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Jiwon's Nobel 
Report from Oslo
  On Dec.9, The Hitler Bar opened in Somyon. Soon thereafter, we visited the bar and spoke with the owner, Mr. Hong. For a summary of our discussion and a note from Mr. Hong, click here.

A Visit to Chagalchi 
Fish Market

in the News

Photos and Video
from PIFF2000

Under Construction
Visit to Puexco

A Discussion with  Hapkido
Master Yoon Il Bong

Our Chat with 
Hong Suk Chon


Pusan Tower
A Visit to Pomosa

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Something Fishy 
Isabel& Zoe's 
Guide to Street Food
Pusan's 'New Generation' 
Soju Tent

October 28, 1998

A Report from Pusan Station concerning the growing number of homeless staying there.

April 17, 1999
What Recovery?
The 'experts' are talking about the economic turnaround, but 1500 angry Pusanites took to the streets recently with a very different perspcetive.

April 30, 1999
The 1st Speech Contest  for Foreign Nationals
 Fifteen contestants from seven different countries recently competed in  Pusan's first ever event of this kind.


Worldbridges Tibet
New Year Webcast

Student Projects

Pusan Music Videos
Pusan Baseball Baseball Pusan Style
A Multimedia trip to the local ballpark - Go Lotte!

A Mercy Ship 
Comes to Town
An interview with the Pusan coordinator of this floating hospital

A Day in the Country
A visit with Pusanweb Oldtimers, Sean & KyungHee

Worldbridges Tibet
Begin the Year of the Rabbit at the temple of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Our  interview with  Canadian ambassador, Arthur Perron
Sunmudo Video
Learn about the ancient Buddhist martial art

So I Married a Korean...
A R.I. Yankee in 
King Sejong's Court 
by Sean Lardner

Virtually Live
New Year
Ring in 1998 at O'Kims with Celtic Bridge and revelers from all over the world
No Medal, eh?
Nagano '98
Listen to  Olympic Audio Postcards and read the "capsule" version of Jeff's travel journal.

Interviews with Organizers of the 2002 Pusan Asian Games

The Yeot Guy
Get to know the person behind all that drumming and cheesy music.

The Won Report -1997
Within weeks, the won lost almost half of its value.  Listen to peoples' reactions when it first happened
Favorite Pix
Pusan's "guy with the camera" tells a  tale about the little camera that changed his life

1998 Asian Games
An extensive multimedia look at the event that will be Pusan's in 2002

Gonda's Boys
A video exhibition of local middle school students