Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

February 13, 1999 (1 Kan, 2 Zac, 7 Ik)

Greetings! Be in Joy, dearest kin! Feel the wondrous energy of each moment. Absorb the sublime magic within each day. Life can be filled with satisfying victory, or it can be filled with sadness. It is what you make of it. Limited consciousness is a path of many twists and sudden turns. It is really never dull, nor is it ever uneventful. Just give yourself the time to feel your inner energies. Simply experience the amazing interactions of Light with dark. You, dear ones, sit on the edge between these two worlds. You are of the Light. Yet you sit firmly in a world long controlled by the dark. Think of the possibilities! Nevertheless, you wonder how you can cope with such a place. Sense its wonder and feel its magnificent transformations. You, dear blessed souls, are at the time of a vast evolution in your reality. These things do not suddenly pop up like mushrooms in a meadow after a long cool rain. No, they take their time. Societal evolution is like an avalanche. It just hangs on its snowy precipice, seemingly forever. And with a big throaty roar, it quickly propels itself down the mountain like a pack of scared rabbits.

      Evolution comes at you like a bad driver going too fast around a blind corner. Suddenly, it just smacks you, "real good". In that overwhelming collision, a different reality gets born. Your old ways quickly lose their power. New ways take their reins. In this manner, consciousness moves on and ever upward, toward its divine objective. This fate is what you are now going through. It still has a funny feel to it. It seems right, but not yet familiar. It glows and beeps in all the right ways. It'll even occasionally jump through some hoops for you. Yet, there is a part of you that doesn't trust it. This part is your conscious mind. It is a most formidable tyrant. It steadfastly refuses to transform. It needs a palace coup to make sense of what is really happening. That revolution is now raging through your RNA/DNA; it is realigning your chakras; and making chop suey of your endocrine and lymphatic systems. It has even begun to ring your aforementioned tyrant's bell. Have you noticed what felt like a gong loudly resounding in your head? These symptoms are just signs of the vast changes going on, both in and around you.

      The Heavens have come to bless you, and to assist you. We have not come to rescue you. We know you well. We also know the darkness which daily slithers rather invisibly through your day. Its purposes are well thought out. Yet, its myriad of tricks are ones that we can easily see through. Darkness is like an ill-mannered child. It seeks attention in any way that it sees fit. It knows no boundaries and thinks only of itself. For too long, you have given in to its tantrums and feared its wrath if you did not pay it the proper amounts of attention. Yet, look at it in another way. It depends on you for sustenance and for shelter. Who is in charge here, anyway? Isn't it time for a few corrections in your perceptions? Isn't it time a little well-placed discipline was applied? Think about what is happening to you. Think about what is happening to your world. Sit down for a moment. Realize the truth of what we are saying. Dear Ones of the Light of Holy Creation, you are the masters. Everything around you is just there to help, please and protect you. Even darkness assists you in learning a few good things about yourself.

     Your transformation has started slowly and has gone through a great many stops and starts. It seems random. It appears to have no objective. Still, it is working. It is working to lead you to your precipice. It is working to start your inner and outer avalanche. It is doing this not just with you; it is doing this with your entire society and with your beloved planet. It is as relentless as your mind. It is a case of the seemingly immovable object meeting the unstoppable force. This process does have a superb objective - full consciousness for each and every one of you. This goal is not a dream. Rather, it is one that you'll see happen in your lifetime. In fact, be aware and remain leery. That bad driver may be around the next sudden twist in your reality. One of the most wonderful aspects of full consciousness is its sudden onslaught. Reality is an illusory construct. When you least expect it, it can quickly change. All that is required is a new collective agreement. And that can be struck before you even know it.

      Your planet and your entire reality are changing. You are approaching the edge of the next reality. A critical sign from Mother Nature is the current mass extinction of important plant and animal species. Over this past decade, your planet has witnessed an extinction rate of almost astounding proportions. In short, your biosphere is rapidly changing. No longer can it exist safely in what you see around you. A shift of immense proportions is desperately needed. This process is what is now underway. It doesn't mean that your planet is on the verge of a massive series of catastrophes. It means that now your planet is giving you a wake-up call. It is time to stop sleeping. It is time to let your true inner consciousness become your captain. It is time to re-order your deck. Let your old fears out to pasture. Bring in your inner courage. Let it give you back your lost sense of enthusiasm and need for adventure.

      Limited consciousness physicality, dear ones, is a great adventure in a lost land - a land out of time. In its endless beckoning are found the ways to understand its so-called realities. Most of you have forgotten this. You have plunged head first into its molasses-like floors and been bounced off its concrete-like walls. Its seeming pains and supposed bruises have made you surrender to its tyranny. These actions were but its sly, yet very effective, tricks. It is mere illusion. It is mere chicanery. It is, as we said, relentless. It is a fun house with no known exit that has become a terror house. The only real exit lies inside you. It is called your True Self. We have repeated this fact in a slightly different way to raise an important point. You're a great Master of this reality. That is why you are here. The dark cannot really hurt you if you do not wish it. Take back your power. We are here, dear children, to ensure your success.

      Your life is always a great joy, and always a spark of the divine. This statement becomes nonsense to you when you misunderstand what a reality is. It is only a collective illusion. It is not real, but your emotions and your mind can say it is. Do not get caught in their drama. The only real thing is Spirit. Spirit is immortal and, like water, adapts to the vessel in which it is put. You need to see the joke behind where you now are. Look at the joy in becoming what you truly can be. This process is the key to what is taking place. Repeat after me: You are invincible! You have nothing to fear. You have come here to be a success in your life. This reality is just a temporary manifestation. Around you, blessed ones, is a world whose very foundation is cracking and whose structure is ridden with termites. It cannot stand for much longer.

      Life on your world is indeed changing. Another sign is the massive chaos that has marked the last decade of this century. It is an omen that you are about to evolve. You are evolving from a xenophobic creature who sees Earth as your only reality, to one that calls the galaxy and all of Creation home. It is a vast leap in faith. It leads to a harmony that your mind told you long ago was impossible. The realm of Spirit is about to merge into your aspect of physicality. This task is the end-product of a long march from the fall of Lemuria to the rise of a new and better Lemuria. This new model is one that you are now busily fashioning in your hearts. We sense it in you during every moment of every day. We deeply rejoice, dear ones, in what you are doing. It is not easy to give up an illusion when you have been hypnotized by its charms.

      Before we depart, we ask that you look inside. Take a moment to start to understand the great transformation of which you are a part. This process is nearing its culmination. Soon we shall be able to appear before you in open covenant. This coming moment is a divine one. We ask you to keep the faith and maintain your enthusiasm. We now depart, dear ones, with much blessings for you all. We ask the Creator to reveal to you your great complete Love; we ask that you always know a boundless Joy. And we ask that the Creator grant you a limitless Supply, as well as a never ending Prosperity! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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