Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

January 23, 1999 (6 Akbal, 1 Yax, 7 Ik)

Greetings! This day is a good day to discuss many things with you. These things are ones that concern your continuing journey in consciousness. Your path is one that has had many strange twists and turns. We have done each one for a specific reason. These reasons may have seemed rather obscure to you at first. During this journey, we are your guides and protectors. These facts do not mean that you cannot occasionally stub your toes, trip and fall, or even get an infrequent bruise or a bloodied nose. You are learning at your own pace about consciousness. This learning curve involves a discovery of what you have previously arranged for yourselves, as well as of what you have in store for your future. It takes great courage to move forward and to uncover all the potential that you possess. We constantly applaud all of you for your most valiant efforts. This task is enormous in its scope. You each carry a great deal of baggage from previous Earth lifetimes — much of it not your own. Yet, you are gladly willing to absorb these energies and to transform them into an even greater potential for your society.

      This journey of yours is one that deeply affects your reality. In this way, it is a process of quite an enormous magnitude. What you are doing is part of a mutually occurring two-step process. First, we are enlarging your potential by continually expanding ever outward your consciousness fields. Second, your rising potential is quickly matching our vast global efforts. This whole procedure is part of a most natural occurrence. To aid you, we are changing your entire energy field by transforming spiritual and physical components. This operation makes it easier for you to move outward and to embrace your growing consciousness. So far, this current galactic year of 7 Ik has seen a great increase in your efforts. We know that much more will be done before this year has run its course. We ask that you deeply understand the nature of what we are both doing. Among the next steps in this task is the formation of a great web of Light and the bringing forth of specific places where local support can be found for your efforts.

      The time has come to begin to plan out the next steps of your constant movement outward. Consciousness is like water, it needs some kind of a container in which to flow. It does not matter whether this container resembles a small glass, or a very large ocean basin. As you begin to form your local and global networks, do so with a plan behind them. Understand that your global population is slowly awakening. Keep in mind that you are spreading a fledgling new consciousness in places where it has not openly been before. Yet, be aware that while it is new, it is also very powerful. It is something that has always been there. It is a phantasm that is now becoming real. It is a lost thought that is now manifesting. It is a real part of you, and it is re-integrating into who you are. Its appearance is causing an evolution in your consciousness and in the way in which the deals that made your reality can be changed. It has also brought your space kin from across the vastness of Creation to your door. It has opened up new vistas for you. You now sit, literally, at a major crossroads in your global society’s history.

     In addition, your planet is quickly shifting into its new garments. She wishes to graduate into her full potential. This process does not mean that whole continental coastal shelves shall suddenly vanish in the ocean. For example, it does not mean that North America’s Cascades and/or Sierra Nevada mountain ranges shall become the edges of the Pacific Ocean. It does not mean that every major volcano on your planet will erupt. And so on and so forth. What it does mean is that the surface of your planet shall indeed change. However, if you wish a massive cataclysm to occur, we are sorry to inform you that such will not be the case. There will still be some very strong earthquakes, massive volcanic eruptions, etcetera. That process is part of how Mother Earth currently renews herself. But the way in which this process occurs is going to change. This change ultimately involves what you are going through. Your potentializing of your consciousness opens a door for Mother Earth. Much of what she needs to do now can be done within the rising consciousness field that you are now creating.

      This new consciousness field eventually changes you, your society and your planet. It also moves you back into a direct relationship with the local Spiritual Hierarchy and with your space kin. Whole new worlds of reality are opened up for you. New teachers, new knowledge and a new wisdom shall be brought to your door. You end your 13 millennia of childhood and become young adults in a much larger society. This society is galactic in scope and its neighbors are those vast galaxies that make up physical Creation. This journey also includes the vastness of an endless smorgasbord of hyperspatial realties. There is no end to what you can bring to your table. In your fully conscious state, you are a brilliant beacon that everyone wishes to see. Everyone wants to play a role in the joyous unfolding of your purpose. You become an environment that self-organizes into what it is truly meant to be.

      This coming joy unfolds your feelings of being less, being in want or just being in a state of not knowing where you are going. It exposes them and gleefully peels them away from you, layer by layer. You become an onion, but you are also a spiritual essence. As each layer is peeled, it transforms itself and is built by you into a new and fully potentialized Being of Light. Your former concerns are looked at in new ways and solutions, where seemingly there were none, suddenly appear. You become able to self-correct your own belief system and to affect the consciousness fields of other Beings who inhabit your reality. In effect, you are a purveyor of change. You have become a vehicle that can alter your society and, most of all, your global reality. This transformational procedure is no small task. It requires that a vast global field be created. This global field contains Beings who have reached these final stages of unfolding their conscious potential.

      These procedures that we have just described to you are our present objectives. Our mission here is to shift you into this new reality as fast as is divinely possible. All of you have come to Earth after a series of specific deals were set with each other and with your local Spiritual Hierarchy. The final part of this process is the next series of very broad and quite windy curves that lie ahead. This part of our mutual journey requires that a great deal of focus and commitment now be given. This means that some mutual planning needs to occur. We are busily putting forth our end of this agreement. We ask that you begin to look around and to ask yourself how you intend to get there. We are planning to assist you in any way that is divinely possible. Many surprises await you: however, we would prefer that you look within. See how powerful and wonderful you really are.

      In one way or another, life on your world has been difficult for you. Many lessons and unusual experiences have been tossed in your path. Yet, life is one that has given you much joy, as well as much food for thought. Each part of your life has matured you in one way or another. It has given you many useful wisdoms that you can now pass on to others. Life has also prepared you for some sudden changes and for rapid periods of self-growth. Right now, you are each, in your own way, entering such a period. This remainder of 7 Ik is just such a time. We ask you to be patient and to be easy on yourselves. Growth is not meant to be stressful, but often it can become so. Many things or events are about to come your way. These circumstances are meant to aid you in growth and in your potentializing processes. Treat them well, and know them for what they really are.

      Today, we have discussed many things. We have also reviewed some of the changes that are taking place around you. Know that your reality is indeed changing. All that surrounds you is not some lingering darkness, but only a veil that shall shortly be lifted. Remember that you are a most powerful and remarkable Being of Light. The time is fast approaching for you to become all that you are. Just keep this in mind and continue to grow, to focus and to move forward. We now take our leave with infinite blessings of a complete and perfect Love, a never-ending Joy and for an unlimited Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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