Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

March 27, 1999 (4 Cimi, 4 Mac, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come to inform you and to spread our joy. Much good news can be given to you about the changing conditions in your reality and in your life. Your integration process is coming along most swimmingly. Your denial is still great and your fears have somehow managed to escape their foreordained fate. Yet, your movement into the next set of Ascension procedures remains on course. You have done quite well for yourselves, and the proper set of congratulations needs to be sent. So in the name of the many great Orders of Heaven, we dutifully give you your just dues. Thank you, dear hearts, for your great focus and your firm commitment to this most noble cause. Dear ones, may you continue to work your magnificent magic in the holy name of the Light! Right now, you are nearing what we like to call the edge of the great jump into a new reality. The land of the omega point is finally beginning to call to you. At present, it is merely a low whisper heard only by a few. Soon, dear hearts, it shall be performed in a loud voice whose clarion call will be clearly discernible to all.

      You are about to move into a new set of frequencies. These frequencies are presently too high to be noticed by even your most aware. We understand this fact, dear Lights, and come to prepare you for its formal arrival. It is meant to come in the midst of the galactic month of Moan (May 2nd to May 21st). During this time, you shall be involved in the many adjustments that we are now designing for you. Dear hearts, we are moving you into position for the acceptance of the first stages of your new reality. Many of you have seen and felt the changes in your atmosphere. These have included changes in the blue of your skies and in the new magnificent colors during your sunrises and sunsets. Even your clouds have slightly modified their overall appearance. Included with these sights have come some newer and more sparkling energies. These things, dear Lights, are only the merest of beginnings of what we are talking about. They are the precursors of a new dawn that draws itself upon your worldly realms. It is to these sacred proceedings that we now wish to draw your attention.

      The key to any change in your frequency is your alignment. That, dear ones, is the way your energy bodies interact with your physical selves. When your alignment is very bad, these exchanges are very difficult and, if not properly corrected in time, can result in physical death. Our procedure is to open up your alignment and to correct major energy difficulties. Dear hearts, we desire to increase your flow of energy and its rate of exchange throughout your body. This is also a very laborious operation. It means that you are experiencing increasingly anomalous conditions, either throughout your physical instrument or in one or more specific areas. This process needs to go forth, dear hearts. Do not become too overly concerned, yet do not ignore it. It is there, and it is there for a purpose. It is a sign to you that you are being realigned. You are being put into a position to accept your next series of adjustments. With this new alignment in place, you can become more cognizant of what is happening to you. You can also become able to accept the next fragments of your new reality.

      Dear ones, besides altering your alignment, we also intend to introduce new energies into your subtle bodies. These energies shall come from the new stargate that we just opened during your last Equinox. Many of you who are more aware may have noticed that the colors in your auras are changing. In addition, your body's major meridian points have shifted ever so slightly from where they were in the previous two or three galactic months. These changes are due to the new information-energies that we have been sending into your reality. Their purpose is to aid our processing of your many physical and mental blocks. In this light, dear ones, we would desire now to make a suggestion. If possible, we ask that you request the services of any healing practitioners who exist within your present environment. If they are not yet present, we ask that you seek them out and utilize their marvelous abilities. Their wonderful talents can ease the number of aches and pains that you are presently experiencing.

      These procedures also apply to your beloved Mother Earth. Dear hearts, we are currently adding a number of new energies to your Earth's subtle bodies. These proceedings are meant to attach some new fragments of your new reality to you. As your energies are mutually increased, the Earth can begin to gain a new glow. It also permits some new additions to your Devic kingdom. This process can cause those of you who are more aware to see quickly disappearing shadows or even bright Beings suddenly flash across the corners of your eyes. These Beings are merely the many new Angelic Presences, Fairies or Elementals assigned by their celestial orders in the past galactic month to your physical realm. We ask, dear Lights, that you accept their surreptitious greetings and acknowledge their presence. They so wish to have your Love and to accept your assistance in what they do.

      Your reality is one that is collapsing in stages. So far, this collapse is still unnoticeable to the unaware. Only those specially assigned scientists in your governments and some highly aware individuals fully comprehend what we are doing. Dear hearts, your reality is changing because of the vast amount of information energy that we have poured into your realms over the past few galactic years. Our process has been aided by the wonderful work done by the Galactic Federation. Their function is to accomplish many of the tasks that lay the groundwork for our larger and more complicated operations. In addition, dear ones, there is the work done by those Light Workers who currently reside upon your world. Dear Lights, we cannot thank you for what you have accomplished in mere words. Nonetheless, accept our sincere gratitude for what you have done and are doing.

      As you develop a greater awareness, you can formulate a new attitude about your reality and your relationship to it. This modification of your everyday opinions and many deeply held beliefs, dear Lights, is a major part of what we are doing. This procedure is moving your planetary society towards Spirit, and towards a deeper harmony within yourselves and with each other. Right now, this effect is sporadic at best. There is still much to be done. Much may appear to you to be worse rather than better. In this case, dear Hearts, we would like to say that many of your perceptions are colored by what you see and read in your mass media. Therefore, we ask you to look inside and to intuitively feel what is really taking place around you. We are sure that if you take the time to listen to your heart-logic, the result will be much more positive.

      Your planet is fully aware of what we are doing. She has graciously allowed all of you to go through this graduation procedure as quickly as divinely allowed. Dear Lights, this leaves us with an important request to make of you. We solemnly ask that you do your inner and your outer work. Each of you operates at two major levels simultaneously - individual and collective. These two levels are at the core of each reality of which you are a part. Whether you wish it or not, you are a vital cog in the gears of your ever-changing reality. This situation is one that you cannot escape. Hence, take advantage of it and use your wondrous abilities to transform both yourself and your reality. This process that we are doing is a mutual one and it carries many benefits. Most of all, it permits you, dear Lights, to bask in the glory of what you individually and mutually co-created for each other.

      We now complete our message and take our leave, blessed ones. We ask the holy Creator to give Heaven's great Love to each of you and to your precious Mother. We ask the Creator to supply you with a great Joy for all the wonderful things that you do, as well as a cornucopia of Supply and an ever-lasting Prosperity to complete all your great works! A-M-E-N! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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