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Tim Duncan

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Horn Q&A;

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Tony Battie

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Tracy McGrady Q&A;

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Maurice Taylor Q&A;

Kelvin Cato Q&A;

Brevin Knight Q&A;

Chris Anstey Q&A;

Bobby Jackson

John Thomas Q&A;

Antonio Daniels/David Stern
NBA Commissioner David Stern shakes hands with Antonio Daniels, selected No. 4 by Vancouver.
Glimpse of
the Future

From top pick Tim Duncan to France's high-flying Olivier Saint-Jean, we've got video highlights featuring 11 first-round choices in last month's NBA Draft.

Fans Rate the Draft
Following the Draft, NBA.com's basketball-savvy fans e-mailed their opinions about their favorite team's draft picks and trades, now including the Western Conference teams.

First-Round Analysis
Marty Blake, the NBA's Director of Scouting Services, offers his exclusive analysis of the first-round picks.

Draft-Day Dealing
The 1997 NBA Draft is complete. Stay with NBA.com for comprehensive post-Draft coverage, including the most recent trades.
dot NBA.com featured a series of live chats with Tim Duncan, Keith Van Horn, Chauncey Billups, Tony Battie, Ron Mercer, Olivier Saint-Jean, Derek Anderson, Brevin Knight and Adonal Foyle.
dot Check out Draft Day's sights and sounds in the Draft Theater, and view a photo gallery of the top picks as they meet Commissioner David Stern at the podium.
dot Team-by-team selections
dot Listen to a RealAudio session of the Draft:
Top 10 picks | Remaining picks

Texan Tops 'Picks of '97' Game
Blake Newsom from Longview, Texas, topped the honor roll of 70 prize-winning scorers in NBA.com's "NBA Draft Picks of '97" game, placing 12 of the top 13 picks of the Draft in their correct order.

A Cavalier Knight
Selected No. 16 by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Stanford guard Brevin Knight talks about the moment of truth in the last installment of his daily draft journal, Brevin's Big Knight.
dot Baby Brevin in the "Through the Years" photo gallery!

D R A F T   B O A R D

Round 1

1. San Antonio
Tim Duncan, Wake Forest

2. Philadelphia
Keith Van Horn, Utah
(traded to New Jersey)

3. Boston
Chauncey Billups, Colorado

4. Vancouver
Antonio Daniels,
Bowling Green

5. Denver
Tony Battie, Texas Tech

6. Boston (from Dallas)
Ron Mercer, Kentucky

7. New Jersey
Tim Thomas, Villanova
(traded to Philadelphia)

8. Golden State
Adonal Foyle, Colgate

9. Toronto
Tracy McGrady,
Mt. Zion Christian Academy

10. Milwaukee
Danny Fortson, Cincinnati
(traded to Denver)

11. Sacramento
Olivier Saint-Jean,
San Jose State

12. Indiana
Austin Croshere, Providence

13. Cleveland
Derek Anderson, Kentucky

14. L.A. Clippers
Maurice Taylor, Michigan

15. Dallas (from Minnesota)
Kelvin Cato, Iowa State
(traded to Portland)

16. Cleveland (from Phoenix)
Brevin Knight, Stanford

17. Orlando
Johnny Taylor,

18. Portland
Chris Anstey,
SE Melbourne Magic (NBL)
(traded to Dallas)

19. Detroit
Scot Pollard, Kansas

20. Minnesota
(from Charlotte via Portland)
Paul Grant, Wisconsin

21. New Jersey
(from L.A. Lakers)
Anthony Parker, Bradley
(traded to Philadelphia)

22. Atlanta
Ed Gray, California

23. Seattle
Bobby Jackson, Minnesota
(traded to Denver)

24. Houston
Rodrick Rhodes, USC

25. New York
John Thomas, Minnesota

26. Miami
Charles Smith, New Mexico

27. Utah
Jacque Vaughn, Kansas

28. Chicago
Keith Booth, Maryland

Round 2

30. Houston
(from Vancouver)
Serge Zwikker,
North Carolina

31. Miami
Mark Sanford,

32. Detroit
(from San Antonio)
Charles O'Bannon, UCLA

33. Denver
James Cotton,
Long Beach State
(traded to Seattle)

34. Philadelphia
Marko Milic,
Smelt Olimpija (Slovenia)

35. Dallas
Bubba Wells, Austin Peay

36. Philadelphia
(from New Jersey)
Kebu Stewart,
Cal State Bakersfield

37. Philadelphia
(from Toronto)
James Collins, Florida State
(traded to L.A. Clippers)

38. Golden State
Marc Jackson, Temple

39. Milwaukee
Jerald Honeycutt, Tulane

40. Sacramento
Anthony Johnson,
College of Charleston

41. Seattle
(from L.A. Clippers)
Ed Elisma, Georgia Tech

42. Denver (from Indiana)
Jason Lawson, Villanova
(traded to Orlando)

43. Phoenix
Stephen Jackson,
Butler County (Kansas) CC

44. Minnesota
Gordon Malone,
West Virginia

45. Cleveland
Cedric Henderson, Memphis

46. Washington
God Shammgod, Providence

47. Orlando
Eric Washington, Alabama
(traded to Denver)

48. Portland
Alvin Williams, Villanova

49. Washington
(from Charlotte)
Predrag Drobnjak,
Partizan (Belgrade)

50. Atlanta (from Detroit)
Alain Digbeu,
Villeurbanne (France)

51. Atlanta
Chris Crawford, Marquette

52. L.A. Lakers
DeJuan Wheat, Louisville

53. Vancouver
(from Houston)
C.J. Bruton,
Indian Hills (Iowa) CC
(traded to Portland)

54. L.A. Lakers
(from New York)
Paul Rogers, Gonzaga

55. Seattle
Mark Blount, Pittsburgh

56. Boston
Ben Pepper,
Newcastle Falcons (NBL)

57. Utah
Nate Erdmann, Oklahoma

58. Chicago
Roberto Due�as,
FC Barcelona (Spain)

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