Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

March 16, 1999 (6 Men, 13 Ceh, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come with much to say and little time in which to tell it. In our last message, we mentioned the great changes that we are preparing for your Sun and her solar system. Now, dear ones, we need to discuss what is happening to your beloved Mother Earth and, especially, to you. As we have mentioned many times, Mother Earth is not well. She is in drastic need of her graduation into full consciousness. Yet she declines to do so, since she knows how important it is to take her precious children with her. This leaves us with the need to transform you as quickly as is divinely possible. The coming adjustments in the galactic month of Moan (May 2nd to May 21st) have become even more important to us. We need to set the global foundation for your society to be transformed, quite swiftly, if need be. Right now, a number of factors are coming into play that may cause us to arrive earlier than currently planned. To this end, your local Spiritual Hierarchy has received a great number of crucial celestial decrees from the High Councils of A-E-O-N.

      It is the sacred purpose of Heaven to move physicality toward its objectives. Every so often, these objectives get lost in the great illusion that is physical reality. When these events occur, Heaven uses those dispensations given to it by the Creator for a divine intervention. When this happens, collective agreements in that reality are realigned to the divine plan. This procedure is normally done only as a course of last resort. This process is rapidly reaching such a situation in your reality. Certain less massive corrections are now underway. How effective these palliatives prove to be can determine our next course of action. Until that time, we remain fully committed to our present agenda. Dear hearts of the Light, please continue to be focused on bringing forth your wonderful instrument of the Light. This sacred action has created an increased opportunity to move the darkness inside your many global cabals. Right now, they are busily carrying out aspects of their vile scenarios. They still feel that you are their fully owned chattel. You belong only to yourselves and to the Creator. You are meant to be free Beings.

      Personal Sovereignty and an individual's liberty are rights granted by Heaven to all sentient Beings in physicality. These rights are meant to be unfettered by society. Society has the right only to unfold itself in accordance with the sacred four societal Laws handed down to all galactic societies. From these divine rights grow each individual's Free Will. The fullest forms of Free Will come only as a right to those who fully understand their responsibilities to the collective whole of any reality, as well as to themselves. Since you are in a period of transition from your travails as limited conscious Beings, your elites think there are some moral loopholes in this sacred process. We need to say, dear ones, that such is not the case. Your liberty is precious to us. That is why we have provided prophets, divine words and a long tradition of rule by common law to defend you. These holy procedures have established legal precedents that exist in great number throughout the fundamental laws that have founded much of your surface world's governance. Now, your elites have heinous schemes to take this revered law from you.

      Presently, your elites have stepped up various exercises by their respective governments to co-ordinate the rapid dispersal of your military, along with a future global edict of martial law. We have watched these procedures unfold and they greatly sadden us. They have also increased their massive manipulations of your world economy. This activity also brings many tears to our eyes. They seem to not yet realize how futile these actions really are. Their success in these efforts shall not be allowed to come to pass. All that they are doing is just temporarily delaying the inevitable - your coming galactic society and your return to full consciousness. Remember that we have a vast fleet of ships in your solar system, as well as a sacred commitment to stop such shenanigans if ever they do come to pass. Your elites fully realize these facts. Yet they have persisted in maintaining their present course of action. Now a time has come for us, dear ones, to ask them gently to desist from these heinous maneuvers.

      Dear hearts, each of them is fully aware of what we have just stated to you. Your precious blue orb deeply wishes to graduate and for you to 'get it' completely. That is for each of you to understand, dear ones, that you are being transformed into physical Angels. This precious consequence is meant to happen. No other scenarios have been provided to you by the divine plan. Its timeline does not extend for centuries, nor does it last for many decades of your solar years. It is a process meant to happen soon. Your elites think that they have the power to repeal the very wishes of Heaven and also to deny the Holy WILL of their Creator. These intended thoughts shall not be allowed to be manifested. Your reality needs to be, and hence shall be, transformed. To that end, we have created many unique organizations, and also put forth special plans that assure your transition into full consciousness.

      Dear ones of the precious and sacred Heart, we come to your shores to give you the Creator's most profound gift - full consciousness. This gift opens up an immense new reality, one that most of you cannot yet fully perceive. It also provides you with immense responsibilities. One of these is the expansion of harmony throughout your global society. We ask you now to look inside, and to see how the many negative thought-forms that surround you have limited your magnificence as a Being of Light. We further ask you to use your great abilities to transform these many negative thought-forms. Use your innate abilities to determine how they can be used to better your world. Connect with each other and use your talents to help one another. Let us take this newly formed entity of Light and spread it throughout your reality.

      As you spread this ever-expanding Light, you shall see how magnificently your consciousness has grown. Dear ones, the result is an energy that can even change the perceptions of your worldly elites. For now, this process can increase their profound pathologies. To this end, remember that you are not alone. Your ability to fulfill your objectives is assured. Your elites still do not realize fully the hugeness of the changes that have already occurred in your reality. In many ways, they are like an ostrich. Your elites have just stuck their heads in the ground (their reality) and hoped that this newfangled foolishness will go away. Fortunately, such is not the case. Your process has reached the very edge where its momentum can carry it to its goals. We realize this, dear hearts. We shall not abandon you or your noble efforts to achieve full consciousness.

      Your life has reached some very critical stages in the last few galactic months. This process has permitted you to come closer to becoming powerful Beings in the Light. This process also signals that your actual moment for your reality's End-times has finally begun. It is this divine portent that deeply scares some of your elites. They need to be calmed and reassured that they have played an excellent role in your cosmic drama. However, it is now time to exit this worldly stage and to return in a new role, as grudging mentors for your transforming planetary society. They need to understand that their own transformation is fully assured by the Light. You are all the loving creations of a most forgiving Creator. We are just the many Orders of Heaven who seek to guide and to show you the way to your divine inheritance.

      Today, we have talked of many things. We have described very briefly the dilemma now facing your elites. We ask you to look inside; to connect with each other; and to spread your ever-expanding positive consciousness throughout your globe. Together, dear Lights, this process of constructing a new reality can be completed as planned. We now depart and leave you with many blessings. We ask our divine Creator to grant you perfect and complete Love. May it be used to bring harmony to all who inhabit your beautiful world. We ask the Holy Creator to give you an ever-increasing perfect Joy! We ask the divine Creator to grant you an ever-expanding cornucopia of Prosperity and Supply, one that can bring you rapidly and divinely into your new reality. AMEN. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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