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8 - 14 February 2001
Issue No.520
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Elections in Israel
Israel says 'No, No, No'
In electing Ariel Sharon Israel has said 'no' to Barak, 'no' to a comprehensive peace with the Arab world and 'no' to the Palestinians, writes Graham Usher from Jerusalem
----- The view from Cairo -----

Gamal Mubarak'Frankly speaking'
What public role for a president's son? Gamal Mubarak speaks, for the first time, about his public life, writes Nevine Khalil


Edward Said:
Where is Israel going?
Edward Said
Ibrahim Nafie
Banking for growth
Ibrahim Nafie
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
The coming violent millennium
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Hani Shukrallah:
Victims of brutality
Hani Shukrallah
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Books Supplement
Brotherhood MPs ready big guns
The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is set to test, once again, the extent of government tolerance towards it. Omayma Abdel-Latif peers into the Brothers' parliamentary agenda

Lawyers wary of sudden 'liberation'
They've fought long and hard for the right to hold elections, but lawyers at the Bar Association are scratching their heads over a swift decision to hold the long-awaited vote within days, reports Mona El-Nahhas

Kosheh file closed?
A long-awaited court ruling in the case of last year's episode of sectarian violence in Al-Kosheh has some Coptic leaders outraged. Jailan Halawi sifts through post-trial reactions

Inner strength
"POWER" was the theme of this year's seminar by the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church at the Book Fair, reports Nadia Abou El-Magd


FTA Back in focus
At a turning point in Egypt-US relations support for a free trade area between the two countries gains momentum. Aziza Sami assesses the prospects

Market report
Moving on up
Continuing the upswing it started last week, the market seemed to have been energised by rumours and foreign interest, reports Sherine Abdel-Razek


Ending the game of citizenship
The Palestinian minority massively abstained from Israel's prime ministerial election on Tuesday. But it would be wrong to see the boycott simply as a criticism of Ehud Barak. Graham Usher writes from Haifa and the Galilee.

Baron 'Israel's last bullet'
Palestinians have reacted to the election of Likud leader Ariel Sharon as Israel's new prime minister with a combination of apprehension and defiance. Khaled Amayreh reports from Hebron

The bulldozer baron
Ariel Sharon, writes Michael Jansen, is and always has been, in the words of Shakespeare, a "bold bad man"

OPEN PAGEInternational

In the clear
India's minister of external affairs visited Egypt this week in an effort to upgrade relations between the two countries and overcome political misunderstandings. Gamal Nkrumah and Dina Ezzat report

Long way to go
Egypt needs to market itself more aggressively as an investment destination to the Indian private sector, Niveen Wahish reports

Ahmed Adawiya
Ahmed Adawiya:
The king is in the house
Profile by Injy El-Kashef
Pot Pourri
Pot Pourri
Broken ties
By Fayza Hassan Restaurant review
Delusions of grandeur
Injy El-Kashef succumbs to an attack of megalomania


The Messiah's exit
Nur Elmessiri attends Mahmoud Darwish's poetry reading at the Cairo International Book Fair

Cairo Book FairA festival unto itself
Reviewing two weeks of Cairo Book Fair activities, Youssef Rakha finds the Cultural Café an ingratiating salad of women's literature and film

A ground-breaking first
The winners of this year's Noma Award believe the promotion of indigenous languages might hold the key to accelerated social and economic development in Africa, reports Gamal Nkrumah

An all-inclusive guide to goings on around Cairo


Shaaban! Man on the street
Neither simple nor innocent, sha'bi music has been called everything from vulgar to revolutionary. Mohamed El-Assyouti traces the sha'bi tradition from grassroots popularity into modern commercial success

The money mawaal
How sha'bi singers escape the narrow confines of the microbus market is the key to their success or demise. Tarek Atia charts the course


Al-Qantara bridge
Connect the dots
Heir to the destroyed Al-Firdan bridge, the new Al-Qantara bridge will join the east and west banks of the Suez Canal and bring long-awaited relief to congested tunnel traffic. Amira Ibrahim follows progress
Sayeda Zeinab upgrade
Out of the frying pan..
Sayeda Zeinab residents discover that their collective sigh of relief was premature. Soha Abdelaty picks at the remains of a three-year-old government project to upgrade the area


Dieting Dieting dilemmas
Why is everybody suddenly obsessed with losing weight? Gihan Shahine steps onto the scales


LuxorAt home with the nobles
Staying in a hotel near an ancient burial ground on the Theban necropolis may not be everyone's idea of a holiday, but Reham El-Adawi found it had more to recommend it than many a five-star establishment on the opposite bank in Luxor

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