Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

January 19, 1999 (2 Cauac, 17 Chen, 7 Ik)

Greetings! With much joy we return, filled with many things to discuss. You are on a journey that has already had many twists and turns. You have also gone through stages in your evolution that resemble the ups and downs of a very steep mountain highway. This process is part and parcel of your wondrous adventure in consciousness. It is limited only by how, individually and collectively, you perceive your reality. Reality is just the environment in which the scenes and the acts of your life are unfolded. In this drama, you are both the scriptwriter and the casting director. Your pre- as well as your post-production crews are those members of your heavenly Lineage chosen as your primary guides. Your production crew and cast consist of those who have volunteered for, and were accepted by, your heavenly production company. Funding is provided by your local Spiritual Hierarchy and those mutually chosen by the producers. Your life is one that also includes a great deal of improvisation. It is this part that leads to its greatest joys and its most profound mysteries.

      Life has both a purpose and a flow to it. Like a mighty river, this purpose may have a bit of meandering to it. At the proper times, however, it straightens and leads one in a very definite direction. You are all approaching points in your journey where your direction shall take on some clear purpose. Your society is beginning a vast transition that leads toward a more open and more highly potentialized humanity. This nearing fork in your long road did not come without a lot of profound modifications. These immense changes are ones that only a few of you now sense. Yet this purpose does have a clear, but still random, flow to it. This flow is the great dance of consciousness in which you are constantly engulfed. This intertwining of purpose and of flow are the twin elements that have timed this little drama that you still are creating. These elements have been mixed together to form your reality and its transition into a new essence. Now, these segments are mixing with information from the master scriptwriters in the heavens. These aspects form the basis for your drama’s final act.

      This part of our message introduces you to some important points. First, the nature of your co-creative, or improvisational, abilities: Each lifetime affects the many others that you have lived, or shall live. Life is really not sequential. Rather, your many lifetimes are occurring around you like a multi-ringed circus. The main difference is that, due to aspects of limited consciousness, you and your many fellow players do not fully realize what you are really doing. In fact, you seem to be in total ignorance of what is occurring. To correct this problem, you have hired on some truly masterful scriptwriters. Their purpose is to set up subplots that, from time to time, can clue you in on what is taking place in the other rings. These ‘blasts from the past’, or from the future, allow you to hit sudden bumps or potholes that can jar you into a quick remembrance of what is also happening to you. In this way, you have a chance to correct your lifeline. This course correction can re-create the conscious energies, not only of this lifetime, but also of those of your past and future. In turn, this same process is occurring in your other lives.

     Your life energies are fully intermixed in many different and highly elegant fashions. The purpose of a physical life is to experience and learn about the wonders of Creation in new and quite imaginative ways. These experiences form a great wisdom. It is this wisdom that permits your Lineage to carry out its part in unfolding the divine plan. Each day - indeed, each moment of your life - is filled with adventure and a taste of new knowledge. It is this energy and its vital information that you are constantly relaying back to your divine essence — your heavenly Lineage. In turn, your Lineage is constantly sending you spiritual energy and needed information. You need these energy/information packets to organize the basis for your ongoing drama. These several kinds of flows permit you to be creative, and to make the various course corrections that are now needed by both your society and your reality. They give you a slight glimpse of your potential purpose, and allow you to plan for the oncoming vast changes in your reality.

      These changes in your reality are ones that concern a collective notion of those constructs or reference waves that permit your reality to form in the first place. You are now changing individually so that an alteration of these constructs can be provided. The key here is to form a different focusing lens that can gently alter this referencing wave. This lens is your global society and, especially, the major elite elements within it. We are currently originating a new prime element in your society. Its primary purpose is to act as the means to change creatively what your old focusing ‘lens’ has brought forth. This process requires both your acknowledgment and your use of your vast creative powers. It means that you need to explore and to understand how these vast changes can be made easily. In this search, know that you are not alone. Your True Self, as well as your divine Lineage, is guiding you toward your destined goal.

      In addition to these factors, there is another one. You have the ability to become more aware of what is really occurring around you. This process involves the use of what we like to call ‘tools for consciousness’. In many ways, consciousness resembles a spiritual and mental ‘muscle’. It needs to be properly exercised in order to be developed. This exercise comes from discovering the nature of the life energy web that surrounds you. This web connects you with everyone in your reality, as well as with the past and future elements that are relevant to your present consciousness condition. You need to follow this web through the use of such tools as meditation, vibrant dreams, inner visions and intuitive feelings. They help to awaken you to a new world. This awareness can guide you on a trek into the possibilities that lead you towards change.

      Once you make use of these general tools, you can move on to more specific ones. This process consists of many devices and techniques that aid your physical and mental bodies. There are also those that assist your spiritual and emotional bodies. In the first category. we find all kinds of tools that help you to re-balance your physical body; make the necessary changes in RNA/DNA easier to take; and permit your brain to re-pattern its new circuitry successfully and much more easily. In the second category, we find devices and techniques that allow you to learn about the very nature of consciousness. This knowledge can be used to re-integrate your present selves into the vast holographic reality that is physical Creation. It is this goal that we now mutually share. By using it and the consciousness tools herein described, we are led to a destined joint reality.

      Right now, your planet and its humanity are, in effect, at the precipice of a new and exciting reality. This new reality is now forming at an accelerated rate. Yet, most of you will probably not perceive it until it arrives before you in full bloom. We fully comprehend and understand the truly magnificent job that many of you are now doing. This task is not an easy one. Shortly, some new and needed resources shall come before you. We ask that you use them properly. They have been given only to those chosen few who fully understand how to apply them. From these coming organizations, there shall come the new focusing lens about which we spoke briefly today. The personnel involved in this activity are determined by only one factor — their acquired knowledge and a deep commitment to action. From this resource, there can come the spark of creativity that can change this planet and its humanity forever.

      Today, we have returned with a message about consciousness. This message involves the vast changes that are presently occurring all around you. We ask that you take your creativity and apply it to expand your society’s consciousness field to its fullest potential. Assist your world and its peoples to achieve quickly their most profound destiny — full consciousness and a reunion with their space kin. We now leave you with unending blessings of a complete and most compassionate Love, unbounded Joy and an unlimited Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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