Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

March 2, 1999 (5 Imix, 19 Zac, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come before you with information. Data is given to you in joy and blessed by the eternal grace of Heaven. For you, life is now entering a period of special transformations. These transformations are designed to create a new set of vibrational patterns for your planet, for your society and for you. On one hand, these changes are subtle and on the other, quite overt. To make it easier for you, let us give you a better idea of what we are doing. Your planet sits in the midst of a great cradle of inter-dimensional energies. These energies form the foundation for your present limited consciousness. Set above them are the energies of your global society. Think of these two linked energy patterns as two grids, one slightly finer in its weave than the other. These two patterns form the reality collective that sits around you. You swim in it like a fish, barely noticing its existence. Our initial task, dear ones, has been to adjust them ever upward in frequency and ever outward in their potential. In other words, dear hearts, we are unfolding your new consciousness and giving it an environment in which to work its magic.

      Life in your reality is changing. Dear ones, it is becoming greater in its abilities and its knowledge. Much vital information has been given to those cellular instruments that form your consciousness. This grand union is a vast project. Consciousness is not a gift. Rather, it is a holy right given to you by the Creator. This gift is one that we in Heaven greatly cherish. Your gift to us has been the great amount of knowledge that you have garnered about limited consciousness. We are ever thankful that you were willing to make such a great and difficult sacrifice. Your many millennia of bondage to the minions of the dark have not been easy. Many times have we remarked to you how grateful we all are. Now, dear ones, we would like to state another point. Your rewards for your unselfish acts shall be most grand indeed. From your data, copious good works have been performed throughout this and many other galaxies. Many societies on other worlds are facing similar situations that can now be remedied in a shorter time frame than yours. This knowledge is also shifting the way this Creation shall be manifested.

      Physical Creation is the great illusion that appears real. It is a realm of the Light and its counterpoint - the dark. The dark is here to teach its lessons, but also to transform into something far better than first appears. This process is one for which you have willingly volunteered. This realm of physicality exists in many forms and in many localities. Each one creates a reality. Each reality is a reflection of the lessons and knowledge of its many inhabitants. This knowledge is an energy. Like all energies, it has the potential to be moved anywhere in physicality. The instrument for this motion is ourselves, dear hearts, the many Angelic Orders of Heaven. We move this energy of Creation to where it is needed. Recently, the divine plan has begun to allow us to expand the way we may convey this energy between physicality's many realities. Consequently, whole new timelines and scenarios are being created. As we speak to you, these new plans are linking realities together as never before. This process has another benefit. It is permitting the union of the physical and spiritual realms to occur at a much faster pace.

     You, dear children, are a microcosm of an even greater operation. This immense task is knitting all of Creation together. This union is forging the Light of Consciousness. In this way, it is manifesting the divine WILL of the Creator. As you change, the contracts in all other realities and dimensions are also changing. Think, dear hearts, of realities as sentient linked entities. Each aspect of your reality impinges, in some way, upon another. These realities form clusters. These clusters form larger realities. For example, your galaxy and the myriad of galaxies around you contain a vast slew of realities. Each one has different rules of engagement. That is why your galaxy and its neighbors are filled with so many mysteries for your science. Those parts are beyond the ken of your particular reality. They just don't work in the same way. They obey different contracts created by different collectives. This fact is one that your society understands on the inner level, but doesn't yet allow for on the outer.

      Change is a continual process that unfolds Creation. Through it, realities evolve into what they are meant to be. This process also permits each individual to affect the collective. This divine interchange is at the crux of what is happening to you. Dear hearts, you are the sacred instrument of unfolding your reality. Everything that you think, do or intend flavors the way your reality unfolds. Remember, you embody both the collective and your own unique potential. This duality is the critical key to what is now happening to you. In effect, a number of microcosms exist. The first is you. The second is your micro-reality. The third is your reality. Dear ones, let us define a micro-reality. It is simply your immediate surroundings. It can include family and friends. It can include significant others at home, or even individuals you know casually from your job or schoolwork. It is a vast sub-system of any reality.

      As you can see, dear ones, reality is formed from a series of mutual or interlocked sets (groupings). These various sets intertwine with the fundamental aspects of the reality's entire collective. This procedure creates a reality. As we have stated previously, realities are really living entities. They behave in much the same way that you do. After all, they are there to help you express yourself. That is, they give you an environment in which this expression or purpose can occur. They wish to please you, but they need to obey the collective's contract that formed them. So a reality, like all physicality, is illusory. It can be transformed. This procedure is from the microcosm up. That is, it moves from you and your many sub-realities to the entire reality. For this reason, we are deeply committed, dear hearts, to your transformation into a fully conscious Being.

      As you can see, dear ones, there is a seeming order to physicality. Physicality moves from the individual to a sub-reality. It then moves from many sub-realities to a reality. Realities cluster to form sub-dimensions. These sub-dimensions form together to make dimensions. These dimensions create realms. These realms create physicality itself. Can you see the infinite possibilities that exist within all of these various structures? Isn't it simply amazing, dear ones, how the Creator and the divine plan put all of this together? We in Heaven are in awe of what our divine Parent has wrought. The most amazing part is how interconnected it all is. And every part of it is in you. As you expand your consciousness ever outward, the whole of physical Creation begins to be re-ordered. Think, dear hearts, how powerful you really are.

      The adjustments that we are doing on you have a profound effect on Creation. Your changing thought and intentions open up new possibilities. These new possibilities permit actions not possible before that moment. What you do, dear ones, affects the present, the future and the past. It allows a whole 'bunch' of events to occur. Most of all, it puts the divine plan in a new light. It allows the many minute details of the Creator's holy Creation to be unfolded. It brings out the implied order of Heaven and organizes it instantaneously. You are the core of all these immense acts. You are the source in physicality for all that unfolds. You are that important to the Creator. You are not only a child of the Creator, but also the Creator embodied in this reality. Remember these facts whenever you think the lesser of yourself. Know, dear ones, that you are sacred, sovereign and never alone!

      Today, we have talked about the nature of this reality. We have told you very briefly about how reality is created. We have shown you how important you are to the divine plan. You are sacred Beings of Light, my dear ones. Never forget who you are. Never think less of yourself. You are a great Being of Light. Right now, you are engaged in a difficult task that has a solution. This solution you are now applying to your reality, your planet, your society and, especially, to yourselves. We now take our leave with many blessings to you. May the Creator bless you with perfect, complete Love. May the Creator give you ever-expanding Joy. May the Creator now bless you with a cornucopia of Supply and a storehouse full of your needed Prosperity! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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