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Welcome to JOBO's On-Line Gallery!

Within these pages you'll be able to find out what people think of JOBO products, how they use them, and see some of their work.  If you'd like to participate in the Gallery please visit the Gallery Information Page.  Entries in the Gallery are separated by product used to give you an idea of the capabilities of the different machines.  We think this is a "better" representation of people's work because it doesn't attempt to categorize people with different skills, experience, and abilities.

If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve this area, please e-mail the Gallery Webmaster.   These entries are sorted by the price of the machine, with the least expensive appearing first.   No distinction is made here regarding "professional" or "amateur" because lot's of people use the lesser-expensive processors to make and save money as part of their livelihood.

The Gallery is a 'work in progress', and as such will be perpetually under construction.

Rotary Film and Print Processors

4055_low.jpg (19591 bytes) DuoLab Processor (click here to access the DuoLab Gallery)

4065_gallery.tif (25826 bytes) CPE-2 Plus Processor (click here to access the CPE-2 Gallery)

4080_gallery.tif (25972 bytes) CPP-2/CPA-2 Processors (click here to access the CPP-2 and CPA-2 Gallery)

4280_gallery.tif (26908 bytes) AutoLab-Class Processors (click here to access the AutoLab Gallery)

Nova Print Processors

200002_low.jpg (22898 bytes) All Nova Print Processors (click here to access the Nova Gallery)

Roller-transport Print Processors

Durst Printo Processor (under construction)
PrintLab Processors (under construction)
Fujimoto Processors (under construction)
Durst Printo XL Processors (under construction)


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