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WITNESS #2 related that he received a radio message from the county dispatcher to look for a flying object the size of a three story house with bright lights. At first he thought the dispatcher was kidding, but as he searched the sky he noticed two gigantic lights almost close enough to be touching. He drove toward the oncoming lights. They were radiating beams of light. As he got closer to the lights he observed that the two lights were now one. As he got closer to the object it appeared to be in a cigar shape and was stationary. The object then began moving toward him. He stopped his police vehicle and observed the object. It slowly came toward him, and when it was about 120 feet from his position he noticed that it looked like a massive elongated triangle with a very bright light at the front pointing straight down. He estimated the length to be about 65� feet long and 325�5 feet wide. The object started moving again, emanating absolutely no noise, moving very slowly towards the south west. It came to him out of the southeast heading in a northwesterly direction. The object made a flat turn to the southwest. He got into the car and radioed the dispatcher and just that quick it was several miles away over Shiloh, Illinois. A Shiloh Officer advised that he had it in view.

His entire sighting was approximately 5 minutes.

He provided sketches of what he observed and these will be posted on the NIDS website in the near future.

Home > NIDS Research > Illinois UFO Sighting Report Table of Contents