ran back inside and hid
under the coffea table. Then Tracey, looking to the south east, saw a bright
light come down out the sky and remain motionless about level with the
tops of the trees. It appeared to be three times the size of her storage
barn, which would make it about 60 feet in diameter. Since the tree-line
behind her house is about 200 yards away, the object must have been much
larger. She said it was emitting bright light of different white and blue
hues, but the object itself was primarily a blue-gray colour with lightning
like streaks flashing through it. She went inside to get her new camcorder,
but couldn't figure out how to work it so she called her neighbour. Mike
Stelter, at about 7:00. He didn't see anything from his house, but came over
and saw the object from her porch. He went back, got his own camcorder, came
back and began video taping the object. While he was filming Tracey called the
state police. State Trooper Glen Guldner responded and arrived at about 7:30 AM.

His official report states "undersigned met with comp. at the above location
and was informed that the object was still visible. Officer went with comp.
to her back porch and was pointed out a bright light in the sky, time was
approx. 7:45 AM, clear skys. Upon looking at the light with binoculars a
cylindrical mass, possible gray in colour was observed. On the underside of
the object a large amount of individual lights were seen that appeared to be
connected by a softer light running through them.... Undersigned watched
the object for approx. 20 minutes before it appeared to get further and
further away. Object could still be seen when officer left the area. During
this time it was noted that the object did not just stay level it could be
observed rotating back and forth and at several times tipped vertically and
then back down. Another smaller object could be seen just to the east
of the larger object however no shape or colour could be seen just a bright
light.... It should be noted that at approx. 7:50 AM three military type
aircraft flew through the area. as each aircraft approached the object the
lights went off then back on as the plane passed."

Tracey told me that Trooper Guldner noticed and showed her a red knob on the
top of the object.

Although Voice Road is the location of radar equipment and sensors used by
the Air Traffic Control Center for Traverse City Airport, local military and
civilian authorities denied that there were any jets in the area.

Minnesota Air Traffic Control Centre contradicted that statement.
Authorities there said that during peace time they do not have a man
watching the console at all times. They said the three aircraft were picked
up on radar, however they were transponding signals which helped the radar
pick them up. They did not pick up the object, but stated that an object in
the air that was not sending out a signal would be hard to be noted.

Major Jerold Foehl, public affairs officer at Camp Grayling, claimed there
were no military jets from anywhere in Michigan or from a base in Toledo,
Ohio, in the air Wednesday morning.

Local astronomers and meteorologists theorized that the object could have
been a planet, possible Venus or Jupiter, enhanced by atmospheric conditions.
However, Dick Cookman, astronomy instructor at Northwestern Michigan College
in Traverse City said he was surprised that an image as large as the one
videotaped did not show planetary detail such as the bands of Jupiter or the
planets moons.

Ed Gildy of Manton was driving north on Baxter Road when he, his
father and mother, all saw the object in the north eastern sky. Since Tracey
Cedja was looking to the south east, this seems to dispute the planet theory.
I've known Ed and his parents for over two years and consider him to be a
sober, reliable person, not prone to flights of fantacy or exaggeration.

Approximately a dozen other people reported sighting some strange object in
the sky on and around December 21st.

I don't know what they saw, but it certainly caused some excitement and made
my life interesting for a while.

Obviously, this is just another case of swamp gas. 

Joe Wilson


Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: aw560@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Mike McLarty)
Subject: MERINT (UFO) Report - East Pennant, N.S.
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 17:02:33 GMT

The following MERINT report (the marine equivalent of the CIRVIS) was sent
from Halifax Coast Guard Radio to National Defence Headquarters Operations
Centre, and has been re-typed to as closely resemble the original as

NOTE: "#" indicates portions of the report which were severed in accordance
          with the Access to Information Act

      "*" indicates portions I chose to black out

           +613992-****  J3-OPS/NDOC/OTTAWA     533 P03  DEC 30 '94 04:42
94-12-30-00:25 KTB100A    20:GOC239 VIA UNITEL FACSROUTE             page 1


NDHQ OTTAWA FAX 613 992 ****

################################ WHO LIVES IN THE SMALL COASTAL COMMUNITY




From: zmonster@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Eric M Hermanson)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.visitors,alt.ufo.reports
Date: 28 Jan 1995 19:58:51 GMT
Message-ID: <3ge7lr$8hl@senator-bedfellow.MIT.EDU>

Here are transcriptions from the Michigan State Police reports that I obtained
via the Freedom of Information Act.  There has been a recent rash of sightings
in Western and Northwestern Michigan in the past four months.  It seems as if
something major is transpiring.  I called the parties involved in the sightings
myself, and I spoke with the Michigan State trooper who also witnessed one
of the events.  I can honestly say that these people are very credible, and
very sure that what they saw was nothing they had ever seen before in their
lives.  I asked all of them if the sighting could have been planet Venus, or
maybe a helicoptor or airplane, and their reaction was definitely very clear -
that they witnessed some type of manufactured craft (either made by US
government or extraterrestrial beings) that could not possibly be mistaken
for a planet or natural phenomena.  But you can read the police reports
yourself and make your own decision.




October 12, 1994
Time Received 7:00PM
Work Unit - Traverse City Post
County - Grand Traverse
Incident No. 71-3183-94
File Class 9800-7
Incident Status - (5) Closed

Nature of Incident: Reports a suspicious situation, spotted a U.F.O.

Complainant called to report that on Monday, Oct. 10, at 8:15pm he and two
friends were on their way into Traverse City from Lake Ann area when they
spotted a tri-angle shaped object in the sky to the South of them.  He said
they were on N. Long Lake Rd. in the vicinity of Straight Rd. and the object
was off to the Southeast.  The driver, (name witheld), age 22 stopped the
pickup truck and all three got out to get a closer look.  As they got out and
watched the object, it sped off from it's hovering position in a lift off
angle similar to a helicopter.

Complainant checked with the Traverse City FAA Tower to see if any such plane
or balloon was in the area at that time of night, but the man at FAA said he
was too busy to talk about such a thing and hung up.

Undersigned officer talked to (name witheld), who was the driver of the pickup
truck that evening, and she related that she wasn't able to get a good look
at the object as she was watching the road.  She did stop and within moments
of them getting out to see it hovering over the corn field it sped off.

The other passenger (name withheld), age 16 wasn't available to comment.

The object was described as tri-angle shaped object with the lower or bottom
having blue lights emitting from it and shining downward.  At the peak of the
object it had a red beacon light.  The strangest thing that (names withheld)
both said about the object was that it lifted off without any roar or sound
of any kind.



December 21, 1994
Time Received 7:30AM
Work Unit - Traverse City Post
County - Grand Traverse
Incident No. 071-4044-94
File Class 9900-9
Incident Status - (5) Closed

NATURE OF INCIDENT:  Suspicious situation - UFO

LOCATION/TIME:  location is above address located in sec. 28 of Paradise
Twp., Grand Traverse Co., object was first observed at aprox. 6:30am date.

undersigned met with comp. at the above location and was informed that the
object was still visible.  Officer went with comp. to her back porch and was
pointed out a bright light in the sky, time was approx. 7:45am, clear skies.
Upon looking at the light with binoculars, a cylindrical mass, possible
gray in color was observed.  On the underside of the object a large amount
of individual lights were seen that appeared to be connected by a softer light
running between them.  At this time the officer asked comp. if she had a video
camera.  It was learned that she had just purchased one, however did not know
how to work it, she advised that she called her neighbor, (name and address
witheld) and he had been video tapeing the event.

Undersigned watched the object for approx. 20 minutes before it appeared to get
further and further away.  Object could still be seen when officer left the
area.  During this time it was noted that the object did not just stay level
it could be observed rotating back and forth and at several times tipped
vertically and then back down.  Another smaller bright object could be seen
just to the east of the larger object, however no shape or color could be seen
just a bright light.

it was learned that at approx. 6:30am comp. opened the door to let her dogs out
when she first observed something in the sky, as she watched it it appeared to
fall straight down to a height of just over the tree tops near her storage
barn.  When asked about the size she advised that it was approx. 3 times the
size of her barn (approx 60 ft. in diameter).  She stated that she observed
the white and blue lights at this time and there appeared to be a haze around
it.  Comp. stated that she stuck her head outside and was surprised that she
heard no sound coming from the object.

At approx. 7:00am she called her neighbor listed above and requested that he
video tape the events.  Comp. stated that around Thanksgiving time she
observed another event from her home.  She stated that the object was further
away and higher up than this time, however, she could still make out the
lights, she stated that she did not call that time as she was afraid everyone
would think she was nuts.

Undersigned contacted (name witheld) and learned that he had video taped the
events.  He stated that (name witheld) had called at approx. 7:00am and told
him about the object and requested that he tape it.  He got up and got dressed,
went out on the porch and started taping it.  (name witheld) stated that it
was well up in the air when he first saw it and started taping.  (name witheld)
gave undersigned the tape to make copies of, the original to be returned to

It should be noted that at approx. 7:50am three military type aircraft flew
through the area, as each aircraft approached the object the lights went off
and then back on as the plane passed.

a check was made and learned that during peace time they do not have a man
watching the consol at all times.  It was learned that the three aircraft
described above were picked up on the radar, however, they were transponding
signals which helps the radar pick it up.  It was learned that on object in the
air that was not sending out signals would be hard to be noted.

ADDITIONAL COMP:  71-3183-94 taken 10-12-94 attached
STATUS: closed

Incident Number: 071-4044-94
Supplemental Date: 1-10-95
Original Date: 12-21-1994
File Class: 9900-0

INFORMATION:  this comp. is re-opened to clear up confusion on the ownership
of the video tape.

on 12-21-94 undersigned brought the original tape to the post to make a copy
for the National UFO Reporting Center.  While at the post TV9&10 took
pictures of the tape as it was playing on the VCR.  The original tape was
taken back to the comp. as per prior arrangements with the owner of the

The copy is being sent to the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Wash.


From: (Thomas Bergen)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: 3 Recent NJ Sighting Reports
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 17:54:56 -0500

UFO sighting report (1)
Location- USA, NJ, Somers Point (south Jersey)
Date- 22 JAN 95
Time- 18:30 EST (6:30pm)
Description- Large bright light, greenish-white in color, traveling at
high rate of speed at an aproximate 35 degree incline. No impact was seen
or heard. Object travelled in an East to West direction. Duration of event
was under 2 minutes. Several calls were made to local police departments.
Police contacted the FAA technical Center at Pomona NJ to confirm any
radar contact. FAA advised there was negative radar comfirmation. Local
papers carried story on 23 Jan 95. Conclusions- (Possibility
Ratings-High,Med-Low) Bolloid Meteorite (High), Space debris (high),
Aircraft-Coventional(Low), Aircraft Non-Conventional(Med).

Special Report: There have been two separate reports recieved by this
investigator in the past two months. We were unable to confirm or
investigate these reports, but their posting is considered worthy at this time.

UFO sighting Report (2)
Location- USA, NJ, Somers Point
Date- 3 Jan 95
Time- 16:00 EST(6:00PM)
Description- Large very bright light, bluish-white in appearence. Object
was seen by retired aircraft engineer and his wife. Object was described
as a large glowing ball. The man told his wife to take a picture of the
object. As soon as the wife brought the camera up to her eyes, the light
went out, and disappeared. The couple were traveling across the Beasley's
Point bridge in their car. Object appeared to be following the river and
was at an altitude of between 100-200  feet.
Conclusions-  BM (low), Space Debris (low), Aircraft Conv. (Med), Aircraft
Non-Conv (High)

UFO sighting report (3)
Location- USA, NJ, Mays Landing (South Jersey)
Date- Mid Dec 94
Time 21:00 EST (9:00PM)
An assistant district attorney reported a large triangular-shaped object
hovering over the lake behind his yard. The object was observed for
several minutes. The witness went inside to get his camcorder, but upon
returning found the object had vanished. The object had three white
lights, one at each corner, and a single red light in the center.
Conclusions- BM (low), SP. Deb. (Low) Aircraft Conv (low), Aircraft
Non-Conv (Very High)

Reported by Richard Butler (MUFON State Section Director, South Jersey
Date 23 Jan 95


From: (Shari Saunders)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports,alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Re: UFO Sightings in Vista, CA U.S.A.
Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 10:04:57 UNDEFINED
Organization: Albertson College of Idaho

I just left Vista California and moved to Boise Idaho recently.  Lived
there 30+ years. The reason for leaving: so many drug-addicts. The point of
this post, most of them are hallucinating! Vista is known to the DEA for being
the drug capital of the West Coast.  Think about it!



Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports,alt.paranet.ufo
From: (Liane Wilson)
Subject: Re: UFO Sightings in Vista, CA U.S.A.
Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 09:27:22 GMT

As a resident of Vista, California, I have heard these reports, but
unfortunately have not witnessed anything out of the ordinary in our little
city.  Then again, I never seem to be in the right place at the right time,
except, however, when I was a little girl, but that's another story, set in a
different state.  :)  But, does anyone know *where* in Vista these things were
sighted?  I'd really love to know.

However, couldn't the "booms" here in southern California be traced to
military maneuvers in Camp Pendleton (which is only about ten miles away from
me)?   I betcha that's it, regardless what the military might say.
Then again, I've always been 80% skeptic.



In article <3oesak$> (David E.
Coleman) writes:>From: (David E. Coleman)
>Subject: Re: UFO Sightings in Vista, CA U.S.A.
>Date: 6 May 1995 04:01:22 GMT

>Kenneth Joseph Koller ( wrote:
>: In article <3o8df8$>,
>: spook  wrote:
>: >     Accordiing to an article in the April 1995 issue of the "MUFON UFO JOURNAL" entitled "Vista,
>: >California Flap" by Marie Jones and Laura Miller (pp7-8) there has been a wave of UFO sightings in Vista,
>: >California, USA beginnning in October of 1994 and continuing until, at least, last month.
>: >
>: >     A summary of the sightings related in the article include:  a sighting by a housewife of "a
>: >triangular shaped configuration of red and bright yellow lights" on 11/22/94;  Multiple sightings of "a
>: >metallic disk-shaped craft.....reported to have a number of white lights that appeared to cover the
>: >underside";  a videotaped sighting of "a slowly moving, soundless....bright yellow-gold ball of light that
>: >appeared to dim and pulsate";  Sighting of "a trapezoid-shaped series of six red lights;  and a four hour
>: >sighting of "a huge, helmet-shaped object, about the size of a house, that ejected approximately sixty
>: >'shooting star-like objects".
>: >
>: >     Apparently the sightings have continued through March of 1995 and have often coincided with
>: >"skyquakes" (a recent Southern California phenomena, similar to small earthquakes, that have baffled local
>: >weathermen, scientists, and military officials).
>: >
>: >     These, and more recent sightings, are all under investigation.
>: >
>: >     If anyone has any additional information, please e-mail me at
>: >
>: >     Best regards,  Spook
>: >
>: When not in school I live in southern California and myself have
>: witnessed the "mystery booms" that happen every other Thursday at approx.
>: 6 - 7 am. Some siesmologists mapped the shock waves in apattern and it
>: showed exactly where the object was heading. Guess where it pointed.

>: Groom Lake.

>: Ken Koller
>: Reporter/Photographer
>: California State University, Fresno
>: --

>By the way, at least close to all the Escondido sightings of craft
>last December, even with structure, turned out to be kids who were caught
>in the very midst of sending up their contraption.  This according to
>the local MUFON chapter known as ORION.  Vista is somewhere between 10 and
>15 miles West-northwest of Escondido.
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>David E. Coleman                      
>PO Box 151426                                   Graduate Astronomy
>San Diego, CA 92175                             San Diego State University
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>: Ken Koller


From: (Chris Rutkowski)
Newsgroups: wpg.general,alt.ufo.reports,alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: UFO Reports
Date: 11 Aug 1995 18:33:22 GMT
Organization: The University of Manitoba
Message-ID: <40g7pi$>

Winnipeg, Manitoba                      NL Case 9950130.1
                                        January 30, 1995
                                        7:23 am

A witness was driving west at sunrise when she saw a brilliant,
yellow-white object "a foot off the horizon" in the south. It had
a tail "pointing up and to the right" (i.e. west) and was "going

Minot, ND                               NL Case 9950211.1
                                        February 11, 1995

A UFO was seen and reported in local news media.
No further information.


Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Re: strange light pattern
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Trent University, Peterborough
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 1995 18:47:41 GMT

In article <3ejm7g$>, (James Marvin Tolan) writes:
>Have posted this same story on newsgroup alien.visitors, and had a few
>good responses.  I'll try the same thing here, but please, I know that
>what I saw the other night was NOT a plane or a flock of birds.
>Heres the story--- A few night ago, right after sundown, I spotted a
>light moving fairly quickly across the sky, heading east to west, that I
>first thought was a satellite.  After looking again, I thought it was
>just to quick to be a satellite, so I ran into the house and got out the
>binoculars.  It was pretty far up in the sky, cause with the naked eye,
>it just appeared to be one light, but after farther inspection, I saw it
>was a pattern of 6 regularly spaced lights.  Here is the pattern:
>                               o
>                         o     *      o
>                  o                           o
>5 evenly spaced white lights, and one (*) red light in the front-center.
>No blinking lights, no green tail lights, nothing that resembled a plane.
>Moved quite quickly across the sky, and at a fairly high altitude.
>Anybody got any ideas??

Yeah, but you won't like it.  Although you insist it wasn't a plane, that
configuration you've drawn just screams "airplane".  Besides the lack of
blinking lights, is there anything else that makes you think this was anything
but a plain ol' plane?

--Eric Smith
(Who wonders about delta-wing flying saucers)


From: (DKelloway)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Re: strange light pattern
Date: 6 Jan 1995 20:51:29 -0500
Message-ID: <3eks31$>

> Here is the pattern:

                          o     *            o
                   o                               o

>5 evenly spaced white lights, and one (*) red light in the front-center.
>No blinking lights, no green tail lights, nothing that resembled a plane.
>Moved quite quickly across the sky, and at a fairly high altitude.
>Anybody got any ideas??

Well, although I am not a professional regarding this field.  I can't help
but think that this configuration of lights was/is nothing more than the
underbelly lights of an aircraft... Sometimes the red and green lights are
not visible, so I don't think an aircraft is out of the question...

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From: (Chris Durrant)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Re: strange light pattern
Date: 10 Jan 1995 09:25:19 GMT
Organization: BT Labs
Message-ID: <3etjpv$>

>A few night ago, right after sundown, I spotted a
>light moving fairly quickly across the sky, heading east to west, that I
>first thought was a satellite.  After looking again, I thought it was
>just to quick to be a satellite, so I ran into the house and got out the
>binoculars.  It was pretty far up in the sky, cause with the naked eye,
>it just appeared to be one light, but after farther inspection, I saw it
>was a pattern of 6 regularly spaced lights.  Here is the pattern:
>                               o
>                         o     *      o
>                  o                           o

A lot of posters have expressed doubts on this one and I feel the same. The
normal aircraft 'light-show' is red, port wingtip - green, starboard wingtip
 - white, tail with optional rotating reds on belly and upper surfaces.
However, the rotating reds often appear stationary from beneath, many
airliners have floodlight illumination on the fin which is left on along with
landing/taxy lights below 10,000 feet to enhance visibility. More likely is the
lighting used for air to air tanking from something like a KC-135 which will
have a variety of lights both for aircraft guidance and brighter ones for
damage inspection etc in the case of a tanking mis-hap. Tanking is normally done
at moderate altitudes but the aircraft could still be inaudible depending on
met conditions and upper winds etc. The most spectacular lights can often be just
a plain old aircraft. Living near Bentwaters/Woodbridge in the UK I once saw
an AWACS lit up like Christmas taking off through layers of very low stratus,
the effect was pure Spielberg.



Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: (karl todd)
Subject: Near miss
Organization: Dominion
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 16:13:38 +0000
Message-ID: <>

  Below is a report from the Manchester Evening News dated Friday 27th January

   Headline :-     Ringway jet in UFO terror

   A BRIGHTLY-lit UFO suddenly appeared in front of a British Airways' plane
 flying to Ringway.

   The two terrified BA pilots, fearing a disaster, ducked in the cockpit of
 the Boeing 737 with 60 people on board, which at the time was at 13,000 feet
 above the Pennines approaching Manchester.

  Captain Roger Wills, who was in command of the flight from Milan, and first
 officer Mark Stuart, have made reports to the Civil Aviation Authority and a
 top-level inquiry is underway today.

  The pilots said in their reports that they saw a "triangular-shaped flying
 object" in front of their plane.

  They immediately checked with air traffic control at Ringway, and were told
 there was nothing on the radar other than their own aircraft. The pilots then
 saw the UFO travel at great speed down the right hand side of their own

  Highly-experienced Captain Wills and first officer Stuart, 24, did not
 initially report what they had seen, as they feared being ridiculed by their

  But the BA management was informed, and following set procedures, reports
 with sketches have been sent to the Joint Air Miss Working Group, which is
 part of the CAA. Both pilots refused to speak to the Manchester Evening News,
 but one of their colleagues said: "They are high-grade, sensible guys".

   "Everyone's talking about what they saw and it is right that it is reported,
 so the experts can try to establish what it was".

  Despite the drama, which the passengers knew nothing about, the plane landed
 safely at Ringway at 7pm on January 6.


Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: (David Somen)
Subject: British Airways / UFO near miss over Pennines, Uk.
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 23:30:36 +0000
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As reported in 'The Sun' newspaper Saturday, January 26th, 1995.
(thanks Charlie)

BA Jet Pilots Duck As UFO Flashes Past At 13,000 FT

Two pilots thought their last moment had come as their British Airways
jet headed for mid-air collision - with a high speed UFO.

Terrified fliers Roger Willis and Mark Stuart ducked down in the
cockpit when the brightly lit mystery craft appeared only yards in
front of them at 13,000ft over the Pennines.

But as they waited for the deadly impact, they saw the triangular UFO
flash down the right hand side of their Boeing 737 and disappear.

Captain Willis and First Officer Stuart immediately checked with air
traffic control. But they were told theirs was the only plane on the

Their flight from Milan, Italy to Manchester Ringway was 17 minutes
from touchdown when the "alien" invader zoomed past.

The Boeing landed safely, with the 60 passengers unaware of the drama.


At first, the pilots didn't tell pals about the UFO, incase of
ridicule. But BA bosses were informed and they sent a detailed log and
sketches to the Joint Air Miss Working Group, which is part of the
Civil Aviation Authority.

An inquiry was launched into the January 6th incident. But a CAA
spokesman said yeterday: "We have not been able to trace the aircraft


The pilots refused to comment. A colleague said: "They are high grade,
sensible guys. Everyone's talking about what they saw."

Theries that the UFO could have been a new military aircraft were
discounted by experts.

A spokesman for Jane's Defence Weekly said: "We know of nothing at all
being developed that could account for this sighting."


From: "B.P.Williams" 
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Subject: Re: Report in Daily Express
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 1995 22:58:20 +0000
Organization: The University of Hull, UK

Hi there,

Just thought I'd let you know that some friends of mine was on the flight.
They've got the cuttings on the wall and we are constantly reminded about
it when we go round...
She had been to Italy and was returning home with her flatmate when the
plane suddenly dropped very rapidly. They looked out of the window and
were a little concerned that they saw how low they were flying. Neither
of them saw anything (one of them reckons she might have seen some
lights, but she's not sure) and the first they really knew about it was
when they saw the report in the paper. If anyone is interested I'll give
them a bit more of a grilling and see what I can dig up...



Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: (David Somen)
Subject: UK Radio Report.
Organization: Federation
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 20:42:09 +0000
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What follows is a short transcript of a UK Radio 1 Nicky Campbell show,
transmitted on Monday 21st March 1995. I unfortunately missed most of the
interview so I would ask anyone who may have listened in to upload any
information they remember to this group.

[Key]  NC = Nicky Campbell (Radio show host)
          GS = Graham Shepard (Former British Airways pilot)

NC "Back now to British Airways pilots & UFOs. Graham Shepard former British
    Airways pilot talking to me this afternoon. Its been really interesting
    hearing about these encounters with UFOs. There have been others, you've
    been involved in another, briefly what happened."

GS "Yes we were returning from Gibraltar in the evening March 1967, and right
    ahead of us we sighted a brilliant light which was double the - triple
    the magnitude of Sirius at its best, and we tried to identify it on the
    star chart. While we were doing so the light started moving across the
    sky ahead of us and was changing colour, blues & greens & reds, very
    iridescent colours & then started airobatting in the sky at phenomenal

NC "Airobatting?"

GS "Figures of eight, it was just zipping around in the sky. It was flying
    figures of eight & loops. Accelerations that were quite beyond humans."

NC "It came from the planet show-off."

GS "It was putting on a show, it really was & then from nowhere another one
    joined it. There were two of them. They went on doing this for about five
    minutes, drifting away out over the bay of Biscay & it was a brilliantly
    clear night so there was no mistaking."

NC "Confirmed by radar?"

GS "We asked Bordeaux radar, military radar at that time if they had any
    traffic and they confirmed they had traffic ten miles to the west of us
    which by that time is exactly where they were."

NC "And of course you have to make application to be able to do that don't
    you, official application to notify the aviation authorities that we are
    going to be ten miles to the west of this British European airways
    aircraft. It all has to be done through official channels."

GS "Of course."

NC "There was one in Manchester recently wasn`t there. There was another
    incident, you wern`t involved but you know all about it. Very quickly
    what happened there."

GS "Yes this was a very close approach by a UFO and January 6th it was a 737
    returning to Manchester and the crew reported it, they actually went into
    official print. So this now is in the public domain, not only the
    investigation but the conclusions of that investigation by the Joint
    Amiss Working group will have to be made public. My main concern is the
    safety aspect & quite honestly I think it should be a public concern at
    the safety aspect of these close approaches has never ever been
    addressed. Its the instinctive reactions of the pilots who have no
    briefing, no background, no information. I have collected a number of
    reports now totalling ten very good reports of evasive action being taken
    by pilots with injuries being caused to passengers and to cabin crew &
    aeroplanes having to land at midpoint because they have taken evasive
    action with a close approach of a UFO."

NC "So maybe the cover up or the semi cover up by the airlines is not helpful
    at all."

GS "Its not helpful and I think there should be a mature and informed
    discussion about the whole thing and the safety implications of pilot
    reaction to a close approach of these things.

I apologise for any misspelt words, locations, organisation names. If any
are recognised by any of you out there perhaps you will upload an amendment
to this group.


From: Paul Dixon 
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Report in Daily Express
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 12:34:10 +0100
Organization: DESY

Here's an article that appeared in the Daily Express (British newspaper
to all you Americans out there) on 28th January 1995.


A British airways jet was buzzed by a fast moving UFO it was claimed yesterday.

An inquiry was launched into the pilots' report that the brightly lit
triangular object hurtled towards them before veering off down the side of the

They instinctively ducked before calling air traffic control. They were told
that there were no other planes in the area and at first did not officially
report the incident for fear of being ridiculed.

The Boeing 737 heading for Manchester's Ringway airport from Milan with 60
people on board was at 13,000ft over the Pennines when the pilots had their
close encounter on January 6th.

Now, on the evidence of captain Roger Wills and 1st officer Mark Stuart,
reports have been sent to the Civil Aviation Authority's Joint Air Miss
Working Group. The pilots would not comment but a collegue said: "They are
high grade, sensible guys. Everyone's talking about what they saw and it is
right that it is reported, so the experts can try to establish what it was."

CAA spokesman Chris Mason said any suggestion that the object was a UFO was
"purely speculative" but the investigation could last 6 months.

He said: "A very small proportion of near-miss situations involving untraced
aircraft remain unsolved.

"They often turn out to be air balloons or small private aircraft. A glider,
for example would not show up on radar."

But ex-CAA man Arnold West, now director of the British UFO Research
Association, said: "We know of several spottings of triangular flying objects
over the past few years - the design varies but the wedge shape is common."


From: (Phil Kramer)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Big Explosion in McMinnville, Tennessee
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 23:32:11
Organization: Northwest Nexus Inc.

The following is a transcription of a brief segment of the Laura
Lee Show from KVI, Seattle.  Laura is interviewing Peter Davenport
of the National UFO Reporting Center.  The date is Saturday, 14
January, 1995.  Earlier, I mistakenly identified the guest as
Michael Strenek of MUFON Canada.  Sorry!

[This segment was preceded by discussion of a large number of
sightings in Michigan]

PD.  Actually, it [the Michigan incident] was a prelude to
something that took place just a week ago tonight out in
McMinnville, Tennessee.  I took a report about 9:27 pm. last
Saturday night from the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.
Theyâre based in Nashville.  And interestingly, they had been
directed by the US Air Force to the hotline out here in Seattle.
Apparently - and you can rest, uh, more soundly tonight knowing
that I apparently am the first line defense against exploding
UFOâs, because last Saturday night, there apparently was an
*immense* explosion very near McMinnville, Tennessee -- thatâs in
Warren County, just east of Nashville -- that caused the Warren
County Sheriffâs Office to be activated, the Tennessee Emergency
Management Agency to be activated, people were launching aircraft
to look for the fragments or fires or injuries or property damage.
It apparently was quite an explosion.  I received a seven-page fax
from the TEMA -- Tennessee Emergency Management Agency -- and Iâve
had a number of phone calls from a number of people about this,
and it certainly took place.

LL.  Now, you were called because strange lights, explosions in
the sky -- but do you personally think it had something to do with
a UFO, or couldnât it have been some other phenomenon?  Someone
set off a bomb, or a small meteor came down, uh, thereâs many
causes of explosions.

PD.  Uh, thatâs true -- a good point, and I skipped over part of
the -- the  -- the most important part of the story.  The
explosion occurred several minutes after the Warren County
Sheriffâs Office emergency dispatch was *swamped* with UFO calls.
People were seeing saucers, they were seeing bat-like or
triangular ships.  And one of the objects that was seen descending
to earth in Warren County, Tennessee, was a bright cylinder that
was positioned vertically, that was seen by -- from many vantage
points.  I received a map showing the lines of sight from, uh,
perceivers or witnesses to this event.  Lines of sight from people
who saw it. The object descended to the ground level, after which
there was an *immense* explosion -- a white flash, and blue
burning fragments of material were seen thrown high into the sky
over McMinnville.

LL.  Did you ask a scientist how do you get a blue burning
fragment?  I mean -- red hot, we know about.  You can get blue
flames or white flames, but blue flames, could you even
guesstimate the temperature, therefore the kind of material used -
- you can begin to piece these little facts together?

PD.  Youâre full of good questions tonight, because thatâs the
reason I said "blue burning fragments".  Because exactly as you
state, the temperature is a function -- er -- the, the
incandescence, the color of the burning fragment is a result of
its temperature.  And the fact that it was blue makes it very
mysterious.  The, uh, I was told by TEMA that the airport manager
of the McMinnville, Tennessee airport, after he saw the explosion,
jumped in his own airplane, and took off, and searched the area
for about six minutes, canât -- not believing his eyes that there
wasnât some kind of visible damage or destruction or fire or
something in process there.

LL.  So, nobody found any damaged buildings, nobody found a hole
in the ground, ah, um, nothing.

PD.  Thatâs my understanding.

LL.  It was just -- and nobody found fragments.

PD.  Thatâs my understanding.

LL.  You donât know if some government agency, or *somebody* came
in.  Or do you?

PD.  Well, I do.  And weâve had -- we have a number of
investigators to whom I have handed this information out in that
area.  As you know, the, the hotline here, the National UFO
Reporting Center does not have its own investigators.  All we are
is a clearing house for information.  We take in reports and we
try to turn that infromation around on short notice to
investigators or interested parties -- ah, in this case, out in
that area, that neck of the woods.  And weâve had a number of
investigators skulking around Warren County trying to find out
whatâs going on.  The one thing we do know, uh, reasonably
certainly at this point, is there have been some federal
investigators circulating in that area -- we presume theyâre
federal -- telling all of the authorities to say nothing about
this event -- for what reason, I donât know, but it comes from a
very, very good source.

LL.  You never know, I guess, when the next Roswell will happen,
and you never know when itâs gonna happen in your own back yard,
is that what youâre trying to tell us here?

PD.  Well I donât know.  I may have seemed to have implied that,
but itâs only inadvertent, because frankly, I really donât know
what happened there, except to say that the events that were
described *before* the explosion apparently are very similar to
what was reported just three or four days earlier out in the heart
of Michigan.  In point of fact, I took, six nights running, Laura,
I took telephone calls all times of night and day, uh, about bat-
like or delta-shaped ships.  It started on the first of January
that was my, uh, New Yearâs greeting.

[The discussion continues regarding sightings elsewhere]


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From: HARMSDM@ctrvx1.Vanderbilt.Edu (HARMSDM)
Subject: Big Explosion in McMinnville, Tennessee
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Organization: Vanderbilt University
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 14:45:07 GMT

>that I apparently am the first line defense against exploding
>UFOâs, because last Saturday night, there apparently was an
>*immense* explosion very near McMinnville, Tennessee -- thatâs in
>Warren County, just east of Nashville -- that caused the Warren

        All I can say is that I called the McMinnville Fire Department
recently, and asked for news about any explosions that had happened
in the area lately.  The man on the phone had no idea what the hell
I was talking about.  Maybe I'll try the Sheriff's office this time.



From: (Larry Fullerton)
Subject: Re: Big Explosion in McMinnville, Tennessee?
Date: 18 Jan 1995 21:35:05 -0800
Message-ID: <3fktm9$>

Phil Kramer ( wrote:
: I just heard on the Laura Lee show that there was recently a big
: explosion in McMinnville, Tennessee, near Nashville.
: Michael Strenek (sp.?) was talking about it.
: Preceded by lots of UFO sightings.
: Does anybody know anything about it?

: Phil Kramer,
: Kirkland, WA

I live in Huntsville Alabama, about 60 miles SW of McMinnville, but
despite the fact that this city is very sensitive to such things
(this being the home of space flight) there has been nothing on the
air or print about this.  Do you remember any other details?

-- Larry


From: (Lance E Miller)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Big Bend Sightings
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 05:26:43 GMT
Organization: The Rio Grande Free-Net, El Paso Community College, El Paso, TX
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I was woundering if anyone has heard about any activity in this part of texas.
Maybe you might know someone who has had a sighting. I have had a significant
sighting north of the Christmas mountains on 118.


From: dione@hercules (Matt Cheselka)
Newsgroups: sci.astro
Subject: Re: Washington-Montana fireball
Date: 24 Jan 1995 20:09:19 GMT
Organization: University of Arizona, CCIT
Message-ID: <3g3mpf$p9d@news.CCIT.Arizona.EDU>

Martin Connors ( wrote:
: Thursday evening 19 January the Spokane, Washington, local news were abuzz
: with stories of a very bright meteor apparently seen by many people. The
: time was not given, but from the statement that it was seen by many people
: in cars I take it the event was in early evening. It was bright enough
: that the fire departments in several localities went out to look for a
: presumed 'downed aircraft'. I did not hear what the followup was.
: Would anybody having more information please post here or email me. Having
: even the time of the event would be useful.
: Thanks
: --
: Martin Connors         |
: Space Research         |  (403) 492-2526
: University of Alberta  |

My dad is a member of the spokane astronomical society in spokane, and he
told me this past weekend that there may have been a meteor fall near
Hayden Lake, Idaho...about 40 miles (???) NE of spokane.  Apparently there
was some question whether it was a downed plane or not, but something
funny did happen.  I think they were planning on going on a trip and start
looking for it based on personal accounts.


matt cheselka

M Cheselka, Philomat                     Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics
internet:           Steward Observatory
(602) 621-1624


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From: (guest1)
Message-ID: <9501302010.AA01183@homer>
Subject: Blue Flash: Mt.Ida.Wa.
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 04:14:55 -800

The blue flash observed by many people in the intermountain region was
originaly thought to be caused by an aircraft crash which was the reason
for the search partys. This was later recinded by an unknown agency that
declared the blue-flash was just the result of a meteor impact. However,
no meteor impact-site has been discovered nor has any witness described
seeing anything like a meteor landing. At the time of this writing, an
appearent news blackout regarding this incident has been implemented.
The morning after the incident I personally observed a strange helicopter
flying over the area of Libby, Montana.


Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Fire in the sky? Montana  -  Seattle
Date: 20 Jan 1995 07:44:33 GMT
Organization: Netcom
Message-ID: <3fnpl1$>

   I live in Northern California and was speaking to my Mom, who lives
in Spokane WA, this evening, when her 11 o'clock news came one.
Apparently  dozens of people Between Montana and Seattle had seen a lite
in the sky and the news said that rescue workers had been dispatched in
the Spokane area, but the FCC said that it was a meteor and searchs were
called off.  The news didn't say which way the object was traveling, E
to W or W to E, but Spokane, is roughly in the middle of the two places
from which it was seen.  Seems kind of odd that they would think that
something had crashed near Spokane when it is between the two farthest
points from where it was viewed?  I would appreciate any more
information anyone could give me.  Did anyone happen to view this?  It
didn't make our local news in N. California, not tonite at least.




I didn't see the comet-like light green orb passing through the sky this past Friday night but I personnally did one a few months ago at about midnight. It came out of the west and went down in the east, perhaps somewhere in the area of the Sapphire Mount
ains in Montana. (I live just south of Missoula, MT)

Many people around here saw the light green orb approx. 8 p.m. last FRiday night here in Montana. It was reported in the Sat. or Sun. edition (if not both) of the Missoulian newspaper (published in Missoula MT).

It was traveling west to east and seemed to go down east of Bonner MT (I think) -- either that or it went beyond the horizon to the east of this area.

I think these sitings are just 'space junk' coming down. There is a lot of debris in space from all the misc. equip and such that have been sent up the past thirty years or so and eventually it has to come down. Most of it will probably come down at sea,
but some of it will come down over land masses.

I hope this helps.

from: Lu Terry
at The University of Montana


From alt.alien.visitors Fri Mar 10 09:39:57 1995
From: an170476@anon.penet.FI
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: UFO Sightings near Fairfield, CA Continue
Date: 9 Mar 1995 11:56:16 -0000
Message-ID: <>

(comments in parenthesis are mine)

From the Fairfield Daily Reporter, February 15, 1995:

Mystery UFO:  Citizens stand by story of unidentified flying object

by Charlie Goodyear

FAIRFIELD, CA -- Some people just have to believe.

Following reports in January of an unidentified flying object, officials at
Travis Air Force Base declared it a case of mistaken identity, saying the
object was actually a blimp advertising tax services.  (That sounds

But not everyone is convinced.

All of the people contacted for this article were adamant that what they saw
on two January nights was definitely not a blimp, and not easily explained.

"I'm not a believer in UFOs.  I never had been.  But what I saw made me think
twice," said one Fairfield woman who swears she and her two teenage daughters
experienced a close encounter.

"I was driving home from Benicia on Jan. 20 around 7:30 p.m. after dropping
off a friend, and as I headed east on Interstate 680 I noticed something all
lit up," she said.  "I took the Rio Vista turnoff and noticed it again near
the Budweiser plant.  At that point I got a little freaked out."

Driving home through Suisun City, she saw the object again near Railroad
Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.  And when she pulled into the driveway of her
home off Travis Street, the object, brilliantly let, was floating above the

"At this point I'm talking to myself.  I said 'This is something the girls
need to see' and I went inside to get my daughters," she said.

The woman's two daughters, 15 and 17, were inside the home.  The 15-year-old
had thought she heard a shot around the time her mother pulled into the
driveway.  The teen called 911.

"I had heard a boom and thought it was a gunshot.  But my sister had her
earphones on and thought it was something else.  When my mother came in, I
went outside with her and there it was with two bright lights, like headlights
on a car," she said.

Mother and daughter followed the object back over to a clearing near Railroad

It didn't make a sound.  We rolled down the windows and we didn't hear
anything like a plane or a helicopter.  And it moved too swiftly for it to be
a blimp," the younger daughter said.

When the two returned to the house, the 17-year-old daughter noticed the
object following them back.

"I screamed.  It looked like it was coming right at us.  It was so low and it
turned sharply.  It was really scary to me," she said.

Two 19-year-old ROTC students had a similar encounter just a few days earlier
on Jan. 16.

"We were coming back from Lucky's on East Wigeon Way and we spotted it out
near Lawler Ranch and Grizzly Island.  We both got a little scared.  It seemed
like it was following us.

"What convinced me it wasn't a blimp is that it moved too agile, too swiftly,"
one student said.

The teens were significantly impressed and made a drawing of the object and
told their ROTC instructor, Col. Daryl Nelson.

Nelson, however, was skeptical and remains so.  (Surprise!)

"I wouldn't put any credence in what they're saying," he said.  "I'm sure they
believe what they're saying.  But kids at this age get excited by these sort
of things.  And there was no physical evidence to support their claim."

Still all of the observers insist they know what they saw.

"I'm going to keep a camera in my car and keep an eye out when I pass by
Grizzly Island, especially at night," the woman added.

(Hopefully many people in this area will start carrying a camera in their car,
loaded with ISO 1600 film!  The paper has a drawing of a long teardrop-shaped
object with a bright light on the top and what appears to be a beam shining at
an angle below the object.)

(I know someone else who was followed home by a brightly lit UFO a year
earlier.  She was extremely frightened.  I have also seen several UFOs in this
area, one of which I described earlier in an interview entitled "Travis AFB
UFO Sighting.  The UFOs definitely exist and they are not blimps!  More
likely, IMO, at least some of the UFOs were built for the Air Force and are
being stored and tested near Travis AFB.  Perhaps others UFOs are observing
these new anti-gravity craft piloted by humans.  The fact that the UFOs are
not particularly stealthy suggests to me that the government is preparing us
for the existence of this exciting, revolutionary technology! -- David)

From: r.kita <74763.700@CompuServe.COM>
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: UFO Sighting - Doylestown, PA
Date: 26 Jan 1995 15:05:51 GMT
Message-ID: <3g8dof$9kp$>

Location:  USA, PA, Doylestown
Date:  22 January 1995
Time:  17:30 EST (5:30)
Description:  Apparent reconfirmation at the sighting at
Somers Point, NJ.  Large very bright light veered down toward the
ground at about 45 degrees going toward the east.  The sighting
lasting approximately 5 seconds.  Same object was also seen at
the same time, in Buckingham, PA, about 5 miles away.  Becky at
74763.700 @


From: None (learning ctr.)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Roswell
Date: 28 Jan 1995 18:25:33 GMT
Organization: UNM

Having lived in Roswell for a great deal of my life and having seen what I
believe was a UFO in the late 1960's (1967-1968), I believe that there is
still alot of unusual activity going on there.  I recently spent a week in
Roswell and had not thought about UFO's until my brother and nephew walked
in the front door excited about having seen a UFO.  I questioned them as
to what it looked like and they explained that as they were trying to
figure out what it was they were looking at, when it disappeared from
sight.  They said the UFO just vanished and that they could not locate
anything in the sky remotely resembling what they had just seen.  This
occurred on Wednesday Jan. 25,1995.  A few years ago my older brother also
related his UFO story to me.  He told me that around 1986, while working
overtime one saturday, that he and a co-worker were loading gravel unto a
dump truck and that two UFO's ( I forgot the shapes of both stories) were
"cruising" very slowly side by side overhead.  He watched for a couple of
minutes and turned to see if his co-worker had seen the same thing, the
co-worker replied in spanish that yes he too, had seen the UFO.  I've
heard  of other UFO sightings and I'm starting to believe that there is
something going on there.  I really think that Roswell would be a great
place to set up camp and watch for UFO's.  Well, just thought I would give
my two cents worth.



Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: aw560@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Mike McLarty)
Subject: UFO Sighting - Quebec - 400+ Witnesses
Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 03:26:40 GMT

The following report was sent from the Department of National
Defence to the National Research Council and has been re-typed
to as closely resemble the original as possible.

Should any investigators in the area of the sighting who
may not be aware of this, wish additional information for
follow-up, please advise me by e-mail at

Note:  "?" = unreadable due to poor photocopy
       "#" = information which was severed in accordance with the
             Privacy Act
       "*" = information which I deleted to avoid potential
             pestering of reporting personnel


NRC ????? OTT



UNCLASSIFIED                             SANS CLASSIFICATION
? 260539Z JAN 95
1. 26 JAN 95 0100Z
4. N/A

UUU/593 260619Z BFMA0001



From: Rudder 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Personal Recent Sighting???
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 22:05:56 -0500

Well.. I have never been in this particular area before, but it
was suggested that perhaps I should place a post here.

Friday am, at 0045, 27 Jan,1995 I was flying my aircraft from
Orlando, Fl to Sarasota, FL.  I had one passenger in the back
asleep, and on riding the right seat awake.  I was approx 30
nauticle miles out of Sarasota, inbound on the 220 radial..  I
was at 3000' the night was clear, no clouds, unlimited
visability.  My ADF (low Freq) radio began "pulsing" the
squelch circuit.. instead of the ordinary "rushing" sound, it
began a pulsing "quieting" routine.  I didn;t pay too much
attention to it.  Shortly after that, my aircraft experienced a
buffeting.  I immediately looked down at the engine gauges on
the instrument panel.  As soon as I looked down, the cockpit
was brilliantly lit up with a greenish/white light.  I looked
up, and out of my 11 o'clock I saw an orangish/red object,
roundish, but longer than it was wide, maybe 1/4 mile away, and
appeared about the size of a semi trailer.  Appx. 50' in
length.  This object had twin trails, merging into one distinct
trail extending about 1/2 mile behind the object at all times.
 The object crossed my flight path, descending rapidly.  My 1st
impression was the flaiming fuselage of an airplane crashing
into Sarasota....  This object leveled out perfectly without an
arc... lust went from a rapid descent to straight and level!!!
 It leveled off before reaching the city limits, proceeded
across Sarasota, out over Sarasota Bay and then just was gone!
 Like it just shut itself off!!  I immediately radioed Tampa
Approach Control and reported what I had seen.. I tracked the
object for about 5 seconds or so.  Tampa Approach had NOTHING
on Radar.. NOTHING!  Something THAT big and they didn't even
see it..   I was a bit shaken, even did a circle out over the
bay wondering if I would spot anything..  My awake passenger
saw the flash as it went by us.. a few expletives were stated
at the time.. it was close!!  Anyhow.. I telephone Tampa
Approach via telephone later that day, got the Supervisor.. he
helped me place the time at 12:45am..  I am currently
attempting to secure a copy of the Air Traffic Control tapes
from that morning.  I was asked by the Supervisor to contact
MUFON, which I did.. have received telephone calls from the
State Director, and was interviewed this afternoon.  That's
basically where I got the idea to bring it to the Internet..
and to check out this Newsgroup.  Also am hoping maybe someone
else may have seen or talked to someone who saw something Early
Friday morning..
I am NOT saying I saw a spacecraft, or anything like that.. I
am saying, after being in the Military, and having an extensive
background with weapons and the like, I have NEVER, EVER seen
anything even close to that!  And it was not "Falling" as it
instantly changed attitude from descent to straight and level..
this object was on a due East to West corse...  It was NOT an
aircraft, rocket, meteor, etc..   It "flew" like nothing I have
seen, and defied the natural rules of flight and aerodynamics
that I, or any other pilot know of!  Think what you will.. I
know I have never seen anything remotely close to this.. I will
continue to say "I have no idea what that was!"  I do know that
it affected my aircraft BEFORE it passed in front of me.. and
when it did pass in front of my aircraft, it produced NO WAKE
TURBULENCE??!!!  That bothered me even more, after I thought
about it..

Well.. so you know..  that's about it for me..  If anyone in
the area honestly saw, or knows of someone else who saw
something that morning, I would greatly appreciate a response



Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 1995 23:43:54 EST
From: ZAC 
Subject: news

anyone from florida here.

I can't remember where it was sighted, but the 11:00 news mentioned a
meteor sighting that plunged into the ocean.  Several witnesses saw it
(blue-green).  Here's the best part..

a Local astromoner said "they might be telling the truth".


Zac Elston                  GopherAdmin


From: (Joe Cain)
Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.astro.amateur,alt.sci.planetary
Subject: Super Sunday UFO(s)
Date: 6 Feb 1995 23:50:38 GMT
Organization: Florida State University Geology Dept.
Message-ID: <3h6cke$>

Was "Re: bolide observation over Florida Panhandle"

        I posted a couple of queries concerning some bolide
observations during the Superbowl game and so far have not received
any comments from the net. I thought I would change the title slightly
and see if anyone can answer the question as to whether there should
be any meteor showers that have been going on during the past week?

        Sunday evening (Jan 29) there was a really big and bright
something that burned in the vicinity of Tallahassee. I have discussed
this with about a dozen people in the area and may be able to come up
with a trajectory, though the data are very approximate. Does anyone
have a neat program that takes data such as angles and times and does
a least squares on position? It wold have to have some weighting
function as the uncertainies vary by observer.

        This object was so bright as to illuminate fields like
daylight when it presumably exploded overhead. Ball of fire
spitting pieces and then kablooey. Some heard a low rumbling like
distant thunder after about 30 sec to a minute, but it was not
obvious that this was not from jets in the Gulf.

        My reason for inquiry though is that there were several
observations on Sunday extending through Wednesday. Most of these were
in early evening through midnight. Also, a TV station called me this
morning and asked what I knew about a big meteor looking object that
was seen in south Florida.

        I have perused a couple of texts and do not see any know
showers for this date.

        (I still will not let the AF completely off the hook)

Joseph Cain           
(904) 644-4014 (office)         FAX (904) 644-4214
(904) 385-0227 (residence)


From: Rudder 
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Re: Personal Recent Sighting??? (fwd)
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 95 21:39:59 -0500

Chris Rutkowski  writes:

>Can we (or me directly, in confidence) get a few more details about the

Certainly... what would you like to know?


From: Rudder 
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Re: Personal Recent Sighting??? (fwd)
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 95 21:41:56 -0500

Thomas Bergen  writes:

>A) Yes, indeed.
>B) I'll send him an email, and we'll find out...
>Thomas Bergen

Obviously, I got the E-Mail and here I am..  I'm sure you will have a few
questions, fire away..


From: Rudder 
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Re: Personal Recent Sighting??? (fwd)
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 95 21:46:41 -0500

Richard E Bemben  writes:

>Just for the benefit of those that might be interested, are you sure you
>actually passed through what you perceived to be the wake/wash?  Also,
>is it possible (considering the speeds that you described) that the
>buffeting that your aircraft encountered could have been caused by a close
>by sonic boom?

1)  I am positive I passed thru it's wake.. it crossed my flight path and I
made no corse changes.
2)  Well.. the buffeting from my aircraft could have been a sonic disturbance I
suppose, however, we heard no "boom" whatsoever, and I calculated thspeed of
the object to be close to 420 knots, based on the time it crossed the distance
I saw it travel.
For anyone who has ever flown an aircraft, I experienced the buffeting felt
just prior to entering a stall.  Not your standard turbulence bumping or
trouncing, but a buffeting.


From: Rudder 
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Re: Personal Recent Sighting??? (fwd)
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 95 21:54:47 -0500

Well, I was contacted by MUFON again today.  I was asked to
compose a report suitable for release to the media if possible.
 A recoup of that night, and what I have done since.  If anyone
is interrested, let me know and I'll be happy to post here.
Please be advised, correspondence I do recieve may be included
in whatever I do release, if I am so asked.
I did get a rather curios reply to the post in this group from
someone at GSFC.NASA.GOV...  Still checking that one out.
At work today, my co-worker showed me a section of our local
Sunday Newspaper.. an article about several lights seen in the
sky over the weekend.  These people tried to blow it off as
being the Aurora Borealis..   "The Northern Lights" must have
been on full power, to show up all the way down here in
Florida.. and odd that it was a selective viewing for people
only in the Tampa Bay area!  (NOT!)
Lastly.. The reason for the MUFON contact seems to be a MUFON
member up north of me had a sighting of what may be the
identical object I witnessed.  I was give the gentleman's phone
number and will be in contact with him, at his request, to
compare notes.

Again.. anyone with any further info, or questions, please feel
free to let me know.



Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: aw560@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Mike McLarty)
Subject: UFO Report - near Rosetown, Saskatchewan
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 1995 02:13:47 GMT

The following is a statement given by a witness to a UFO sighting near
Rosetown, Saskatchewan to an RCMP officer, and has been re-typed to as
closely resemble the original as possible.

Should any investigators in the area of the sighting who may not be
aware of this, wish additional information for follow-up, please
advise me by e-mail at either:

Note:  "?" = unreadable due to poor photocopy
       "#" = information which was severed in accordance with the
             Privacy Act
       "*" = information which I deleted to avoid potential
             pestering of reporting personnel

- although the witness indicates the object made a 45 degree turn, I
  believe he may mean as much as 90 degrees, since he stated that the
  object's turn was from either "north by northeast" or from
  "northeast to northwest", which is greater than 45 degs

Date: 95-01-30
Time: 1419 hours
Place: 5A15

This is the statement of ##########################
Address: ###########################
Phone: ##############
Work: #########
DOB: ########
Employer: #########

     On 95-01-29 at approximately 7 p.m. I was heading east on my grid
near my farm. As we were driving home I noticed a flying object just to
the south of the grid. It was travelling in a north by northeast
direction. It was travelling very slowly for a flying object. The
object then proceeded in the direction at approximately 50 mph. This is
very slow for a plane to be travelling and it was only about 300 to 400
feet above the ground. The object was flying over my uncle's cattle.
The object was followed by us and then it made a quick northwest
direction turn. The object continued to fly in that direction, but the
turn was similar to a 45 degree angle. This object flew off in this
direction. I figure we got to within about one mile away from it before
it took off in the opposite direction. I've never seen a plane do that
sort of turn before and I don't believe it could unless it flared up
and this object didn't flare up and turn. It is possible it could be a
gyrocopter or a helicopter, but the turn it made was too sharp for a
copter, I feel.

Q. When/where exactly did you see this object?
A. One mile southeast of my farm on 95-01-29 at 7 p.m. We followed it
east on my grid one mile and we stopped and watched it. The object
would have crossed the grid I was on, right where I was sitting when I
decided to watch the object. The object then continued northeast for
about one mile and then it made its sharp turn and continued northwest.

Q. How long did you see this object?
A. About five minutes.

Q. Can you give me a description of the object?
A. No, not really. It had red lights, blue lights and white lights.

Q. How many lights would it have had?
A. Six for sure, two of each. The blue lights were flashing

Q. How bright was the light?
A. Just like regular aircraft lights.

Q. Any shape of the object?
A. No, that's the bad part.

Q. How many objects?
A. One.

Q. Altitude of the object was?
A. About 200 metres.

Q. What color was the object?
A. I couldn't make it out.

Q. Did it make any sound?
A. I never opened a window and it was too windy.

Q. What was the condition of the sky?
A. It was clear, but it was at dusk so we couldn't see stars yet.

Q. Who all saw the object?
A. My wife ########################, my children. Also of course

Q. Anything else that stuck out about this object?
A. We don't get many planes that low at that time of day in this area.
Also, the unusual turn that this object made. It was like a 45 degree
angle from northeast to northwest.

Signed: Cst. R.T. *****                       Signed: #######

1448 hours



From: (Flatness)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Sighting in Michigan
Date: 2 Feb 1995 22:03:40 -0500
Message-ID: <3gs6ec$>

Just wanted to tell all you UFO watchers that there has been another
pretty big sighting here in Michigan just two nights ago.  Some people got
it on video and it was played on the local news.  Unfortunatly (like most
recorded sightings) it was difficult to make much out of the video image
other than a bright moving light.  However, the people who saw it swear
that it was "doing things that a plane can't do".


From: (Flatness)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Re: Sighting in Michigan
Date: 4 Feb 1995 12:46:12 -0500
Message-ID: <3h0eh4$>

Sorry I was so vague in my first message about the Michigan sighting.  It
took place in the town Muskegon (where last year there were MAJOR
sightings -- as a matter of fact it was so big that it was on the shows
Encounters, and A Current Affair (if I remember correctly).  I know I got
a couple of newspaper clippings on the sightings (last year's big
incident).  If I can dig them up I'll send out a copy to anyone who wants
one if they e-mail me their address.
Anyway, this year there were approx. five eye-witnesses.  They saw a
bright object in the sky that seemed to be moving around in ways that a
plane cannot.  It happened in the early evening on Monday, January 30th,
1995.  Other than that there aren't a lot more details.


Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 15:44:23 GMT
From: ET 
Organization: The Robert Gordon University
Subject: A Further UFO Report from Scotland

Article in Aberdeen Evening Express, Friday 20 January 1995.


 A Mystery object has been sighted flying across the night sky above
 Aberdeen. Photo sales assistant Anne Marnie (42) was left rubbing her
 eyes in disbelief after her early morning close encounter. She had gone
 to her door at 3am to get one of her cats when she saw a bright, white
 band of vapour in the sky above her Bridge of Don home. Stunned Anne,
 Forvie Cresent, traced the vapour to it's source - a craft with two or
 three lights which was travelling at speed. She said: "I couldn't
 identify it.  It wasn't a plane or helicopter.  It also made a deep noise
 which didn't sound like a plane. "I looked away for a few seconds, then
 when I looked back it had disappeared.  I can't describe or explain what
 it was so to me it was an Unidentified Flying Object." Anne's experience
 is the latest in a series of strange sightings in the North-east,
 including reports of a huge luminous cloud reported at Muchalls last
 year. A brother and sister claimed to have seen white lights, moving
 within it, going left and right, on and of.  The latest sighting is
 unlikely to have been a plane landing at or leaving Aberdeen as the city
 airport closes at 10.30pm. City aviation expert Jim Ferguson says the
 object may have been a large plane flying across the North east en-route
 to another country. A vapour trail could be seen on a clear night if the
 moon was bright, he said. "In situations like this it could have been
 something like a 747 Jumbo flying at high levels between the Low
 Countries and the US," said Mr. Ferguson. A spokesman for the Civil
 Aviation Authority couldn't say whether a civilian aircraft would have
 been flying over the city at the time of the sighting. The Ministry of
 Defence says many reports of alleged UFO sightings are also proved to be
 natural phenomena. What do you think?  Write to the Evening Express,
 Postbag, Lang Stracht, Mastrick, Aberdeen AB9 8AF, or fax your letter to
 0224 699575.


Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 23:06:03 UTC
Subject: Triangle UFO Sighted near Fairfield, CA ^Repost^

Fairfield, CA has been a hot spot for UFO sightings lately.  I will be
posting a local newspaper article about more UFO sightings during
January 1995, in a few days.  This is a UFO sighting I personally had and
posted several months ago.  I have since come to the conclusion that this
UFO is owned by the US Government (thats us!).  More to follow soon...


     Sysop's Note: The person being interviewed here wishes to withhold
     the last names of the witnesses. I have been acquainted with "David"
     for almost two years. He has told me that he is a pilot and that he
     has had at least six UFO sightings.

     MC = Mike Coyle
     DJ = David

     MC: Why did you go to the area of the sighting?

     DJ: OK, well I was visiting with a friend which I try to do
         periodically. He has seen some bizarre things out there. So
         we happened to be going around looking at the sky. Actually
         talking at that time about what he had been seeing recently.

     MC: You were walking where?

     DJ: He's on a farm, his place, right next to the windmill farm.
         It's real close to Bird's Landing (CA). Maybe a mile or so
         away, in the Fairfield area.

     MC: How far is that from the edge of Travis Air Force Base?

     DJ: Oh I'd probably say fifteen, twenty miles at the most.

     MC: So your friend has been seeing strange things flying over his

     DJ: He has seen some really big things hovering over his house and
         strange things in the back of his place.

     MC: How does your friend know you?

     DJ: I have known him through a mutual friend for several years.

     MC: Your interest in each other was originally not about UFOs? You
         just knew him and as time went by he had these experiences of
         with things flying over his house?

     DJ: What's right.

     MC: And then he told you about it? So you decided to go out and
         see if you could actually see one?

     DJ: Yes, and I wish I had my camera with me.

     MC: Why didn't you have a camera with you?

     DJ: I wasn't really expecting to see anything there. I have brought
         cameras there before but we never saw anything when I did.

     MC: So you have actually gone out there before to try to see these
         objects and seen nothing?

     DJ: Yeah, he told me about this stuff, and I said, "God I'd love to
         get a picture." I said, "Why didn't you get a picture? You've
         been out there so long?"

     MC: How many times have you gone out there to look around?

     DJ: Maybe five or six.

     MC: So then you finally saw one? What was the day, date and time of
             this sighting?

     DJ: In the evening, maybe around eight or nine, after dark. It was
         about two months ago. I can't recall the exact day. Chilly,
         clear, a slight bit of fog, it was almost like, in fact he had
         mentioned this before, he had seen a kind of fog come up around
         there where they where doing some of their stuff back there. He
         was of the opinion they there putting out a fog field to make
         it hard to see.

     MC: So you were in his house and you decided to go walk around his

     DJ: Yeah, we were inside and decided to go out and walk around
         because he's got a lot of animals. Then we saw something come
         by and it was stranger than most planes would be because it
         had so many lights on the front. At first I just looked at the
         lights because they there so bright. They were kind of amber
         colored, more of a whitish amber and there was a whole row at
         a "V" angle.

     MC: When you first spotted it what direction where you looking?

     DJ: I was looking over towards Travis Air Force Base area from
         Birds Landing, so I guess that would be east.

     MC: In what direction was the object moving?

     DJ: It was moving from south to north.

     MC: Was it coming right at you or was it moving across your line
         of sight?

     DJ: It was moving across my line of sight, a few hundred yards
         away up in the air. We were just to the west of the windmill
         generators. There are some hills to the north. So the object
         was over the hills. As it came over I could see it pretty well
         and then it banked. It was going slower than a plane could
         have flown as far as I could tell because it was too low.

     MC: What was it's approximate altitude?

     DJ: I'd say approximately five hundred feet. When it banked it
         banked at a very extreme angle, like over forty five degrees.

     MC: When you first spotted it how far away did it look?

     DJ: A couple thousand feet away.

     MC: How large did it appear to be?

     DJ: It looked really pretty large, about the size of a, but not
         quite as big as, one of those huge transports.

     MC: Like a C-5?

     DJ: Yeah, but it was a little smaller than that but possibly as
         big as a 747. I thought it was a bomber at first but it was
         going to slow for how low it was. And then all those lights
         on the front. I have never seen planes with a whole row of

     MC: You say it was going slow, near stall speed for a plane?

     DJ: Below stall speed for a plane. Especially when it stopped!
         It just hovered. At first I couldn't really see the shape
         because it was a dark color but the lights were so bright
         that you could tell when it flew over that it was a
         triangular shape, a perfect triangle.

     MC: And your friend was with you during this? Would you like to
         give his name?

     DJ: Yes, he saw it. His first name is Terry.

     MC: What was his reaction to this?

     DJ: He said, "That is the exact same thing I saw over my house.
         It looked like the size of a football field."

     MC: How high up in the air did he think it was at that time?

     DJ: He thought it was fifty to a hundred feet above his house.
         This was on another night. He said it was huge and it just
         sort of hovered there for awhile and then it left.

     MC: Say there is some kind of operation going on out there with
         unidentified aircraft. He is very close to it. Has he ever
         been approached by the Air Force? Or had any contact with
         other authorities?

     DJ: I don't think so. He's never mentioned anything.

     MC: He's never made any reports to the authorities on his own?

     DJ: No.

     MC: Why not?

     DJ: He pretty much knows they're up to something.

     MC: And he doesn't want to bring any attention to himself?

     DJ: Exactly. He doesn't feel it would make any difference. He
         talks about it freely but he would never go to the government.

     MC: OK, so, you say it was traveling south to north and as the
         object got over Travis it hovered?

     DJ: Well more over, actually it was behind, a hill when it started
         hovering but what seemed to be on the other side of the hill,
         was probably some more of those windmills, or least it was
         nearby. It certainly was directly adjacent to those windmills.

     MC: And then what happened? Did it start to land?

     DJ: Actually, it went over a couple of times before it landed. It
         just flew over and banked and turned around the other
         direction. I think it even went behind the hill so we
         couldn't see it for awhile. The first time I saw it I don't
         think it landed or even completely stopped. It just slowed
         down and banked in a extreme bank and that's when a could see
         there were three, sort of glowing, round openings at the bottom.
         I would guess they were some sort of propulsion system. There
         was one at each point of the triangle. Up to this point I
         really couldn't tell what the shape was other than it was a

     MC: When you say triangle, what type?

     DJ: Equilateral.

     MC: So it didn't have a acute angle shape like the new stealth
         bombers or stealth fighters.

     DJ: No, it was perfectly symmetrical.

     MC: So it would make it look much more squat than one of the
         stealths, rather than swept back?

     DJ: Yes, that's right. And then after it came back the second time
         it was hovering at that point. And then it did the most bizarre
         thing. I was trying to see what the overall shape was because it
         was kind of hard to tell with those bright lights on the front.
         Then the bright lights went off. At the same time these
         incredibility bright strobes where lining the edge of the
         triangle. And what it looked like was two platforms which were
         triangular in shape. The lower one had strobes all the way
         around the triangle. Then the upper part, it was maybe ten or
         fifteen feet above the lower triangle. There was a second
         platform which was also triangular shaped and it had more
         strobes. When the strobes went on, they weren't all going on
         at the same time. The strobes on the bottom would alternate
         with the strobes on the top. So it was a real rapid, maybe
         three, four or five times a second. Flashing back and forth
         between the upper part and the lower part. It only did that
         when it was hovering, about to land.

     MC: And then it started to descend?

     DJ: Yeah, then it started to descend and descended all the way
         behind the hill. The reason I could tell it was alternating
         the strobes is that when it began to descend behind the hill,
         the one section, the lower section, was behind the hill and
         the upper section wasn't, then the rate of the flashing was
         half as fast. Finally it dropped completely behind the hill.

     MC: So at this point it was hidden from your view? How far away
         was it then, when it went behind the hill?

     DJ: Probably a couple, maybe three hundred yards.

     MC: So it was off of your friends property?

     DJ: That's right.

     MC: Do you know what property it is? That's not Travis Air Force
         Base is it?

     DJ: No, I think it's either an open field or is part of the
         windmill farm.

     MC: It was only three hundred yards away but you didn't go towards

     DJ: No, because it would have required going through a field with
         lots of bushes and a few fences and...

     MC: Has your friend ever seen one of these things land in that
         area before.

     DJ: Yeah, I think so. I'm pretty sure he had said that he had seen
         them land back there but he had never seen the area where it

     MC: He has never gone in back of the hill?

     DJ: No, I don't think so.

     MC: Are there any public roads going through that area?

     DJ: It's kind of isolated from the other roads in the area. When
         I go there again I am going to try to check that area out.

     MC: OK, so it went down behind the hill. Then what happened?

     DJ: It sounded like large amounts of equipment were off loading.
         Like trucks, jeeps, sort of like a whining sound like a large

     MC: But that is just supposition on your part, right? You could
         not actually see anything at this time, right?

     DJ: Yes, just the sounds of heavy machinery. It sounded like
         large geared type machinery.

     MC: How long did this go on?

     DJ: That lasted for maybe ten minutes and then it took off again.

     MC: And then the object rose up from behind the hill?

     DJ: Yeah, except I don't think it went straight up this time. I
         think it went up at more of an angle. It didn't go up quite as
         high. I believe it was going north again. And it went pretty far
         north. There are some more hills so I couldn't always see it.
         Then it turned back around and came back and landed at that
         same place again and it "off loaded" some more stuff but this
         second time it was a longer period of time. More like twenty or
         thirty minutes.

     MC: When it made the loop and came back, how big of a loop was it?

     DJ: Hard to say because I didn't have it in view the whole time.

     MC: When it came back to land the second time was it in the same
         position it was in, the first time?

     DJ: Yes, it made the same maneuver again with the lights blinking.
         Then sounds of a lot of activity and then it took off again
         to the north and that was the last time we saw it.

     MC: Did it go away fast? Did it go away slow?

     DJ: Fairly slow.

     MC: So it rose up and moved off slowly to the north at low altitude
         until you lost sight of it?

     DJ: Yes, it made some noise but it didn't sound at all like a jet
         engine. Like that whine sound. It was more like a "shsssss",
         or a slight roar. It wasn't very loud.

     MC: OK, when it went away, then what did you guys do?

     DJ: I'd almost forgotten about this part, but all this time, in
         addition to fact that we were watching this thing. When we
         first saw the flying object, we saw some sort of weird thing
         coming through the field and we both, I'm trying to remember
         at what point that happened, but I know at some point,
         possibly even before we saw the flying object for the first
         time, he thought, and I did to, we saw what looked like a
         skinny creature. Tall, but not real tall, like a child height.

     MC: How far away?

     DJ: It was out in the field and more coming from the north. To
         the right of where it landed. That area was a long fence line
         that went back towards the windmill farm. Maybe a hundred
         feet away. It was real dark and I was having a hell of a time
         telling if I was seeing anything. It wasn't moving much. What
         ever it was it was very still. And we were kind of scared and
         I, then we started paying attention to the flying object. We
         were scared. He was saying, "I see something." I said, "I
         think I see something to back there." Then I heard this weird
         thing talking. It was like the sound of a child. When something
         like that happens and you don't expect, at night in an empty
         field, to hear a child laughing and playing. Sounds of a child
         talking. I thought was that an animal? What is that? It was
         like something walking. I mean what ever the voice was, it
         was moving. But I really couldn't see it. So we both tried to
         kind of look at it. Tried to find it again. He keep claiming
         he could see something and I couldn't see anything at that
         point. It was too dark and too shadowy to really tell. Let's
         put it this way, if that thing hadn't been there I would have
         seriously considered walking down the fence and around the hill
         and walking back to the other side. But whatever it was, I got
         the clear feeling that either they were sending something to
         watch us or warn us away. Whatever it was it kept us very
         effectively from going back behind the hill.

     MC: So then you went back to the house? When you got back what
         time was it?

     DJ: Yes, it was probably about 10:30 pm.

     MC: I guess you probably discussed this at length in his house?

     DJ: Yes.

     MC: Did you tell anyone else about this?

     DJ: I told a couple of people I know. A couple of friends.

     MC: Does Terry have animals on the farm?

     DJ: Yes.

     MC: Dogs? Where they with you during the sighting?

     DJ: Yeah, I remember when we first started looking at it, to see if
         there was something in the field, the dogs were barking at

     MC: Did they approach it?

     DJ: I think one of them did run back there. Like it was going
         after an animal.

     MC: They didn't try to attack this thing you saw walking around?

     DJ: No. They didn't seem to have any interest.


Date:   Fri, 3 Feb 1995 23:39:53 -0400
From: Sergio Henao 
Organization: Caracas Computer Exchange BBS Subject:    OVNIS=UFOS

>I reed this in the newspaper here in Venezuela it talks about people who saw ufos (ovnis) over Peru. If this is true maybe they are watching us when we are in war.
>Somebody also thing that they fly over countries that are in war or have any kind of problem.

>LIMA (EFE).- Una flotilla de objetos voladores no identificados (Ovnis) fe vista cuando sobrevolaba la region de los Andes Centrales peruanos por decenas de estudiantes que paseaban por la zona. Informo ayer la prensa lime#na. La flotilla integrada por o
cho ovnis que despedian luces multicolores brillantes, fueron vistas la madrugada del martes en la llamada Cordillera Blanca. por un numeroso grupo de alumnos del Instituto Pedagogico Superior la ciudad de Yungay. Los testigos dijeron que las naves sobrev
olaron unos minutos "con una velocidad impresionante", y se marcharon luego desaparecieron entre las nubes.

>Excuseme for my Enghish, but I read better than write


OK.. Here it is in English (sort of - it's been about 10 years since I've had to use my Spanish much):

A formation of UFOS were seen overflying the Central Peruvian Andes, by dozens of students who were travelling through the region. The formation, comprised of 8 UFOs displaying brilliant multicolored lights, were seen in the early pre-dawn Tuesday, in wha
t is called Cordillera Blanca by a large groups of students from Instituto Pedagogico Superior in the city of Ungay. The students' testimonies said that the ships flew around the area for a few minutes "with an amazing speed," and then soon left disappear
ing into the clouds.


Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: aw560@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Mike McLarty)
Subject: UFO Report - Pierceland, Sask. - Jan. 1995
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 23:54:06 GMT

The following is a UFO report sent from the RCMP to the NRC concerning a
UFO sighting on January 30, 1995 near Pierceland, Saskatchewan, and has
been re-typed to as closely resemble the original as possible.

Should any investigators in the area of the sighting who may not be
aware of this, wish additional information for follow-up, please
advise me by e-mail at either:

Note:  "?" = unreadable due to poor photocopy
       "#" = information which was severed in accordance with the
             Privacy Act
       "*" = information which I deleted to avoid potential
             pestering of reporting personnel

Although you'll notice a comment that military aircraft frequently
fly over this area, a sketch drawn by the witnesses certainly
doesn't resemble any conventional aircraft that I've ever seen
... it looks more like a (sorry, but) flying saucer with bent tailpipes
protruding from the underside of the craft, with orange lights at the


HC SN10081




2. DATE: 95-01-30    TIME 23:30   DURATION: 15 MIN.


5. OBSERVERS: #1. #############################
              #2. ###############################


OR BY PHONE AT (306) ***-****.

SGT. R.D. *****                                 CST. R.C. *******
NCO I/C ****** DET.                             ********* DET.

INPUT 20FEB95/11:49/16

INPUT 20FEB95/11:49/19



The Statement of the Witness Follows:


This is the statement of ########################################
taken by Cst. R.C. *********. On 19 Feb. 1995 at 8:16 pm


     On 30 Jan 1995 at about 11:30 pm we were near the ***** farm on
*****. We were driving going east. We notice large white object approx.
100 yds north of car. We travelled east to Wild's farm then we went
north toward the reserve. The object followed beside us on the west side
of the car. It was at about tree top level. It was larger in size than
our house. We did not hear any sounds. The object was white with two
bright orange lights near the bottom (see drawing next page). The object
did not make any other movements except to stay beside us. We went home
and it continued on to the north. The sky was clear and the northern
lights were out. We saw a similar object two weeks prior in the same
general area. That time it was always ahead of us.

                                             (Signature of RCMP officer)
                                               R.C. **********

X **************************



Date:   Thu, 2 Feb 1995 08:12:21 GMT
Sender: UFO related phenomenon <##############>
From: Clive Williams 
Subject:        Newspaper article
To: ##############

Below is an article that was in my local paper on Tuesday.........


Four reported sightings of a UFO above the country beauty spot were last night being probed by experts.

Witnesses said a mysterious brightly-lit craft hovered above 500-foot high Blackbury Hill, near Hereford, England.

It is claimed helicopters approached the UFO, but veered away from it.

Mr John White, aged 22, said he saw a dazzling light through the window of his home when he got up to tend his baby son Ben.

He said: 'The light was pulsing, as if it was getting brighter and darker. A cloud went behind it at one point, so I can be really positive it was not a star, and it was some sort of object hovering above the hill. It split in two. One moved after the oth
er, and that was the last I saw'.

The incident happened two weeks ago. Baffled Mr White, said he saw a similar light above the hill a week later, although this time it was surrounded by smaller lights.

A strange light has also been reported as zig-zagging above the nearby River Lugg Meadows.

The sightings were last night being probed by Hereford-based UFO investigator Ray Moore who said he had seen a silver glob-shaped light above Backbury, site of an Iron Age fort, before Christmas.

He said the sightings could be connected with local ley lines - 'invisible energy lines' which some paranormalwriters believe cross the globe, linking such sites as Stonehenge and the pyramids.

Mr Moore said Backbury Hill was a junction of ley lines, which could make it a focal point for paranormal activity.

Last night it was thought one explanation of the sightings could lie with the Hereford-based SAS. The hush-hush regiment never comments on operational matters, but helicopters constantly fly in and out of its cuty HQ.

There hasn't been any other articles in the papers since, and it never made the news so who knows what was going on.



From: (Benjamin Yeung)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Green UFO
Date: 8 Jan 1995 02:41:06 GMT
Message-ID: <3enjc2$>

   I was driving down a freeway one night, when I saw a small
green light in the sky. I watched it for a few seconds when
suddenly, it shot straight down for a second, and disappeared.
Has anyone ever had any similiar experiences? I'm wondering
whether or not this has some sort of logical explanation.



Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Re: Green UFO
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 95 15:28:00 -0500

Mike Rose  writes:

>>   I was driving down a freeway one night, when I saw a small
>>green light in the sky. I watched it for a few seconds when
>>suddenly, it shot straight down for a second, and disappeared.
>>Has anyone ever had any similiar experiences? I'm wondering
>>whether or not this has some sort of logical explanation.

scores of people reported a green UFO over Basongstoke Hants, Englsnf Eng-
land on Friday 20 January 1995. Object silent, with trail. -p - GORDON.


From: National UFO Reporting Center 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Nat. UFO Reporting Center - 1/1 to 1/10
Date: 13 Jun 1995 00:47:36 GMT
Message-ID: <3rin79$>

National UFO Reporting Center - Report Summaries
Events 1/1/95 through 1/10/95
Reports Taken 1/1/95 through 3/7/95

Occurred Location         Summary

1/1/95   Pacific Grove,   Rept. that local police had pursued a strange obj.,
0:02     CA               and incident was "hushed up." (Facts unclear)

1/1/95   Warm Beach, WA   Woman witnessed a red "ball" from her home near
19:50                     beach.  Object flew off suddenly.

1/1/95   Shelton, WA      CA woman visiting daughter witness discs and
22:00                     triangular ships over Squaxin Island in Puget
                          Sound. Dramatic.

1/1/95   Anaheim, CA      Man witnessed a motionless point of light, which
22:45                     then began moving to north and disappeared from

1/2/95   New Port         Man witnesses huge, "coin shaped" orange object.
6:25     Richey, FL       Accelerated very fast and streaked off "like

1/3/95   Tewksbury, MA    Woman heard noise, went outside, and witnessed
4:45                      tremendously bright light. Burst into multiple

1/3/95   Gladstone, OR    Woman witnessed triangular ship w/ white & blue
5:00                      lights. She & neighbors witnessed 5x ships. Mil.
                          jets in area.

1/3/95   Marysville, WA   Young man sees large triangular ship w/ blue &
18:00                     white lights moving slowly in night sky. Streaks
                          off to north.

1/3/95   Redmond, WA      Experienced ufologist reports seeing large, round,
20:49                     white light that moved across sky.  Saw 2 other
                          small obj..

1/3/95   Seattle, WA      Couple sees "meteor" streak from south to north,
21:55                     but turned suddenly. Very fast.

1/3/95   Salinas, CA      Young woman witnessed "string of lights" for 15
23:45                     min. in overcast sky.  Winked off, then back on
                          several times.

1/4/95   Rodney, MI       Mother & daughter witness approx. 10 triangular
0:54                      obj. hovering in sky, beaming lights to ground.
                          Calls 911.

1/4/95   Noxen, PA        Young man hears, then witnesses, strange ship at
21:55                     treetop level travel north over town of Noxen.
                          Good rept.

1/5/95   Seattle, WA      MUFON member witnesses very bright light during
9:50                      daylight hours for 5 sec..  Appears 2nd time,

1/5/95   Evart, MI        Mother & son witness very bright light while
17:30                     driving. Stop car. Obj. splits into two
                          "headlights," approaches car.

1/5/95   Shelby, MT       USAF officer at Malmstrom AFB relays sighting rept.
21:00                     from Shelby, MT.  Two obj. which moved silently.

1/6/95   Warm Beach, WA   Two women observe a strange "rope" of light, with a
0:15                      brightly lighted sphere of light attached.  Good

1/6/95   Glendo, WY       Mother and son witness large, glowing craft
17:30                     maneuver and descend into cloud. Pursued by mil.

1/7/95   Makapiu Point,   Man and wife observe bizarre hump-backed,
5:00     HI               triangular object hover over sea.  Had opaque
                          windows. Humming.

1/7/95   Malmstrom AFB,   Second call to Malmstrom AFB reported regarding
15:00    MT               sighting.

1/7/95   McMinnville, TN  TN Emer. Man. Agency reports UFO-related
17:30                     flash/explosion near McMinnville, TN.  8-page fax.
                          from sheriff.

1/8/95   TN               Young woman from UFO organization in  TN calls at
0:45                      0045 hrs." to chat."  Unaware of other UFO events
                          in TN.

1/8/95   Enterprise, MS   A woman video tapes two bright objects, which
4:00                      hovered in the sky, then rose and disappeared from

1/8/95   Horton, MI       Young boy and friend witness red light in sky near
23:00                     home.  Went to get parents, light extinguished.

1/9/95   Marion, NY       Young girl sees bright light streaming through
3:30                      bedroom window.  Sees 4' humanoid & weird lights in

1/9/95   Pt.Charlotte,    Woman, husband, and son witnessed oval object w/
19:00    FL               hundreds of lights on it.  Est. 1/2 size of
                          shopping mall!!

1/9/95   Memphis, TN      Mother, daughter, and friend witness 4-5 objects
23:55                     over school yard.  Objects hovered, then streaked
                          off. Silent.

1/10/95  Riverside, CA    Man sees seven very bright, golden lights descend
7:15                      from sky, hover, and move strangely. Quickly
                          streaks to W.

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (reserved for recent sighting reports)


From: National UFO Reporting Center 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Nat. UFO Reporting Center - 1/11 to 1/20
Date: 13 Jun 1995 00:49:58 GMT
Message-ID: <3rinbm$>

National UFO Reporting Center - Report Summaries
Events 1/11/95 through 1/20/95
Reports Taken 1/12/95 through 2/14/95

Occurred Location         Summary

1/11/95  Seatac, WA       Airline empl. reports seeing Hughes-type helicopter
7:00                      near SeaTac Airport.  300-500' (est.) alt..
                          Unusual location.

1/12/95  Snohomish, WA    Four adults witness bright, multi-colored object
0:45                      moving above thin overcast. Suddenly flared, then

1/12/95  Olalla, WA       Woman reports objects seen streaking overhead over
22:00                     preceding two weeks.  Multiple sightings.

1/14/95  Beaverton, OR    Mother & daughter witness strange shafts of green
22:00                     light that appear to move around clouds.  Second

1/15/95  McKinleyville,   Man went outdoors, witnessed approx. 50 blue,
2:30     CA               pulsating objects moving in the storm clouds. Good

1/15/95  Gorham, ME       Man called to enquire about all the strange
12:00                     sighting that had been reported in his area during
                          recent past.

1/15/95  Morton, WA       Woman reports 2x craft fly over house.  Strange
21:00                     events taking place in town w/ paramilitary

1/15/95  Poulsbo, WA      Police officer on patrol witnesses triangular
23:43                     pattern of three lights.  They rotate twice, then
                          depart west.

1/16/95  Renton, WA       Young man sees very brightly lighted object streak
0:20                      across the sky and disappear behind a stand of

1/17/95  Bend, OR         Woman observes three strange objects hovering in
4:30                      morning sky for 73 minutes.  Very bright lights.
                          Good rept.

1/17/95  Anchorage, AK    Empl. of KRUA radio station at Univ. of AK calls to
22:45                     report multiple UFO reports 2245 hrs. 17JA95 over

1/17/95  Seattle, WA      Woman reports unusual blue lights.  (Probably
23:07                     lights on neighbor's radio antenna, she later

1/17/95  Moorehead, MN    Man, wife, and two police officers observe two red
23:45                     lights in night sky.  Obj.  followed a small

1/18/95  Grangeville, ID  Woman reports dramatic "meteor shower" over
19:00                     northern Idaho.

1/18/95  Deer Lodge, MT   Anonymous call regarding alleged multiple UFO
19:30                     sighting reports between Fairfield and Deer Lodge
                          for 1 hour.

1/19/95  Richland, WA     Woman and daughter witness very bright green light
19:20                     hovering in sky.  Descends slowly and disappears.

1/20/95  Branford, CT     Man witnesses "very bright orange-red" object
19:40                     streak down out of the sky and disappear.  No

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (reserved for recent sighting reports)


From: National UFO Reporting Center 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Nat. UFO Reporting Center - 2/11 to 2/20
Date: 13 Jun 1995 00:53:59 GMT
Message-ID: <3rinj7$>

National UFO Reporting Center - Report Summaries
Events 2/12/95 through 2/20/95
Reports Taken 2/12/95 through 3/8/95

Occurred Location         Summary

2/12/95  Elisabethtown,   Family members witness 5x lights in sky hover,
0:45     KY               "jump," then disappear.  Several nights. TV

2/12/95  McKinleyville,   Man sees two delta-shaped "aircraft," w/ lights
6:25     CA               blinking  in sequence. Within 400 yards. Police
                          cars nearby.

2/12/95  El Cerrito, CA   Young woman reports red streak passing east to
21:00                     south over Lawrence Livermore facility.

2/12/95  Gustavus, AK     Boatload of young fisherman witness very large,
22:30                     orange obj.  It returns their light signal, then
                          zips off.

2/13/95  Cheboygan, MI    Bizarre "aircraft" w/ 8-12 flashing lights flies
22:15                     silently over man's vehicle, turns, flies north.
                          Many other sightings.

2/14/95  Chico, CA        Woman calls to report that 3x children reported
23:28                     seeing "round, alien ship" overhead, w/ y., or.,
                          red, w. lts.

2/15/95  Nashville, TN    Man saw strange light move slowly across sky, stop,
3:58                      then streak off.  10 second sighting.

2/15/95  Fair Oaks, NY    Woman witnessed very bright white light w/ strange
4:40                      "shadow" around it.  Moved very slowly.

2/15/95  Santa Rosa, CA   Woman sees bright flash, then witnesses large,
21:00                     iridescent, "sparkly" obj. streak north. Not

2/15/95  Liberal, KS      Man reports witnessing "neon light" hovering in
21:00                     southern sky.  Obj. shoots off & disappears.

2/16/95  Albuquerque, NM  Man calls to report large disc witnessed by
19:26                     occupants of 7x cars 40 mi. NW of Albuquerque.
                          Streaks off fast.

2/16/95  Kalamazoo, MI    Frmr artillery off. witnesses 4-5x ships streaking
23:10                     E to W south of city. Flash w/atmospheric boom 5
                          hrs. earlier.

2/16/95  PawPaw, MI       Man & wife awakened by immensely loud roaring
23:15                     sound. See 5x bizarre craft hovering nearby in

2/16/95  Kalamazoo, MI    Man report seeing multiple objects moving east (!).
23:45                     Watches them for five minutes. (See other
                          sightings above.)

2/16/95  Des Plaines, IL  FAA Regional Office calls to confirm multiple
23:45                     sighting reports received on previous evening.

2/17/95  Seatac, WA       Very responsible woman  rept. seeing a white "ball
22:30                     of light" descend, hover, move south.  2/3 dia. of
                          full moon.

2/18/95  Vantage, WA      Young rock climber repts. town of Vantage closed by
12:00                     police.  He and partner had seen hovering obj. N
                          of town.

2/18/95  Warren, IL       Woman w/ kids see 3x "space shuttle" type craft
18:00                     hover, streak. Eject smaller objects (!).  Many

2/18/95  Kalamazoo, MI    Man calls to rept. his mother saw strange light in
21:00                     sky.  Details sketchy.(No follow-up call.)

2/19/95  Fargo, ND        Red light seen over Fargo below clouds.  Hovered
0:05                      for 10 min., faded, flashed, slowly moved east.
                          Seen twice.

2/19/95  Mountlake        Man repts. seeing 4x circular dots of light in a
0:15     Terrace, WA      row, connected by "streak of light."  Color of
                          "static electricity."

2/19/95  Whiteman AFB,    USAF Lt. calls to report receipt of UFO report from
3:00     MO               citizen in vicinity of base. ( Facts unclear.)

2/19/95  Seattle, WA      Nat. UFO Center Director makes 3 hour appearance on
19:00                     Art Bell's radio program, "Dreamland."  Many

2/19/95  Fenton, MI       Man repts. moving obj. w/ strange lights moving E
19:00                     to W.  Hovered below overcast (?).

2/19/95  Phoenix, AZ      Indep. UFO investigator calls to introduce self.
22:00                     Is tracking Holland, MI, 08MR94 sighting w/ radar

2/19/95  Seattle, WA      Receive multiple sighting reports, and random
23:00                     calls, following Bell program.  Continue for 2

2/20/95  Albuquerque, NM  Retired Sandia Labs. engineer calls seeking plans
13:00                     for building UFO detector.

2/20/95  Seattle, WA      Man calls to rept. that he can calculate when sun
13:05                     will blow up, based on design of Barbary Castle
                          Crop Circle.

2/20/95  Warren, IL       2nd sighting report of six strange objects hovering
18:00                     over town.  Looked like space shuttle.  Many

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (reserved for recent sighting reports)


From: National UFO Reporting Center 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Nat. UFO Reporting Center - 3/11 to 3/20
Date: 13 Jun 1995 00:57:34 GMT
Message-ID: <3rinpu$>

National UFO Reporting Center - Report Summaries
Events 3/11/95 through 3/19/95
Reports Taken 3/11/95 through 4/22/95

Occurred Location         Summary

3/11/95  Chesapeake, VA   Man witnessed orange triangular obj. w/ light in
3:00                      center pass overhead.  Surrounded by 20x red obj..
                          Very high.

3/11/95  Las Vegas, NV    Four children witness saucer close to ground. (
19:30                     Uncertain about some facts.)

3/11/95  Ft. Wayne, IN    Mother & two sons followed strange obj. "hanging in
20:00                     sky" for 20 min.  Obj. did not seem to move. Sons

3/11/95  Show Low, AZ     Young man & girlfriend witnessed strange red lights
21:45                     motionless in sky near Snowflake, AZ. Reptd. to

3/12/95  Leavenworth, KS  Mil. empl. blinded by flash, then sees four
20:30                     diamond-shaped ships.  Three hours of missing time.

3/12/95  Norfolk, VA      Four adults witness "star" that moved to the
21:00                     northern sky.  May have been other tiny objects
                          around it.

3/12/95  Avondale, AZ     Woman witnessed two flashing lights, then five
23:30                     lights.  Moved across sky in bizarre manner.

3/12/95  Columbia, SC     Driver&passenger witness "triad of extremely bright
23:41                     lights" in perfectly triangular pattern. Lights

3/13/95  Seattle, WA      Man witnessed yellow, flickering light to west,
18:30                     viewed from Queen Anne Hill.  Approached him, then

3/14/95  Seattle, WA      Man reports a bright blue obj. that streaked to
21:07                     north below the overcast.  Very bright, very fast.

3/14/95  Seattle, WA      Man witnessed bright, blue-green light streak S to
21:08                     N in eastern sky.  Bigger than star. Very fast.

3/14/95  Seattle, WA      Man & son witness blue-green ball streak S to N in
21:08                     eastern sky.  Son frightened by observation.

3/14/95  Seattle, WA      MUFON member (Ph.D. engineer) witnesses flash, blue
21:10                     streak north of Seattle.

3/14/95  Wenatchee, WA    Man & wife driving north toward Burch Mtn. see
21:10                     blue-green obj. streak to NW.  Low on horizon.

3/14/95  N. Judson, IN    Man reports sighting. ( Facts unclear; no return
21:45                     call.)

3/14/95  North Judson,    Man reports strange, allegedly UFO-related
21:45    IN               sighting.  (Facts unclear; no return call.)

3/14/95  Fontana, CA      9x adults witnessing 6-8x objects moving in western
22:05                     sky.  Shaped like arrow, then square.  Many 911

3/15/95  St. Louis, MO    Radio personality calls to enquire about sighting
                          reports over St. Louis on 03/15/95.  Many calls.

3/15/95  Cannis City, FL  Two males on RR tracks see luminous, white disc
21:30                     descend from clouds, level out, turn, streak north.

3/15/95  Grain Valley,    Man reports 4x strange objects in night sky.  They
22:30    MO               appear to be beaming light down at the ground.

3/15/95  Jefferson City,  2nd MO Hwy Patrol officer calls, confirms sightings
22:30     MO              and many UFO calls prior evening.

3/15/95  St. Louis, MO    Radio news clearinghouse calls regarding sighting
22:30                     on 03/15/95.  Hundreds of calls received.

3/15/95  Jefferson City,  MO Hwy. Patrol officer & 2x other officers witness
22:30     MO              blue-green, bright light hovering. Winked out.

3/15/95  Litchfield, IL   Young woman, boyfriend witness hovering blue-green
22:32                     object very close.  Obj. headed east.  Vague

3/15/95  Collinsville,    St. Louis resident calls to describe sighting over
22:40    IL               IL.  Blue-green obj., slow flight, luminous, white

3/15/95  Gainesville, FL  Woman saw "twinkling, flashing object"  streak
23:00                     north.

3/15/95  Vienna, VA       Retired senior comm. pilot, wife, & daughter (comm.
23:17                     pilot) see obj. streak vertically down in western

3/15/95  Fairmont, WV     Woman witnessed egg-shaped obj. in cloud of green
23:25                     light streak overhead. Trailing edge yellow. Very,
                          very fast

3/15/95  S. Greensburg,   Woman witnesses large ball of bright white light
23:28    PA               flying NW to SE. Turns blue, vanishes instantly.

3/15/95  Jackson, TN      Man sees blue-green obj. hover below overcast for
23:32                     45 sec..  Streaks off, leaving veil of red sparks.

3/16/95  Molalla, OR      Young woman on rural road witnesses strange, bright
                          obj..  Round on top, pointed on bottom.

3/16/95  Toledo, OH       Woman & son witness strange, flashing, multi-color
23:45                     lights to west of home.  Tried to photograph,
                          streaked off.

3/17/95  Lockwood, NV     Woman repts. sighting of disc, which landed,
16:00                     leaving burning circle in grass.  Claimed U.S.
                          Agents present.

3/17/95  Flint, MI        5x FAA controllers see 4x pulsing "clouds" of red
19:40                     light.  Objects dart, zigzag, return light signal.
                          911 calls

3/17/95  Evington, VA     Woman sees "star" approach, stop, descend, move
22:00                     forward, disappear. Other multiple sightings near

3/17/95  Boulder Creek,   Young man & girlfriend hear very strange humming,
23:30    CA               whining sound pass above their rural cabin.

3/18/95  Bakersfield, CA  Man sees light in sky w/ binocs.  Obj. moved across
21:49                     sky rapidly, stopped, reversed dir., descended.

3/18/95  Bakersfield, CA  Man repts. sighting over Bakersfield.  (Facts
21:49                     unclear; no return call.)

3/19/95  Mobile, AL       Woman w/ children & neighbor see dark obj. fly
19:30                     overhead, land on lawn. Flashing lights in house
                          next day. F-16's.

3/19/95  Jacksonville,    FAA Shift Supervisor relays rept.--Woman reported
20:00    FL               large obj. close to ground, hovering. ( No follow
                          up call.)

3/19/95  Patricia, TX     Woman repts. dramatic sighting.  (Facts unclear; no
20:31                     return phone call.)  Event was emotionally

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (reserved for recent sighting reports)


From: National UFO Reporting Center 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Nat. UFO Reporting Center - 2/1 to 2/10
Date: 13 Jun 1995 00:52:21 GMT
Message-ID: <3ring5$>

National UFO Reporting Center - Report Summaries
Events 2/1/95 through 2/10/95
Reports Taken 2/1/95 through 4/26/95

Occurred Location         Summary

2/1/95   Ft. Lewis, WA    Prof. mech./pilot w/ daughter witness bright green
12:00                     light w/ tail descend westbound into Ft. Lewis. 2nd

2/1/95   Memphis, TN      Wife witnessed bright, blue light approaching very
20:01                     rapidly.  Turned very suddenly.  Within 200 yds of

2/2/95   Seatac, WA       Two young men report 1 red light, 3 white lights in
4:00                      tight pattern over Cascade Mtns.  Good rept.

2/2/95   Denmark, WI      Many witness strange craft streaking in night sky.
19:15                     Descended vertically very fast; hovered. U.S. jets
                          in pursuit.

2/2/95   Eastport, MI     Retired NASA eng. sees large, white, bright obj.
20:00                     desc. very fast to SSW.  Emitted "vapors." Called
                          Langley AFB.

2/2/95   Traverse City,   4x children report seeing disc above them; bathed
20:10    MI               them in white light.  Missing time. Other
                          observers. Dramatic.

2/2/95   Shady Grove, OR  Man and wife witness very bright, moving light over
23:00                     ridge to southwest.  Flashing green & red lights.
                          Good rept.

2/3/95   Romulus, MI      Two young males rept. seeing "WW II" style bomber
21:30                     fly overhead at treetop level. (Facts muddled.)

2/3/95   Fontana, CA      8x adults witness five lights in northern sky for
23:25                     20 min.  Police report similar calls.  Good report;

2/4/95   Redondo Beach,   Woman reports witnessing "round, white thing."
         CA               (Facts unclear.)

2/4/95   New Orleans, LA  New Orleans FAA ATRR called to say that they had
                          received a UFO report from a caller.

2/4/95   Prescott, AZ     Man reports obj. w/ red, blue, and green lights.
4:37                      Possible twinkling star.

2/4/95   Lynnwood, WA     Woman from aviation family witnessed bizarre bright
15:05                     obj. above comm. airliner.  Extended sighting.
                          Good rept.

2/4/95   Lewiston, MT     USAF Lt. calls to report taking call from couple
17:33                     who witnessed bright white light, w/ r & b lights.

2/4/95   Lewiston, MT     Man & wife witness bright white light w/ red & blue
18:45                     lights.  Moves slowly.

2/4/95   Chimacum, WA     Man reports four lights now sitting still.  Agrees
19:00                     they probably are advertising lights.

2/4/95   Pt. Hadlock, WA  Man reports witnessing 4x "white & circular lights"
19:10                     in the western sky. (Advertising lights?)

2/5/95   Atlanta, GA      Comm./mil. (C-141)  pilot reports "jumble" of very
                          bright lights.  Approached his pos., crossed road,

2/5/95   Greensville, NC  Woman and friend witnesses "striped, square" ship
1:30                      streak towards them while driving home.  Followed

2/6/95   Boulder, CO      NCAR Librarian calls for UFO data.  Preparing
                          report for faculty & res. staff & wanted data.

2/6/95   Bloomington, IL  Two truckers stop trucks, witness 3x "vertical
                          slashes of light" beside hwy.  Dramatic sighting.

2/6/95   Little Rock, AR  Woman reports seeing multiple strange obj., in
18:28                     pairs, hover and fly very fast.  USAF F-16's  in

2/6/95   Nine Mile        Man & wife witness 3x lights streaking across sky
19:30    Falls, WA        for 5 min..  Pursued by mil. aircraft. Dramatic

2/7/95   Raymond, WA      Woman witnesses object.  (Facts unclear.)

2/7/95   Seattle, WA      Seattle Times reporter calls about Quilcene
                          sighting on 07FE95.  No article @ 23MY95.

2/7/95   Quilcene, WA     Bangor Facility empl. witnesses 6x strange lights
4:55                      over Quilcene, WA, on way to work.  20 sec.

2/7/95   Renton, WA       Young man northbound on I-405 at S-Curves sees
16:30                     green ball of light streak straight down.

2/7/95   Tacoma, WA       Work crew on RR loading dock witness approx. 9 obj.
20:35                     in loose formation streaking  north.  Good

2/7/95   Shawnee, OK      College student walking to restaurant observes two
21:10                     red lights moving overhead.

2/7/95   Tidewater, OR    Mother & son witness "star," which began to move,
23:00                     first north, then south.  No radar contact

2/8/95   Tillamook, OR    Woman witness very bright red, white, and blue
                          light south of town.  "Like triangle."

2/8/95   N. Bend, WA      Young couple witness very bright "diamond" w/
5:30                      lights on multiple occasions.  Other reports from
                          same area.

2/8/95   Renton, WA       Woman reports that son & playmates witness large,
18:32                     black circular craft.  Multiple sightings. (Facts

2/9/95   Huntington       Reporter for Orange Co. Reg. calls to enquire about
         Beach, CA        sighting reports in area.  Many calls reported.

2/9/95   Auburn, ME       Girl reports sighting strange object.  Facts

2/9/95   Anaheim, CA      Man calls to rept. two sightings in Anaheim on two
17:40                     sequential days.  Sightings reptd. by many
                          witnesses & local newspaper.

2/9/95   Vancouver, WA    Woman witnesses 3x very bright lights east of I-5.
19:00                     Maneuvered in sky instantaneously.  Grn & white.

2/9/95   Vancouver, WA    Man repts. seeing bright lights over I-5 and east.
19:00                     Put in contact w/ other observers.

2/10/95  Billings, MT     Police dept. calls to report several sighting

2/10/95  Seattle, WA      Woman, out walking dog, sees bright bluish light
                          rise from Pug. Sound, turn, then zip off.  No
                          sound. Good rept.

2/10/95  Oregon City, OR  Woman & daughter witness strange, large cloud
                          formation.  Daughter saw an actual object in cloud.

2/10/95  Cannon Beach,    Man in motel room sees "flash of red light in
20:30    OR               eyes."  Sees bright light in room. Sees bright
                          "star" below overcast to south.

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (reserved for recent sighting reports)


From: National UFO Reporting Center 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Nat. UFO Reporting Center - 2/21 to 2/28
Date: 13 Jun 1995 00:55:17 GMT
Organization: Northwest Link
Lines: 137
Message-ID: <3rinll$>
Xref: alt.paranet.ufo:25398 alt.ufo.reports:1383

National UFO Reporting Center - Report Summaries
Events 2/21/95 through 2/28/95
Reports Taken 2/21/95 through 3/21/95

Occurred Location         Summary

2/21/95  Lake Tahuyeh,    MUFON member reports gigantic, black ship passes
1:10     WA               NNE over house at 5 mph. 20 min sighting. Good

2/21/95  Sprague River,   Man was going to bed and noticed "moving star."
3:00     OR               Obj. appeared large, and was dipping and weaving.

2/21/95  Lynnwood, WA     Man repts. seeing very large, very bright object
19:00                     pass overhead. Moving E, then turns to NE.  2nd

2/21/95  Council Bluffs,  Young man obs. 3x solid lights; pulls off hwy.
19:00    IA               Witnesses gigantic gray triangle w/ "archways."
                          Good rept.

2/21/95  Colville         Colville Police Disp. repts. "blue, shimmering
20:30    Reservation, WA  thing" observed.  Then it "blew up," and

2/21/95  Yakima, WA       Man sees bright light approaching; prominent in
21:30                     night sky. Splits into 3x lights, 1 white, 2x red.
                          Drifts off.

2/22/95  St. Louis, MO    Police off. sees strange "plate" streaking over
1:15                      city. 50-100yds length. Strange glow. "Inch worm"
                          type flight.

2/22/95  Woodinville, WA  Woman lets dog out, sees whole street illuminated
2:30                      "like daylight."  Sees slanting shaft of light.

2/22/95  Vancouver, WA    Multiple witnesses, newspaper article about green
5:36                      obj streaking to north. Many calls to media.

2/22/95  Seattle, WA      Multiple calls regarding green obj. streaking NNW
5:37                      from Renton to Paine Field.  One witness saw it

2/22/95  Seattle, WA      Multiple calls continue to come in regarding green
5:38                      fireball over Seattle 22FE95 @ 0537 hrs.

2/22/95  Mill Creek, WA   Woman observed bizarre, stationary blue-green light
5:45                      for 2-3 min.  Disappeared suddenly.

2/22/95  Kent, WA         MUFON member repts. strange contrails in sky over
20:00                     Kent.

2/22/95  Auburn, WA       Woman repts. very bright obj. in S sky.  Brighter
23:00                     than star.  Not visible 23FE95.

2/23/95  Tacoma, WA       Mother & son witness strange lighted obj. in S sky.
0:05                      Moved relative to trees. Slowly rose &

2/23/95  Snohomish, WA    Man, wife, & grandson witness elongate obj. E of
18:20                     Rte. 9.  Boy identifies it as "spaceship."

2/23/95  El Centro, CA    Man repts. multiple sightings of "huge boomerang,"
21:00                     and obj. in formation neat El Centro MCAS over 2x

2/23/95  Redding, CA      Woman repts. hearing very loud noise outside house,
22:00                     sees huge, bizarre, black "helicopters."  Strange!

2/23/95  Lexington, KY    Woman, radio DJ witness gray "barrel-like" obj.,
22:00                     red light in center.  Dog barked, acted strangely
                          for 2 days.

2/24/95  Fernley, NV      Woman repts. 2x sightings of red light hovering.
20:45                     Turns white. 4-yr. old daughter frightened by

2/24/95  Cam Highway, HI  Woman repts. multiple lighted obj. moving over
23:00                     ocean to NW.  Prior sightings, as well.

2/24/95  Mercer Island,   Woman repts. a bright, stationary light in N sky,
23:45    WA               2-3 deg. above horizon.  Red, blue, white. (Star?)

2/25/95  Portland, OR     Man repts. strange green light behind clouds.
20:20                     Seemed to generate "ripple" effect in atmosphere.

2/26/95  Tallassee, TN    FAA empl. & pilot reports seeing triangular ships
20:00                     w/ bizarre lights.  Over mountainous country.

2/26/95  Stanwood, WA     Multiple witnesses observe 2x white lights near
21:00                     Camano Island.  Moved.  MUFON member followed up.

2/26/95  Mt. Vernon, WA   Man repts. strange light in SW sky, 30 deg. above
23:30                     horizon. (Twinkling star?)

2/27/95  Harrisburg, PA   Mennonite College instructor reports UFO flap is in
12:00                     process in that area of PN.

2/27/95  Mukilteo, WA     Man sees very bright light descend vertically, very
19:59                     fast. Appears to descend to ground level beyond
                          tree line.

2/28/95  Electric City,   Man repts. seeing large, silver sphere in morning
5:00     WA               sky.  Military-type jet flew toward it.

2/28/95  Harrisonburg,    Journalist calls seeking information regarding
19:00    VA               recent multiple sightings near Harrisonburg, VA.

2/28/95  Eastgate, WA     Woman witnessed strange, blinking light in SW sky.
22:00                     It simply winked out suddenly.

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (reserved for recent sighting reports)


From: National UFO Reporting Center 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Nat. UFO Reporting Center - 3/21 to 3/31
Date: 13 Jun 1995 00:58:46 GMT
Organization: Northwest Link
Lines: 149
Message-ID: <3rins6$>
Xref: alt.paranet.ufo:25400 alt.ufo.reports:1385

National UFO Reporting Center - Report Summaries
Events 3/22/95 through 3/31/95
Reports Taken 3/22/95 through 5/7/95

Occurred Location         Summary

3/22/95  Bedford, VA      Man, co-workers witness strange, amber light
5:10                      darting fast in morning sky.  Faded and reappeared
                          three times.

3/22/95  Redmond, WA      MUFON member & husband witness 2x very bright
17:30                     lights, apparent size of Jupiter,  move W to S.

3/22/95  Everett, WA      Three Boeing empl. on break see "low star" move,
21:30                     change color, become green triangle in SW sky. Good

3/23/95  Spokane, WA      MUFON investigator reports sighting near Mica Peak.
21:23                     Multi-colored obj. flying erratically.  No radar

3/23/95  Lake Havasu, AZ  Five adults see very bright cylinder (or saucer??)
22:00                     in clear night sky.  Multiple colors.  Called 911.

3/23/95  Flint, MI        Multiple FAA controllers experience 3rd sighting:
22:25                     19FE, 17MR, 23MR.  Obj. returned light signal; no
                          radar sig.

3/24/95  N. Dade, FL      Man at work witnessed a bright white light rise
1:27                      vertically, hover, then shoot off w/blue streak.

3/24/95  Las Vegas, NV    Oakland FAA calls to rept. UFO sighting rept. from
5:00                      comm. pilot returning from Las Vegas.

3/24/95  Las Vegas, NV    FAA/Joshua Approach repts. UFO sighting report from
5:00                      comm. pilot enroute to Las Vegas in Metroliner at

3/25/95  Grover Beach,    Man reports numerous sightings over prior two
         CA               months.  (Report not inconsistent w/ twinkling

3/25/95  Monterey, CA     "911" Emer. Dispatch operator reports sighting
                          report from citizen in Torro Park, CA.

3/25/95  Seattle, WA      Woman repts. daylight sighting of bright, silver
17:00                     "helmet-shaped" obj. in E sky.  2nd similar obj.
                          approached it, streaked E!

3/25/95  Ft. Wayne, IN    Woman witnessed large, dark, smokey obj. hanging in
18:20                     sky.  She followed it in car for 15 min.  Winks

3/25/95  Burien, WA       Woman repts. dimly lit, round object flying across
19:00                     night sky very fast.  Not airplane or satellite;
                          very familiar w/ night sky.

3/25/95  Redmond, WA      Man reports two strange aircraft pass overhead.
22:30                     Lights were rotating around axis in horizontal

3/25/95  Salinas, CA      Man & wife hear approaching "thumping" sound.  See
23:10                     two bright red, pulsing triangles in sky fly from

3/25/95  Auburn, WA       Man & wife witness vertical streak of white light
23:10                     descend from sky.  Very fast.  South of Auburn.

3/26/95  Scottsdale, AZ   Man sees cluster of 8x obj. over city.  Different
17:37                     colors.  Two obj. eject  brown, circular obj.

3/27/95  Harmony, ME      Retired ship captain reports strange light to NE.
21:50                     (Later writes to confirm obj. is star.)

3/27/95  Florence, OR     Man calls to rept. lengthy sighting over city.
22:00                     Sends newspaper article.  Reported by many to local

3/27/95  San Francisco,   UFO author/investigator calls to rept. article re
23:00    CA               "meteor shower" on evening of 03/27/95 in SFO

3/28/95  , AK             Person reports "clump of fog" circles car six
0:36                      times, changing shape each time.  Hovered.  2nd
                          ship on ground.

3/29/95  Ventura, CA      Man reports three brightly lighted obj. over mtns.
1:31                      Move erratically, then fly west very fast.  Calls

3/29/95  Laguna Beach,    Man reports disc-shaped obj..  Hovered, moved to
10:45    CA               east, then streaked straight up.  Like obj. seen in

3/29/95  Elma, WA         Police detective/MUFON investigator repts. alleged
20:15                     sighting by multiple witnesses.  Begins

3/29/95  Jacksonville,    Woman reports bright, "neon-like" light, which
20:35    FL               moved, got brighter,  ascended vertically very

3/29/95  Mt. Ranch, CA    Man sees bizarre, solid light pass directly
23:54                     overhead.

3/30/95  Ft. Wayne, IN    Woman reports seeing long, cigar-like ship, w/
                          smokey color.  (Facts unclear.)

3/30/95  Honolulu, HI     Young woman reports yellow lights in formation over
                          ocean.  Several other similar sightings in recent

3/30/95  Eugene, OR       Man reports strange flash of light struck hood of
4:45                      his car.  No sighting of object.

3/30/95  Warren, MI       Man calls to report woman's sighting. She had seen
19:30                     bright light 1-2 miles away; dims, then splits into
                          6x obj.

3/30/95  Murphy, NC       Woman and grandson witness large, oval, brightly
23:32                     lighted obj. W of Murphy, NC.  Similar sighting
                          03/28/95 @8pm

3/31/95  Ballard, WA      Woman & housemate see bizarre, flashing lights in W
0:50                      sky.  Projects light patterns on wall of bedroom.
                          Good rept.

3/31/95  Placerville, CA  Ex-USAF/aerospace empl.(ret.) sees very bright,
21:45                     pure white light descend vertically. Extraordinary

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (reserved for recent sighting reports)


From: National UFO Reporting Center 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo,alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Nat. UFO Reporting Center - 3/1 to 3/10
Date: 13 Jun 1995 00:56:38 GMT
Organization: Northwest Link
Lines: 81
Message-ID: <3rino6$>
Xref: alt.paranet.ufo:25399 alt.ufo.reports:1384

National UFO Reporting Center - Report Summaries
Events 3/1/95 through 3/10/95
Reports Taken 3/3/95 through 4/4/95

Occurred Location         Summary

3/1/95   Sedalia, MO      Woman, neighbor see huge, bright lighted "cigar"
21:00                     ship w/ windows.  Drifted over farm, rose
                          vertically. Good rept.

3/2/95   Redmond, WA      Young man witnesses constant red light, with
22:30                     quick-flashing light on bottom.  Does loops and
                          random maneuvers.

3/4/95   Folsom, NJ       Woman reports past sighting of bright, neon-green
16:32                     obj. shooting across sky.  Repts. other sighting

3/6/95   Columbus, OH     Two men in car hear weird, "jet" sound.  See 8-9
0:55                      white objects in formation.  Zigzagged across sky.

3/6/95   Hilltop, NJ      Young boy reports seeing oval-shaped object w/
19:00                     "lots of lights. (Got tel. # from I. Asimov book.)

3/6/95   Mountain City,   Wife & husband see obj. projecting beam of light
19:45    TN               down to ground.  Illuminated trees.  Rose & flew

3/6/95   Ft. Bragg, CA    Mother & children witness 3 lights in a line.
22:09                     Children reported it was a circle w/ a dome on top,
                           & lights.

3/6/95   Burley, WA       Woman witnesses a subdued "arc of light" move
23:30                     slowly across sky to ground level.  Saw helicopter

3/7/95   Tucumcari, NM    Man at mile marker 337 on I-40 sees strange light
4:00                      in distance descend to horizon.  No tail or

3/7/95   Bellevue, WA     Young man & woman witness 6-8 orange lights flying
5:30                      SW in clear sky.  Winked out. Type of flight

3/7/95   Portland, OR     Woman sees four bright lights moving across sky, w/
19:20                     red, flashing light on tail.  Loud sound.  Flew

3/7/95   Portland, OR     Man witnessed four lights on dark ship, w/ red
21:25                     blinking light on tail.  Heard sound like "blimp."
                          Other repts.

3/8/95   Ammon, ID        Mother reports children approached by circular obj.
5:45                      w/ lights. Directly overhead. Telepathic msg.

3/8/95   Byron Center,    Couple witnessed yellowish light descend into woods
22:00    MI               near house.  Recurring sightings since 1979.

3/8/95   Lake Jackson,    Woman reports very colorful, flickering object in
23:00    TX               sky.  Possible twinkling star.

3/9/95   Plant City, FL   Two young brothers report bizarre object giving off
21:00                     "blue lines" of light.

3/10/95  Portland, OR     Man witnessed bright obj. "like ice cream cone"
20:45                     streak across sky above city in arc path.  F-16's

National UFO Reporting Center
P.O. Box 45623
Seattle, WA 98145
Hotline: 206-722-3000 (reserved for recent sighting reports)


From: (Carl Forrest Huffman)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: UFO Over Houston (A While Back)
Date: 14 May 1995 00:31:23 GMT
Organization: Rice University
Message-ID: <3p3j0r$>

I would appreciate direct e-mail responses from anyone
able to shed some light on something I saw a year ago last spring.

I was on the roof of one of the buildings here at Rice
as part of an Astronomy lab.  I have misplaced the logbook
we were required to keep, so I cannot offer an exact date
or time, but it was late February or early March and must have been
between 7 and 11 at night.  The sky was partly obscured
by low clouds and these clouds reflected the orange light
from the sodium street lamps around this area.
My two lab partners were adjusting our telescope while
I was just looking up.  I would describe what I saw as
three disks, nearly touching, and arranged colinearly along
an east-west axis --> like so:       OOO
They traveled together along this axis to the east.
I first noticed them at a position just to the west of my zenith
and I followed them with my eyes until they were obscured by
a bank of clounds.  I'm not a good judge of angular dimension, so
I'll just say that they appeared about as wide as your little finger
held at arm's length.  I tried to call them to the attention
of my lab partners, but they were gone before the two
could look up.

I saw no lights on the objects.  I was able to distinguish
them from the clouds because the way they reflected the ground
light made them look smooth.

Sorry, but that's about the best description I can make.


Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Sightings
Organization: Griffin Information Systems
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 03:45:54 +0000
Message-ID: <>

In the past two months, the local press in Derby (UK) have reported
approx. 15 sightings of a blue triangle larger than an aircraft in the
sky.  Reports vary from distance sightings, possibly planes, to the
object hovering over a blokes house in Ashbourne.  Either I am very
lucky to live in this area of the planet, aliens are everywhere all
across the globe, or people are telling untruths.  Of course, as
always, there is no hard evidence, but the reportings are nontheless

Are we living in hope of there being an alien culture to bring us all
closer together, or should our governments be actively monitoring these
sightings and passing the information onto the people concerned, us.

I wish I knew where we fit in.



From alt.alien.visitors Thu Feb 16 09:25:36 1995
From: (Geoff Palmer)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: SIGHTING IN ROSS 2/2/95
Date: Sat,  4 Feb 1995 20:43:44 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Marin Online 415-492-0156
Lines: 16

Thursday evening, 2/2/95, at 10:30 pm, it was reported to Marin Online
that two crescent shaped (boomerang or "V" shaped) UFOs were sighted
above Ross Ca. The sighting was reported by an eye witness who stopped
his car and watched the objects from directly below them. They were
traveling very slow (5mph) and were totally silent. They were holding a
formation of one above the other, the lowest one being 1000 ft. in
altitude and the other being directly above the other at approx 1500 ft.
altitude.  They gave off a slight green glow which remained in the area
a short while after they had passed through. The person who reported
this sighting is a private pilot who knows the difference between
conventional aircraft and whatever these craft were. They were NOT
helicopters and they were NOT aircraft of any type he has ever seen or
heard of.
    If you have any further information on this sighting, or if you also
witnessed this event, leave us all a message.  That's what this
conference is all about.


From alt.alien.visitors Thu Feb 16 09:27:16 1995
From: (Thomas Bergen)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Possible 2-10-95 Anaheim, CA Sighting
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 16:57:42 -0500

I just heard from a friend who lives in LA, about a possible late
afternoon sighting in the Anaheim area. Here's all he could provide at the

"A funny thing popped up in a teaser for a local newscast, I think it was
during X-files (I was half asleep) so that makes it the local Fox
affiliate. Anyway, back to the teaser, the short blurb mentioned a ufo
being sighted in the clouds over Anaheim by a retired aerospace engineer.
They started to show his sketch of just what he'd seen, when they cut away
and gave the usual 'details at 11:00' type statement, and cut back to
commercials. I tried to stay awake for the newscast, but of course it was
that little teaser that they always hold until the very last segment. By
then, I'd lost the battle. From what I could see in the teaser, the time
appeared to be late afternoon/evening..."

Anyone out there able to provide any more information?


From alt.alien.visitors Thu Feb 16 09:29:33 1995
From: ()
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: LA mass sighting 2/9/95
Date: 15 Feb 1995 16:31:02 GMT
Message-ID: <3hta86$>

 There was a mass sighting in the Los Angeles area on Thursday 2/9/95.
It was covered on TV channel 4 and a topic of radio talk shows.
I'm actually surprised that others haven't reported it on the net.

 Also, about 2 weeks ago I saw 2 black helicopters over a
Santa Barbara beach one afternoon.  They were flying down the
coast.  They had no markings and were black or a very dark green.


From: (Geoff Palmer)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: SIGHTING IN ROSS 2/2/95
Date: Sat,  4 Feb 1995 20:43:44 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Thursday evening, 2/2/95, at 10:30 pm, it was reported to Marin Online
that two crescent shaped (boomerang or "V" shaped) UFOs were sighted
above Ross Ca. The sighting was reported by an eye witness who stopped
his car and watched the objects from directly below them. They were
traveling very slow (5mph) and were totally silent. They were holding a
formation of one above the other, the lowest one being 1000 ft. in
altitude and the other being directly above the other at approx 1500 ft.
altitude.  They gave off a slight green glow which remained in the area
a short while after they had passed through. The person who reported
this sighting is a private pilot who knows the difference between
conventional aircraft and whatever these craft were. They were NOT
helicopters and they were NOT aircraft of any type he has ever seen or
heard of.
    If you have any further information on this sighting, or if you also
witnessed this event, leave us all a message.  That's what this
conference is all about.


From: (MikeB33681)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Sighting over Baton Rouge, LA
Date: 12 Feb 1995 19:11:24 -0500
Message-ID: <3hm83c$>

It seems that on Saturday, Feb 4, 1995, a UFO was reported to have
been seen over Baton Rouge, LA.  This is all I have on this at the

Subj:  ufo near Baton Rouge?  Section: Mutual UFO Network
To:  JAMES SWINNY III, 71774,3031       Sunday, February 05, 1995 4:32:18
From:  :Roger DiPaolo/SL, 73072,3312    #34094

>>Here it is...On Channel 2 Baton Rouge at there 10:00 news show
they reported that many people had called there station to report
a triangular shaped UFO hovering over the city.!!!!!!
Whats going on, are we under invasion, or what! Thats the second
sighting in less than 4 days!!!?//??????

Someone say something!!<<

[End of File]


-Mike Broussard-


Date:   Sun, 12 Feb 1995 19:30:14 -0500
Reply-To: UFO related phenomenon <##############>
Sender: UFO related phenomenon <##############>
From: "Klemm - Pamela S." 
Subject:        Re: UFO sightings
To: ##############

I have been super busy and haven't been reading everything that comes down the air waves. Did anyone see a UFO in Florida last Saturday night, 2/4/95, approximately 9:10 moving from North to South in the Western sky low on the horizon. My parents saw it s
outh of Melbourne, but north of Palm Bay. They took the wrong road on the way home and saw it in front of them. It was close enough that mom swears it was only a few hundred feet in front of them. It crossed the road and when they passed she looked for fl
ames or something because she thought it was a plane going down. They both described it as a tear drop in bluish green color. I would rule out swamp gas, etc. as my parents have lived in Fla. since 1951 and my dad worked for NASA a number of years...he sa
ys he thinks it might have been a meteorite but I doubt it because they both described it as floating along. So how about it, any confirmation? Pam


From: (Richard Cassera)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Hawaii Sightings
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 95 10:27:15 GMT
Organization: Cassera Surveys
Message-ID: <3h4tqr$>

Last night I saw an unusual but explainable bright light in the sky.
About 10:45 PM, I was returning to my home from walking my dog
when I noticed a noctilucent cloud (one which is illuminated by
sunlight after dark because of its extreme altitude).  The cloud
was not unusual but was interesting to look at.  After a few
minutes, a pin point of yellow light in the middle of the cloud
became brighter and brighter until it was about half as bright as
our street lights which are the same yellow color.  I watched the
light for 30 sec. to 60 sec. until it dimmed the same as it had
brightened.  Then I watched the cloud until the sun finally set on

I would have dismissed this light as just the head light of an
airplane which turned toward me for 30-60 sec. and then away.
Even the unusual yellow color could have been from the atmosphere
which causes our colored sunsets, setting moon, planets and stars.

However, tonight, I learned from the Honolulu news that yellow/
orange lights had been observed in the skys over windward (east) Oahu
for the last week.  Many lights together were observed by many
different people at different times and different locations.  All
descriptions were of yellow lights.  Those who live on windward Oahu
are accustomed to seeing the many aircraft (airliners and military)
and I believe they would not have reported this unless it was very

The news report included an official statment by agents of Mufon
that this was a hoax employing (bag & candle) hot air baloons.  I
can honestly tell you that what I saw was no hot air baloon.  It
looked more like the head light of a jumbo jet.  It would seem to
be quite a coinsidence that anomalous yellow lights are being seen
to the east of Oahu and to the west of Hawaii (200 miles apart) at the
same time and are not caused by the same phenomenon.  It would also
seem unlikely that the Oahu sightings were all airplanes flying
directly at the observers simultaneously.

If Mufon is serious about their explanation, then I would seriously
question their objectivity.  Maybe Mufon has an agenda for spreading
mis/dis-information?  Maybe they just jumped to a hasty and incorrect

If anybody in the islands has had similar sightings, please post your
story or e-mail me about it.  I am really anxious to hear an explanation
which fits ALL the sightings.

                         ___  /|\  Internet:
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P.O. Box 2845, Kamuela, HI 96743, Tel/Fax: (808) 883-9327


From: (Kimberly Sanborn)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Possible sighting in Lebanon, NH during week of Feb. 5.
Date: 20 Feb 1995 17:17:56 GMT
Organization: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Message-ID: <3iais4$>

Hi all,

Here's something we saw while driving through town.

Night was clear, sky not very dark because Lebanon is a small city.  It
was difficult to see, due to glaring lights.  We drove to a semi-dark
parking lot to get a better view.  It was flying very slowly, I'd say
about 15 MPH, and wasn't a shape of a plane.  It was possibly boomerang
shaped.  Many lights on it (more so than your average commuter plane),
of a variety of colors.  It was low-flying, less than 3,000 feet up,
I'd say, and it didn't make a sound.  I wanted to follow it, but my
passenger was spooked (his first UFO, and he's a born skeptic), so we
didn't.  An interesting note is that the flight pattern brought it very
close to our little regional airport.  I did not follow up on this
sighting (did not call the airport tower, did not check the local paper
the next morning for confirmation of the sighting).



Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: (David Somen)
Subject: UFOs seen hovering near Hinckley railway station UK
Organization: Federation
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 00:03:53 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Reported in the Hinckley Herald, UK Thursday February 9th,1995.
(Thanks Charlie)

UFOs seen hovering near Hinckley railway station.

Late night shoppers at Hinckley`s Food Giant supermarket have sparked
an investigation after reporting sightings of unidentified flying
objects hovering around the adjacent railway station on Thursday night.

Several people were reported seeing a glowing ball of light just a few
feet from the ground over the nearby railway lines.

The object was said to be making buzzing sounds and throwing smaller
luminous balls of light into the sky for at least five minutes.

However, investigators from the Leicestershire UFO study project who
are probing the claims, have so far drawn a blank.

Their spokesman said "We have no idea what this phenomenon may have
been. It disappeared suddenly and left no traces. The guess is that it
may have been some form of rare electrical manifestation."

He added "We believe that other people must have seen the glow, who
have not yet reported their sighting. We would very much like to hear
from them."

Anybody who spotted Hinckley`s suspected space visitor should call the
project supervisor on Hinckley 614013, after 4pm.

All information will be treated as confidential.

#end quote#


From: (Michael A. Morowitz)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: LA UFO Sighting
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 95 12:43:39 EST
Organization: The American University
Message-ID: <>

I have heard a bit about a mass UFO sighting in LA on 2/9.  Does anyone from
the So. Cal. area have any more info?


From: (Dean Kanipe)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Repost: Orange County "Mystery Blob"
Date: 20 Mar 1995 13:18:31 GMT
Organization: Duke University
Message-ID: <3kjvb7$>

The following was originally posted to alt.paranet.ufo.  Please direct
responses to the original poster: (ExclMid)




A long time ago (a few weeks anyway) someone had asked for more on the
Orange County (CA, USA) "mystery blob" sighting. (Or perhaps it was in
alt.forteana) I have located an article from the Orange County Register
(2/10/95) that appeared the day after the event. Enjoy one and all!


Oddity: Anaheim residents saw something strange, but no one knows what.

ANAHEIM -- All around a tree-lined neighborhood near West Ball Road and
the Santa Ana (I-5) freeway on Thursday morning, adults and children alike
were asking one another: "Did you see it?"

Those who said they glimpsed a dark object hovering in the sky between 6
and 7:30 AM -- among them a 13-year-old boy, a 46-year-old chiropractor's
aide, a 74-year-old former military pilot and a 53-year-old school
attendance clerk--said it was the strangest thing they'd seen in all their
years on this planet.

Few wanted to say the initials: UFO. No one from the federal air agencies,
nearby military bases, the National Weather service or the Police
Department had heard any reports or could explain the sighting.

"We feel strange admitting we saw something so weird in the sky," said
Elaine Mazor, attendance clerk at Ball Junior High School, who saw what
she described as two dark oblong objects hovering over the school on West
Ball Road. "I didn't see any green men or anything."

Descriptions differed. One person said there were two round objects, and
three people said they saw a misshapen lump. All agreed it was dark and
seemed to hang in the heavens without visible propellers, wings, or a

"To me it looked like a Model-T that got hit by a freight train," said
Chris Christensen, 72, a former World War II pilot who lives on Sonya
place, about three-fourths of a mile away from the school. He said he saw
the object around 7:30 AM, when he went out to get the morning paper.

Christensen grabbed a pair of binoculars, but he said he still couldn't
make it out. "I still don't have the slightest idea what it was." he said.
"I was just curious about it. It was like a piece of junk hanging from an
invisible balloon."

One mile south of Christensen's home, 13-year-old Joe De Guevara was
walking along Aspen Street, on his way to school, when he saw something in
the sky at about 6:45 AM. "It was all different shapes: it wasn't just one
shape," he said. "It wasn't really round, it wasn't really square. It
looked like two people on top of a platform, spinning."

De Guevara said he watched the object the whole way to school. At the
school, Mazor and Linda Linder, 44, a campus aide, were standing outside,
watching with several other adults and children.

"It was like a cylinder, black, turning and rotating in the sky." said
Alexandra Diaz, 14.

Kathy Thompson, 46, said she became alarmed when she heard about a KIKF/
94.3FM radio broadcast about the object from a friend. Thompson said she
awoke at 6:45 AM and saw a small, round, protozoan-like object that grew
into a larger, splatter-shaped object hovering beyond her apartment
complex on Palm Lane.

"I'm going: 'Oh my God, this is unbelievable. Somebody has just got to
know what this is,'" said Thompson, a chiropractor's aide.

Authorities from Disneyland [the theme park is no more than 2 or 3 miles
away] to the FAA were stumped by the reports, dismissed by some as an
early-morning urban myth.

Anaheim police received no calls about the sightings, Sgt. Tom Mathisen

"It wasn't Disneyland," Magic Kingdom spokesman John McClintock said.
"I've checked with everyone who might have conceivably had something in
the air this morning, and no one did."

The FAA didn't receive any reports either, and controllers at Fullerton
Airport, less than five miles north, saw no sign of the objects, officials

The National Weather Service regularly releases balloons to test
atmospheric conditions, but not in Orange County, said meteorologist
Stephen Ahn.

Planes did not fly out of El Toro Marine Corps Air Station until 7AM, and
the first helicopters did not leave Tustin Marine Air Corps Station until
an hour later, said Cpl. Chris W. Cox, a spokesman for the bases.

Ted Bartimus, spokesman for the 63rd Army Reserve Command, stationed at
Los Alamitos, said his units sometimes fly in the area where the sightings
occurred, but he doubted anyone would call them UFOs.

A Corona Del Mar UFO investigator said the reports could be anything from
a hoax to a bizarre weather formation.

"You don't know, in fact, that it's extraterrestrial," said Melinda Leslie
of the Mutual UFO Network.

Back in the West Ball neighborhood, residents don't know what they saw. "I
don't think it was a UFO," Christensen said. "What's so strange about it,
though, is you don't usually see something that's floating in the sky."


From: (MikeB33681)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Houston UFOs?
Date: 12 Feb 1995 19:13:54 -0500
Message-ID: <3hm882$>

On Friday, Feb. 10, 1995, UFOs were spotted over Houston, TX.
This is all I have on this at the moment:

Subj:  Houston UFO's    Section: Mutual UFO Network
To:  all                        Saturday, February 11, 1995 8:49:26 AM
From:  Rich Ryznar, 70741,2673          #35238

The meteorologist on the late local news (ABC affiliate) last night
said that there were a number of ufo's seen between 6:45 pm and
7:00 pm.  Many views called the station,  mostly from southern
Houston.  He explained this as either the fog rolling in from the Gulf
of Mexico at the time that the sun is setting, or space aliens.  This
mornings news paper wasn't in the driveway, so I don't know if
anything else has been said.


[End of File]


-Mike Broussard-


From: (Douglas Angel)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: UFO near Channel IS.
Date: 14 Feb 1995 05:36:12 GMT
Organization: University of California, Santa Barbara
Message-ID: <3hpfgc$>

Before I state what I saw I would like to clarify that I am using UFO in
the very literal sense.  I, and four of my friends saw something that we
cannot explain.  Here's the story.
At about 11:00pm (pst) last night my friend called me over to his room.
His room looks out on the Channel Islands and is on the 7th floor, giving
it an excellent view.  On the horizen I saw a line of lights.  After
summoning two more friends and getting a pair of binoculars was able to
see it somewhat more clearly. The lights were arranged symmetrically
around the axis perpindicular to us.  I will describe the lights as I saw
them from left to right.  The first light was slightly above the others,
after a small space there was a a group of four lights close together in
a straight line, after another space was a single light, a larger space
separated it from a pair lights in the center, another equally large
space lead to another single light, a smaller space seperated this single
light from a another straight line of four lights, at the end was another
light above the rest at the same level as the first.
Through the Binoculars it appeared that the object was actually curved.
At this point we left the dorm and went down to the beach to get a better
view. As we watched we noticed it moved from East to West (The Ocean in
Santa Barbara is actually to the South so it was moving from our left to
our right) at differing speeds.  It would go very fast for a short time
and then stop.  At one point I saw it bob down and then resume moving.
My friend saw it tilt along the perpindicular axis as well while looking
through binoculars.  We have no explaination for what it was.
It dissappeared behind one of the islands and did not reappear.  The
Islands are about 26 miles away and the thing appeared to be about an
inch long from our perspective, for the distance then it must have been
very large.  This would rule out aircraft since 747's on approach into LA
appear to be about an 1/8 of an inch and would be at roughly the same
distance, if not closer.  It also covered an incredible amout of space in
a very short time, fastr than we have seen other ships travel.  Therefore
we are at a loss.  We have speculate dthat it might have something to do
with PT. Magu which is a Navy Training area S of here.  If anyone has any
ideas please post them because we cannot think of anything.  Thanks.


Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: MINOT ND
Organization: ProLog - PenTeleData, Inc.
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 1995 19:30:05 GMT

Any one hear abought a sighting in Minot North Dakota last night?My son called home
to tell me about it today(Sunday). He said it was on the local news.I have asked him to
send  a copy of the local newspaper.Also he mentioned that his cable connection went


From: (Daniel Silva)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Low flyby or perhaps a UFO.
Date: 22 Feb 1995 16:20:23 GMT
Message-ID: <>

        About a few days ago, I exited my lovely toronto home throught the backyard
and this was around 7pm or so. It was a normal day, I had just finished
school a few hours earlier and phad planned to enjoy a relaxed evening in the
company of friends. As I walked out towards my car, I noticed a somewhat
bright white light just above a few houses out in the distance. At first I
thought it was an airplane and waited for it to fly by or perhaps over my
house. I am a very big fan of aircraft, and therefore watching aircraft
fly-by was something I always enjoy doing. Anyways as this "UFO" became
closer and closer, and let me just give you an idea of where it was comming
from. My backyard is facing south (exactly), towards Lake Ontario. The craft
was heading in a north/north/west direction. As it came closer to my house, I
just stood there and observed this strange white light. As we all know
aircraft have beacon lights and this strange craft did not. I still had no
idea what this strange craft was. It seemed like a regular airplane, but
there were no distinct beacon lights and as it got closer, no sounds were
heard. As it continued its north/north/west flight path, it suddenly changed
course and it was now flying in a north/west direction, straight towards my
house. I thought that this was great, a chance to see an airplane fly over my
house. Its nothing special but its always something nice to see. As the craft
got closer and closer, I noticed that it was flying much too slow to be an
aircraft. And it was really REALLY low. If I'm not mistaken according to Air
Regulations, and aircraft must maintain an altitude of 1000 feet above the
tallest structure in the area, or something of that sort. Well this strange
craft must of been at at least 500 feet, perhaps even lower. It seemed so
close when it flew DIRECTLY over me. The strange thing that I find it
difficult to explain is the way its shape appear to be in the dark sky and
the way the lights suddendly became brighter and then returned to their
normal brightness. Allow me to explain. The craft appeared to  be somewhat
triangular in shape. The reason I say this is because there were other
smaller lights in the outer regions of the craft giving it the shape
mentioned. And right when the craft "hovered" very slowly above me, its two
large ligths became really bright and two columns of light brightned up my
whole backyard including myself... I found this very strange... I'm somewhat
confused, even today as to the true origin of this craft. Was it really a
UFO? I myself beleive it to be such, because how low it was, how slow it was
flying and the light configuration. No aircraft I have EVER seen has a light
configuration such as that one. Let me try to show you what the craft looked
like from the bottom. I must warn you that I am not much of an artist...

                                                             o    o

           o            o

        o    O      O   o

           o  oo oo  o

        The smaller o's represent the smaller lights that I mentioned covered the
outer region of the craft. The two large O's represent the two large lights I
spoke of. Those two large lights were at first turned off, but when the craft
was directly over my house, they were turned on and they were quite bright.
Much like the type of lights you would find at a baseball stadium but they
were round. So these two lights were turned on for about a few seconds or so,
and I could see these two columns of light shining down on my kneighbours
houses as it flew over me. The lights were then turned off and the craft
continued its north/west heading.  To this day I still donot know what this
craft was. I know what I saw and I would like to perhaps undergo hypnosis. I
fear that I might have been abducted,but it did not appear to me at the time
that I had lost any time. From what I've read about Abduction cases, victims
recall time lapses when an abduction takes place. I did not noticed this or
even suspect it. Is there anyone out there who could perhaps explain to me
what it was that I saw and if there is a slight possibility of an abduction?
This message is not a fabrication of my imagination. I know what I saw and I
am telling the truth. If there is anyone out there, perhaps a UFO expert in
the toronto area that would be willing to speak to me about this incident, I
would deeply apreciate his/her remarks and perhaps a number where he/she can
be reached. If you plan on replying to this message, please do so privatly. I
am not yet familiar with the internet and searching for a message directed to
me in public mail, might be somewhat of a disaster. Thank you for your time
in reading my message, if in fact you did and I hope that someone out there
knows what I'm talking about and clears up some of the doubts that I have.

                                                                                Daniel Silva...


From alt.alien.visitors Wed Mar 15 10:53:43 1995
From: "Daniel J. Guinan" 
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Date: 15 Mar 1995 02:54:31 GMT
Message-ID: <3k5kt7$>

Hello everyone.  The following event happened flying into Salt Lake
City on Delta Airlines flight 1485 on Feb. 20 1995.  I had meant to
post this sooner, but I didn't get around to it.

I want to premise my story by stating that what I saw was a UFO in the
strictest sense (An Unidentified Flying Object).  In other words,
I have no fricking clue what it was that I saw.  I am hoping that
someone can shed some light on this for me, or that I may perhaps get
a verification of this by others who were in the right place at the
right time in Salt Lake City.

I was flying from Omaha, NE to San Francisco, CA.  Flight 1485 was
the first leg of this flight, with a layover in Salt Lake City, UT.
Flight 1485 arrives in Salt Lake at 8:45 p.m.  So the time of this
sighting was approximately 8:45 PM, Feb. 20. 1995.  The location
was within 2-7 miles of Salt Lake City airport (I don't know from
which direction we made our final descent, although I suspect it
was either from the North or East).

Here is what happened:

I was sitting in a window seat on the right side of the plane, towards
the front (Looking out West or North upon descent?), so I had an
unobstructed view of the ground during our final descent.

As we descended, I was looking out the window at the city.  We were
flying over a mostly residential area.  The view was very clear, and
it was dark.  I am uncertain of our altitude at this time, but I
could clearly make out houses, streets, cars, etc..

What appeared to be a low flying plane caught my attention and I
followed it's movements.  I noticed that this craft was extremely
low, and decided it must be a helicopter because I could not see
an airport in the direction it was heading (opposite the heading
of the 727 I was in) and small planes do not fly several hundred
feet above residential neighborhoods (an estimate) unless they are

The craft had a series of white lights in front, not blinking.
So far, so good - nothing odd at all, a helicopter or small plane
with lights in front flying low over residential areas. NOTE: most
of this is in hindsight; At the time, I simply considered the thing
a helicopter and followed it with my eyes.

As I continued to watch, I noticed several VERY strange things.
FIRST:  This thing was probably more like 20-50 feet above the
treeline of the residential area(S) that it was flying over - I
thought it was higher because of it's parallax motion (difference in
motion between something nearer to you and something farther) and
my guessed speed of the 'helicopter', which brings me to SECOND:
This thing was flying fast! - not unreasonably so, but probably in
the 150-300 mph range (remember, this thing was flying low).  But the
most disturbing thing was THIRD: It passed over a lighted street
intersection (I could see no cars on the streets in this area)
and I had my first glimpse of it's silhouette - it was perfectly round.

I had perhaps a second (or a close fraction, thereof) of a view of
the craft flying over this lighted intersection, but it was ample
time for the shape of the craft to register without doubt in my mind.

At this point, I felt slightly panicky (up until I saw it's shape,
I was simply assuming that this thing was a helicopter).
I probably looked a bit odd, as I snapped my head at the window and
exclaimed (perhaps a bit loudly) "What the fuck?"

I continued to watch the craft (now almost obsessed with it, with
my face pushed against the window), but the plane I was on was
getting lower and the craft was getting farther away
(continuing in a linear direction, very low and rather rapidly).
Eventually, my view became obstructed by the wing of the 727 and
my sighting ended.

If I hadn't seen this thing's shape, I would have never given it a
second thought.  As it stands, I know beyond a reasonable doubt that
this thing had a circular silhouette.

In retrospect, I find it interesting that it was flying so low -
definitely too low for it to be picked up on radar.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

                                                -- Dan


From: Aaron Viles 
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Sighting
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 10:50:04 -0800

Apparently, today in the am, two people, not known to each other,
independantly reported a ball with a green fire like tail moving towards
Bothel.  It was reported in the news.  I personally didn't see the report
but trust the person who told me.
This is in the Seattle area, and it will be interesting to see if
abductions are reported, or if they were in the area only to visit Jimi
Hendrix' grave and purchase rare Nirvana Bootlegs.
Seriously though, if anyone knows more, please post.


Date:   Mon, 27 Feb 1995 15:55:18 GMT
Reply-To: UFO related phenomenon <##############>
Sender: UFO related phenomenon <##############>
From: franki <92412726@MMU.AC.UK>
Organization: Manchester Metropolitan University
Subject:        **Sighting**
To: ##############

saturday 25th feb 1995, south manchester. one large pink luminous glow and a smaller similar next to large one. moving downwards slowly. flares considered but rejected as didn't look right and no reason for them.
left trail similar to vapour trail, dissapeared while trying to get to better view point.

sounds like some sort of flares i know but i'm assured they weren't. witnessed by 3 people.



From: franki <>
Organization: Manchester Metropolitan University
To: forteana
Date:   Wed, 1 Mar 1995 13:06:43 GMT
Subject:        sighting

as promised, the sighting report.
date: saturday febuary 25th 1995. roughly midnight. location: Sale, south manchester.

three people watching television noticed a bright pink light outside their window, they went outside to see what it was and saw a large pink light in the sky accompanied by a smaller light, also pink. the lights were surrounded by a hazy pink glow (possib
ly just due to the atmospheric conditions diffusing the light). they appeared to be roughly 500 meters away, the larger seemingly 2 ft in diameter (these are my interpretations based on speaking with one of the witnesses and comparing what they saw with n
earby objects). the lights moved down towards the ground leaving vapour trails, as the three people moved round the house to get a better view, the objects dissapeared. they were not seen dissapearing, they just weren't there when they got round the house
. Allthough the witnesses did not know exactly what time it was, they say that they experienced no missing time as the TV show they were watching before hand was still running as expected.

i have advised them to contact Manchester airport an/or the police and ask if they had any other reports or explainations. whatever comes of this i will let you all know.



From: (Dred)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Sighting : Amsterdam feb '95
Date: 1 May 1995 10:28:17 GMT
Organization: Euronet Internet
Message-ID: <3o2d41$>

Does anyone have any info about an object observed late feb'95 above
A,dam east/ Duivendrecht? Object travelling S/E at high altitude +-
18.00, low intensity light display. NOTE : high winds were forcing
Schiphol air traffic to approach low and from the S/W. Object was
higher than air traffic and heading in opposite direction. ATTENTION ;
driver of pale blue Fiat who stopped and observed event, you drove off
so suddenly, please I need your verification.


From: (V.L.F.Marsh)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Chinese UFO
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 20:50:54 GMT
Organization: University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.
Message-ID: <>

The following article appeared in todays (22nd February 1995) The Times:

Hong Kong: Scientist are investigating  a mysterious flying object in
southwestern China, which witnesses said chopped in half nearly two miles
of forest trees.

Has anyone heard anything other than this? Any possible explanations?

My first reaction was that it might have been a Russian test plane of some
description but I don't think that would have been structurally strong enought
to cause such damage. A meteorite also would have had to been fairly large to
cause damage on that scale, and would have hit with a huge bang!

Any ideas?



From: (P Keehn)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Re: Weird Green Oregon light
Date: 23 Feb 1995 22:03:28 GMT
Organization: University of California, Davis
Message-ID: <3ij0ng$>

I'm glad someone else has reported a sudden roar that is suddenly
there then suddenly gone.  This has happened to me late in the evening
in my home in a very quiet setting.  I was not asleep; wide awake reading.



From: JJordon 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: UFO Sighting In Northern MN Please HELP!
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 95 10:05:42 -0500

On March 7th My father and I were on our way home in a remote
area North east of Lake Superior.  As we were driving we saw
what appeared to be a huge building or stadium on a high hill.
 I remarked about never seeing a building there before.  As we
proceeded up the road, the building started moving toward us,
at a fast rate.  Finally what we thought was a building was
along side us.  It was some sort of craft, it was huge.  It had
4 lights in front, and one larger light underneath.   These
lights were an off white color and did not illuminate anything
but the craft itself.  The craft hovered to the left and in
front of us for about a minute, it then angled down at us and
approached us.  We thought it might hit us.  It then tilted
back and hovered over us.   As we continued to travel east on
the road we passed under the object.  It was gray in color, had
lots of strange things on the underside.  This object was wedge
shaped and huge.
  This happened on the 7th at 9:00 at night.  After we passed
under the craft, it was gone!  The was no sound from the craft.
 It was huge, the underside light was as large as my house.  It
was watching us, and I'm not a nut.  Since seeing this craft it
has made thinking of anything else difficult.  I would like to
talk to someone who might have seen something simular.  I know
it was there, and so does my father.  I am 41 years old and
have never seen anything like this before nor have I heard of
anything like it.  My father is 70 and he too has never seen
anything like it.  Both of us felt we were being observed by
this craft.
   Please if you have any insight into this sort of thing
contact me.  I'm really  being plagued by it.
                 Thank you,
                       JULI JORDON


From: (Pinkshoes)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: UFO Sighting I think?? HELP
Date: 8 Mar 1995 16:29:41 -0500
Message-ID: <3jl7k5$>

Please someone with some knowledge of UFO's please send E-mail address to
me.  Last night I saw something that I'm almost positive was a UFO.   It
was a long wedge shaped object with 4 large glowing orbs in front and one
larger one underneath.  My father and I both saw it and are curious as to
whether others have seen such a craft.  It hovered over us and we passed
under.  The lights did not give off any sort of beam, they glowed to
illuminate the craft.  Once under the craft, it was gone!  We saw if from
some distance, maybe a mile and it approached us and tilted and lowered
itself to observe us or so it seemed??  Please any info on this topic
would be greatly appriciated.  I haven't been able to think of anything
else since seeing it last night.
                        Thank you for any help you might be able to


Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 16:28:02 GMT
From: Stephen Dewey 
Subject: Steve's Amazing UFO Sighting

From     Stephen Dewey     (SDD at NWB)
Subject: Steve's Amazing UFO Sighting

I was driving back from work relatively late on Monday night.
I could see a large bright light - oh, like Sirius or Venus - over the
hills on my left. To keep a better watch on it I slowed down. It didn't
appear to be moving; or if it was, it was moving slowly. As I was driving
along I had to keep my eyes on the road as well as the object.
Suddenly, after checking the road, I looked back at the object, and it had
turned into *two* bright lights about the brightness of Venus.
It still didn't appear to be moving. So I kept my eyes on it for about
another minute or two, when - WOW! Both lights just disappeared.

I can assure you this isn't a hoax, so comments please...


From: (Tony Veca)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.research
Subject: Re: Central Florida Sightings
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 17:00:05 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <3l522d$> (jsan) wrote:

>How can you conclude that "The same UFO was sighted..." somewhere else????
>Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that there were also sightings in those
>areas?  How did you conclude it was the same one?

We had several calls about that UFO from all over the eastern United
States.  Many from law enforcement agencies, air trafic controlers,
and even an airline pilot.  They all described the same object, so it
is  reasonable to assume that it was the same UFO.  The time frame of
when the sightings occured (between  01:00 GMT and 01:30 GMT) on the
15th of March, makes it pretty certain it was the same UFO.

Tony Veca
National UFO Reporting Center(Seattle, WA)
Internet Connection Director


Date:   Sat, 18 Mar 1995 22:19:37 -0500
From: "Michael D. Watkins" 
Subject:        Missouri Sighting
To: ##############

Just sitting here watching the news about the 3/15/95 sighting in St Louis (also southern Missouri & Arkansas) The Airforce Claims it was a meteor but hundreds of people saw it perform several manuevers at extremely high velocity and then climb and disapp
ear. If anyone else is following this sighting and can add anything I'd like to hear from you.


From: (NvesTgator)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: supposed meteor that fell on Wed., March 15th 1995
Date: 22 Mar 1995 19:47:54 -0500
Message-ID: <3kqgfq$>

If anyone has first or second-hand knowledge concerning the "meteor" that
was witnessed by hundreds of individuals in the midwest on March 15th,
1995, at 10:30pm CST, please E-mail me at: . I work for
an organization called The Actaeon Group, and we have amassed up to two
dozen reports which suggest that this object was performing flight
characteristics such as climbing in altitude, making sharp angular turns,
decreasing then increasing in speed, as well as hovering stationary. I
would say 50% of these reports were by law enforcement officers who
witnessed the events. Please provide any information you can.


From: (Kenneth W Linder)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Was this a UFO???
Date: 18 Mar 1995 00:19:11 -0800
Message-ID: <3ke51v$>

Just a brief report...  Actualy this is the first time I saw something I
can't quite explain.

Where: State Hwy 9 in Iowa traveling west, about 5 miles east of Rt63
My position.  I was driving in my car with the window completely down.
Time: about 1:30pm
WX: abt 63degrees. Light breeze out of west. Mostly Sunny, a few cumulus
clouds but not many.
Date 3/16/95
Other Aircraft: 3 or 4 high flying jets.  12 to 15 jet trails in sky.
What I saw:  Looking at a jet, just before entering a clowd bank, flying
west to east, I noticed a bright (reflective) object about 2 degrees
ahead of the jet.  It seemed elongated and rotating.  The reflection
varied with a cycle of about .75 seconds.  Its length seemed to be about
twice that of the jet.  Using the jet and the neadby clowd as references,
it seemed to be ahead and below the jet.  It was traveling almost due
south, much faster than the jet.  The object left no exhaust trail.  I
saw it for about 5 seconds before it went into the cloud.  checked my
glasses to be sure it wasn't a reflection.  It wasn't.  There were no
trees in the area and the onjy birds birds around were pheasants feeding
on the ground.

I would appreciate e-mail speculation.  I am most certainly not a
crack-pot, actualy I am a UFO skeptic (not unbeliever).

Thanks     Ken L.     KA9RVK


Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
From: (Roger Kinkead)
Subject: UFO sighting in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 19:07:43 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Hi everyone,

This is first time I am posting to this group, so forgive me if I'm
doing anything wrong.

I've just seen a news report about a UFO report in Ballymena, made by a
farming family. This is the first sighting I have ever heard of here in
the North, only previously hearing about USA/UK sightings on
mainstream TV documentary shows. As the reporter pointed out, the area
is a level-headed farming community which makes the report all the more

The woman said that her son came into the living room and called them
outside to see the UFO. After some effort the son managed to get his
father and mother to come oustide to the back yard. A floating object
about 40foot wide emitting light, and with what the woman described as
arms with extra lights which as she put it 'appeared to breath' and
spin around was hovering above their yard. The object then zoomed away
at high speed.   Since the story was run in the local paper 'The
Ballymena News' 16 more people have contacted the reporter with
sightings. No sound was given off by the hovering object.

I have to say, the whole story however incredible does appear to come
from a 'normal' country family. I do feel that 'something' must have
occured.... but what was it....?

Any more info. on this sighting on the 'net?  Any thoughts/ideas for a
scientific reason to explain what the family saw.

Thanks for your time,



From: (Patrick Chapman)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Nj update
Date: 25 Mar 1995 13:05:49 GMT
Message-ID: <3l14fd$>

About a week ago there was a lot of talk about a ufo following Navy
helicopters. On 3/24 at about 5:57 am I saw about 5 navy helicoters
flying in wild patterns very low and slow. I also saw a small silver
object about 1,000 feet up. It was silent but I'm shure it was there. It
was just hovering there, I am an aviation freak so I could tell it wasn't
anything I reconised.


From alt.alien.visitors Mon Apr  3 09:28:48 1995
From: (Heath Davis Hudson)
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Hub City Sightings
Date: 1 Apr 1995 00:41:31 GMT
Organization: University of Southern Mississippi
Message-ID: <3li7fr$>

On the twenty-ninth of March, 1995, three simulteanous
reports of strange lights were reported to various
law agencies throughout southwest Mississippi. The
object puportedly made a ground landing near the
vicinity of Tylertown in a small wooded community
referred to as Bedwell Manor.  The calls originated
from this area as residents complained of strange lights
and most unusual humming coming from inside the woods.
A heavy rainfall precluded the futher investigation of
phenomenon.  The residents state that the occurence began
at 3:45 p.m., but the calls were not placed until 6:45 p.m.
The testimony of the observers states the calls were placed
immediately after the sightings, but a time difference
of three hours exist before any agencies were notified.
Widespread electrical disturbances were reported throughout
the tri-county area.  The three hours lost to the
observers remains unaccounted for, but the full invest-
igation is still pending.
                            Doug Gatlin


From: May Harvey <100530.3204@CompuServe.COM>
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Date: 3 Apr 1995 21:57:46 GMT

Wednesday, 29th March, 1995        c. 21.30hrs
Three light formation traveling south from approx. NNW of
Cumbernauld Town Centre, change of direction with NO change in
aspect.  Departed travelling West, approx. in line with Forth &
Clyde Canal

Any suggestions?

Any other sightings in similar area?


From: Schwann 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Date: 31 Mar 1995 20:16:25 GMT
Message-ID: <3lhnup$>

                                               UFO'S OVER AFRICA

Sitings took place on Wednesday 29 th March above the M1 freeway
near the city centre during rush hour traffic.
There were 7 to 10 in number, shaped liked coins and changed
Additionally a siting was made near Bloefontein on the same day.
The police were called in by a farmer who claimed that a UFO had
hovered over his farm house. .
Air Force and Weather Bureau spokesman have confirmed that there
was no air traffic or weather balloons in the two area at the
relevant times.
Table Mountain Research Node was engaged in a UFO hunt on the
same evening.
We had gone down to a deserted beach in the hope of a siting.
Although nothing obvious showed we were treated to several
blue globe type heavenly objects which displayed characteristics
similar to those of a planet in a South Westerly direction....
ie steady light.
On returning home the author checked on Skymap 2.2 and discovered
that  there were no planets visible in this direction and that the only
planet above  the horizon at the time was Mercury which was North,.
and is of course,  reddish in colour. coincidence?




From: Schwann 
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: UFO's over Africa
Date: 3 Apr 1995 21:49:04 GMT
Organization: Aztec Information Management
Message-ID: <3lpqgg$>

I posted these articles under seperate headings on a.a.v.
I have combined them here.



>                     UFO'S OVER AFRICA
> Sitings took place on Wednesday 29 th March above the M1 freeway
> near the city centre during rush hour traffic.
> There were 7 to 10 in number, shaped liked coins and changed colour.
> Additionally a siting was made near Bloemfontein on the same day.
> The police were called in by a farmer who claimed that a UFO had
> hovered over his farm house. .
> Air Force and Weather Bureau spokesmen have confirmed that there
> was no air traffic or weather balloons in the two area at the relevant times.
> Table Mountain Research Node was engaged in a UFO hunt on the same evening.
> We had gone down to a deserted beach in the hope of a siting.
> Although nothing obvious showed we were treated to several
> blue globe type heavenly objects which displayed characteristics
> similar to those of a planet in a South Westerly direction....
> ie steady light.
> On returning home the author checked on Skymap 2.2 and discovered that
> there were no planets visible in this direction and that the only planet above
> the horizon at the time was Mercury which was North,.
> coincidence?
> respect,
> schwann-cyber-shaemon

Inus a friend of mine translated the bit below from an Afrikaans
Newspaper. It was not reported in the English papers.

Translation from Die Burger, Cape Town,  Friday 31 March 1995, p5
"Vrystaatse vlie"ende piering h'et bakkie laat stol, s^e boer"

Free State Flying Saucer _did_ stall truck, says farmer
Own office: Bloemfontein

A flying saucer as wide as the road and between 6 and 9 m high landed in the
road in front of him, according to a Coligny farmer.

"I know people will dismiss it as rubbish and will think I'm crazy, but I
definitely did see it. I _had_ to report it to the police", Mr Jan Pienaar
(45) said to our  Bloemfontein office.

Several people from Bloemfontein alleged that they also saw a UFO yesterday
- one even captured it on videotape.

Mr Pienaar was travelling at 7.30am on the road between Coligny and
Brakspruit when he encountered the flying saucer.

"It suddenly stood right in front of me in the middle of the road. My truck
stalled and when I got out something like a magnetic field prevented me from
moving. The UFO was about 90 m from me. It stood on three legs and hummed
softly, like an electric motor.

"It was beautiful - metallic like stainless steel, but also in a strange way
transparent. It also had red, green and purple lights. The shape was like an
upside-down bowl with two ridges on top.

"After about three minutes the legs on which it stood slowly lifted from the
ground and folded away. I could see a row of small windows on the top ridge,
before it rose as fast as a lightning bolt"

A police spokesman said the Bloemfontein flying squad was notified about
2.20am yesterday of the UFO. Members of the service saw a bright light and a
member of the public captured it onn videotape.
According to Mr Matie Hoffmann, physicist and amateur astronomer, it could
be a weather balloon, kite or anything with a sharp light.


Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Subject: Sighting in South Africa
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 09:03:27 GMT
Organization: University of Cape Town

There were UFO sightings in Bloemfontein and Johannesburg last night here in

It was seen by quite a number of people and was broadcasted on the 20h00
news.  It was a spinning disc which emitted flashing lights at intervals (
someone captured this on a videocamera).
Later on a report was made that seven of these lights were seen flying in
formation.  What is interesting is that there was no moon last night since
many people suggested it could be the moon (does the moon emit a flashing

Anyway whether this is a "real" UFO or some aircraft being tested will
remain to be seen.

Anyone with further information on this please email me directly.



From: (Dean Kanipe)
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: Repost: Sightings in South Africa
Date: 31 Mar 1995 13:46:23 GMT
Organization: Duke University
Message-ID: <3lh13f$>

The following was posted to a.p.u.  All replies should be directed
to the original poster.



Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Sighting in South Africa
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 10:47:54 GMT
Organization: University of Cape Town

Just thought I'd share the news that 3 ships were sighted last night here in
South Africa in a province called the Orange Free State.  This is a
conservative mainly right-wing part of the land where people are
traditionally very fundamental Christian!  Apparently the ships were noticed
due to there being the presence of a very strong white light which lit up
the area around, followed by the the ships changing colours, red to green to
purple said one witness; red to yellow to crimson said another.

Coincidentally (?!) we have a French UFOlogist here at the same time who
reported sighting similar ships to these earler in the same day about 700
kms away!

Anyone got any ideas as to who/what these were. Where they might come from

THis is one time I am VERY glad to have access to the i-net.  Please comment
direct to my p-mail rather than posting because my acess is very limited.

Cape Town.


From: (Brooke E. Colquhoun)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Va Sighting
Date: 1 Apr 1995 17:11:33 -0500
Organization: Virginia Commonwealth University
Message-ID: <3lkj2l$>

When was this Wyseville (??), VA sighting?

My sister had a sighting in Midlothian, Va along
Salisbury Road last week..

The car lit up from behind and she assumed it was
a car behind her.. till the light passed overhead.

It was moving fairly rapidly.. then it seperated into
2 parts.. one was a white light that shot off to
the right, slowed, then vanished

the other became a large white and yellow light
that moved to the left and forward.. hovered..
it had a glowing 'halo' around it..  it then proceeded
to shoot off very fast out of view.



From: Schwann 
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports
Subject: More on AFRICAN UFO report
Date: 5 Apr 1995 17:00:50 GMT
Message-ID: <3luic2$>

Translated by Inus Scheepers

Rapport, Sunday 2 April 1995, p5
"UFO" landed to repair hole in fuselage, says farmer
By Buks Pietersen, Johannesburg

One of the unidentified flying objects that had the whole country excited by
their colourful movements in the skies above the northern provinces should
visit a panel
beater. It needs serious repair work.

When this saucer-like object was seen from up close for the first time on
Thursday morning by a farmer from Great Marico in the Western Transvaal
plains, it clearly had a hole in the hull.

The farmer, Mr Jan Pienaar (45) thinks that the craft landed on a remote
farm road between Coligny and Brakspruit to repair the damaged hull. His
arrival probably caused the craft to depart suddenly.

On his near-collision with the strange craft from outer space, Mr Pienaar
said it was a sensation he would never forget. The feeling of utter
bewilderment he experienced for three or four minutes he still finds
difficult to describe.

"It was approximately eight-thirty in the morning when I came around a bend
in the road and saw a black man shielding his face from something with his
arm. At that moment the engine of my new truck cut out for no reason.

I looked up. It was a beautiful sight. About eighty meters away from me this
huge thing stood on three legs across the road. The entire width of the road
and eight to nine meters high.

The thing was so transparently shiny as if it could have been made from a
kind of stainless steel. It had the shape of two porridge plates stuck
together with a pudding bowl on top. On the top edge it would appear as if
there were about seven hatches or windows.

>From somewhere lights in red, purple, green and yellow lit up the hull of
the craft. In the glow I could see there were problems. On the seam of the
edge was a dent with a hole of somewhat less than half-a-meter.

I could see no creatures in the vicinity. It was only the magnificent craft
standing there and humming like a huge electric mixer.

I got out of the truck but couldn't move a yard. It was as if a magnet
sucked me to the earth.

For about three, four minutes I stood there. Then, suddenly the craft rose
up. First like a helicopter, to find direction, and then like a lightning
bolt over the trees into the sky."

Mr Pienaar said it took him quite a while to come to his senses. When he
turned the key to his truck, it started immediately.

He looked back to see what became of the black man that the saw earlier. The
only thing visible was his jacket flapping in the wind as he pedalled his
bicycle down the dirt road.

>From a farm close by he called the police, just to hear that UFO's were
noticed the previous night in several places accross the northern provinces.

About half an hour later Mr Pienaar passed the spot again. This time another
farmer from the vicinity, Mr Chap Smith, was with him. They stopped at the
place where he saw the flying craft the first time.

When they got out, the ground was still hot. So hot that it burned a
person's hand. In the air hung a strange smell, nearly like chloroform.
There was still no sign of the old black man.


From: (Tony Veca)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Re: Central Florida Sightings
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 1995 00:56:06 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <3lo91k$> (Steven Tupper) wrote:

>No, you're jumping to conclusions.  The reports were of similar-appearing
>"objects" (we can't even say for sure that they were physical objects, just
>that the appearance of the observed phenomena was similar), not necessarily
>the same "object."  The fact that the observations occurred within a narrow
>time frame is interesting, and may point to a common origin, but they were
>very widely spaced geographically.  As most UFOs appear to be at relatively
>low altitudes, your postulated single object must have been really

Some sighting report that the Center has recieved from credible
sources (law enforcement, airline pilots, ect.) have put the object
seen moving at speeds well over 36,000 mph at low altitude, and no
noise.  So I have no problem with the idea that the same object could
be seen with in several states within a short time span.

>Has it ever occurred to you that by making too many assumptions you may be
>losing important clues?

No, just because it sound improbable doesn't mean it is.  As far as
the sighting on that happened around the 15th of March you can make
two assumptions.

1:  It was the same object that was seen over the eastern half of the
    US (due to time frame and descriptions of the object)


2:  There was a whole fleet of similar objects buzzing the eastern
    half of the US.(this is just as likely, use the reasons given in

Either one of these assumption is valid.

As a UFO investigator I try to keep all options open.  I may be right,
or I could be wrong, I'm only human and I make mistakes.  I base any
assumption that I make off of the available facts that I have, but I
am very willing to make adjustment to my assumption when I recieve new
data and try to stay open minded as possible.

Tony Veca
Internet Connection Director
National UFO Reporting Center (Seattle, WA)


From: Tony Veca 
Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports,alt.paranet.ufo,alt.alien.research
Subject: Re: Central Florida Sightings
Date: 23 Mar 1995 04:51:21 GMT
Message-ID: <3kquo9$>

> On Wed, 15 Mar 1995 wrote:

> There have been a few sightings in the Central FL area within the past few
> months. If anyone has any information on the reports or wants to come forward
> please respond to the group or privately. If you post the correct city for
> these sightings then I know that your information is accurate and that you are
> not a fake.

From reports that came in from the National UFO Reporting Center there were
sightings of a UFO over Orlando, Leesburg, Ocala, and Gainsville around
the 19th of this Month.  The same UFO was sighted over several midwest states
and New York.

Tony Veca
Internet Conection Director
National UFO Reporting Center