Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

May 15, 1999 (1 Men, 13 Moan, 7 Ik)

Greetings! Joy and precious blessings of Heaven to you all! Today, we now start the massive final stage of our adjustments with you. By 8 Ik, 0 Pax, 7 Ik (May 22nd), we shall have made Mother Earth's precious children ready for any contingencies that could possibly develop. Dear Ones, we are most happy with the progress that you have made during this tone cycle of your galactic calendar. As always, remember that you are part of a vast unfolding of Creation. What you do is deeply reflected throughout the infinite realms of Creation. Your sacred task, dear Lights, is to allow your magnificent selves to blossom. Our task is to be your gentle and Loving gardeners. Together, we shall make your world bloom with Heaven's glowing radiance, the like of which has never been seen before in all of physical Creation. Precious ones, you are a most extraordinary collection of souls. This truth is one that proves the immensity of your potential. It demonstrates that the sacred prophecies that you've been given shall shortly come to pass. Heaven and Earth are preparing to unite in a very unique way upon your gorgeous orb.

      Life is a special combination of energies that have come together to express the consciousness evident in Creation. Creation manifests from the sacred desires of the Supreme Creator. This great Being of Light activated the divine plan and in so doing, set the stage for Creation's evolution. This holy process has gone on for many, many eons. It has even passed through many different Creation cycles. Now, in this present Creation, a most momentous time has begun. In this time, this Creation reaches for and achieves its destiny. Dear Ones, you are an important part of these most complex procedures. Every part of Creation has been assigned a specific task that it is to do. In your case, it is to move from a state of limited consciousness to one of full consciousness: in short, to re-integrate all the many parts in which you placed yourselves some 13 millennia ago. For this reason, in the past few decades you have awakened from your slumber and begun the great work. We have come to assist you, as is provided for in the Creator's divine plan.

      Your many changes, which have occurred both during and around our special adjustment periods, are designed to assist you in your transformations. This process is necessary because all Life is given its basic parameters. Within them, physical Life achieves its determined goals. Occasionally, these parameters can be enlarged, and the old parameters must be leaped. Under these special circumstances, assistance is needed. Remember, dear hearts, you are all connected to us. In return, we are fully connected to you. You can meet your own needs completely by knowing your own abilities, and how to utilize ours. In this sacred mix, there lies an overflowing abundance. From this abundance, you can envision whatever you need in order to achieve any objective that you desire. This process is a great gift from the Creator. Throughout Creation, the infinite range of consciousness can be seen. It has built the glorious structures of galaxies, dust clouds and many magnificent things that you cannot even imagine. This amazing ability is also within you. Each of you can proclaim, and then show, your magnificence.

      What has stopped you from doing these wondrous things is one attribute - doubt. Doubt surrounds your reality like a thick miasma. It limits you in your thinking, and permits you to believe in a lesser you. It is the aftermath of the group experiment in limitations that has gripped your society for far too long. Life is able to do as it so truly believes. In this reality, you have built a vast network of linked amnesia. It is so pervasive that you have even restated how reality is constructed, and had the boldness to proclaim it as 'natural laws'. Dear Hearts, this reality and its many by-products are about to collapse upon themselves. Too many of you now realize that it is only a false reality. It is a reality that was a most cruel prison, but now it is time to pardon yourselves. Even those whom you choose as the wardens and the prison guards understand that this reality cannot go on much longer. It is for the sake of these forming thoughts that we have come.

      Dear Ones, life is a contract entered into between the Creator, Heaven and all the infinite Souls who constitute its numerous realities. This contract is vast in its many implications. Yet around it, there is the unfolding of the divine plan - the Creator's great blueprint. In it, all aspects of consciousness are explained and provided for. Among its greatest feats is the separation of Spirit from matter. This limiting act has an equally marvelous feat - the integration of Spirit back into matter. This mode is its natural state. You are to be congratulated for agreeing to be a part of this most miraculous task. For many millennia, you have gradually built up your drama for this final act in your play. Even as it is being revealed, you have denied what you are doing. One of our greatest joys is to watch each of you as you quickly awaken to what is really happening. Then, we watch as you clamber about and discover how to best employ what you are learning.

      This learning curve within you is daily growing steeper. You are quickening in your ability to discover about consciousness and to relay this information to others. The restoration of your full consciousness comes from the many small networks that you are now swiftly constructing. Dear Ones, these networks are expanding daily in scope and in potential. Indeed, you are preparing yourselves to be the wondrous Beings that you really are. This fact greatly excites us. It shows clearly how the divine plan is unfolding. It demonstrates the great ability that you have. As this potential builds, it increases its strength and inner coherence in your society's global field. As it dispenses its essence, this energy moves across your planet's consciousness like a rolling tsunami. It is this action that is making your transformation so inevitable.

      Earth is now lit with the intensity of a giant Klieg lamp. Yet within this brightness, there is the flickering of many individual bulbs. Like a Christmas tree light, each bulb has its own color and its own rate of flickering. One of our great pleasures is to watch these lights gather their brightness and form patterns with other such lights. This network of lights is now slowly beginning to transform the negativity that is a part of your reality. Each day, this pace grows faster. Nonetheless, it is still being done in small increments. Fortunately, it is also growing in intensity. We deeply wish that each of you could see this. It is a great sign of the immense faith and superb commitment that you possess. It shows us precisely why your evolution in consciousness is coming about so definitely and so swiftly.

      The result of this activity is a new reality. It is a reality meant to be a container for your restored full consciousness. This container is one that can transform Creation. Creation flows like an ocean of consciousness throughout the holy divine plan. The divine plan's edicts envelop consciousness. These edicts surround this consciousness ocean, and are filled with sacred revelation. This sacred interaction has made all of us, and given us the wherewithal to be and to do. Dear Hearts, right now you are in the midst of this, and are achieving the outcomes for which you have divinely contracted. Remember that you are fulfilling your destiny. Each and every day, you are growing clearer in the process of becoming your True selves. Remain focused and positive. You are enmeshed in a growing chaos, and you have the ability to transform it.

      Dear Ones, we have come in joy and we depart now in bliss. Our task of conveying our message is done. We ask that you take it into your hearts and learn its inner truths. Do those things that you have come here to do and above all, be true to who you are and who you are becoming. O Creator, give forth the great abundance of Love, Joy and Supply that can bring all now occurring to a rapid and right divine conclusion. AMEN! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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