Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

May 4, 1999 (3 Kan, 2 Moan, 7 Ik)

Greetings! The day comes in joy and we are here. We arrive with information about what is taking place in your solar system and upon your world. Right now, the spiritual energies from the great realm of A-E-O-N have rained down upon your world. These energies are beginning to crack open many of the formerly inaccessible parts of your present reality. An aspect of this process is the work now occurring in your nervous system. Your nervous system is an enormous array of Light and electrical networks. These networks are mirrored in the way your reality is constructed. Here, a similarly complex network keeps the information energy flowing throughout it. As you transform, your reality self-corrects to include your new information within the collective. This puts additional stress upon its shape, intent and objectives. When enough sentient Beings in the collective transform in this manner, the reality reaches a shift point. Keep in mind that realities are just living information systems which serve a collective of Beings that resides within them. They are dependent upon this collective for their very existence.

      Your reality is composed of a vast array of finely intertwined threads. These very special threads are the omnipresent Light, or sacred consciousness, that creates physicality. This Light is shaped by those sentient Beings who inhabit any reality. In this regard, your current adjustments are aimed at changing thoroughly the rules that govern your reality's information network. When this network is altered, your reality is put into a flux. This condition permits it to be changed into one that is more amenable to your fully restored consciousness. As noted, in your collective there exist those Beings who have the ability to shape your reality. These Beings, your worldly cabals, have been in charge of this reality for the past 13 millennia. Now, you have reached a point in the divine plan where this control is destined to be terminated. Its proxy is a new collective contract based upon personal sovereignty and collective freedom. Within this freedom is a whole measure of responsibilities and tasks for everyone in the collective to perform. This process is called Free Will - the glue that ties this new reality together.

      We have offered a great number of messages about how a reality is created and then maintained. Previously, we have talked about how each reality resembles a living cell. We have also discussed how similar realities cluster about each other. These clusters resemble the means whereby your physical body has created its various organs. This amazing process is ever ongoing and ever changing. The rhythm setter, or composer, of this dance of physicality is the divine plan. This plan has set your current reality up for a drastic series of changes. These changes are happening not because of your so-called millennium change, but only due to the fact that the divine moment for this reality shift has come. Since the demise of Atlantis, your history is one of a slow but steady move from extreme darkness towards the advent of greater and greater Light. Each millennium has seen signs of this Light appearing between the cracks of the dark deeds of your various ruling oligarchies. Now, in the last decade, this subtle plan has reached an increasing momentum. Hence, it has become more noticeable to your 'general public'.

     Despite these degrees of greater recognition, much of your populace is still in denial about what is happening to them. It sees our work merely as strangely transpiring aches and pains, or as the signs of some sort of early-occurring mental dementia. Such, of course, is not the case. However, we are hugely fond of those signs of clarity that, occasionally, we can discover. For one thing, more and more of you are aware that your governments are hiding something - something big! You have acknowledged the existence of Angels, embraced a new spiritual awareness, and admitted that UFOs and ETs are real. It is a start, and one that has led to world-wide networks of Light being formed. The unfortunate part is that a great deal of fear and uncertainty still surrounds these issues. There seems to be the need for a series of some sort of bogeymen to explain what is happening. Our answer to this is quite different. We ask you to look into the Light of your Soul, as well as to your heart-logic, for answers to these questions.

      In any reality, a period of rapid transformation is a period for great questioning. It is also a time when what once seemed strong and invincible suddenly appears quite weak. The rhythm of society begins to shift. The old wisdoms seem to be just old lies. Nothing appears to be certain. An intense chaos begins to grow. New wisdoms start to vie with each other. Reality becomes open to change. In the past, your worldly cabals used these periods to strengthen their hold upon you. Their method was to reinvent themselves and to appear as the saviors leading the public to a new reality. In truth, it was just a newer and much better cage in which to put you. By doing this, they made the bars of your cage that much stronger and, seemingly, that much harder to be ever undone. Yet this time is much, much different. This time, your world has some divine assistance. A divine intervention that guarantees your freedom has been authorized.

      The new reality comes from deep within your heart and deep within your soul. It is based upon your achieving a full state of consciousness. In doing so, you become fully present with all that you are. You, my friends, are Beings of infinite vastness. You are also Beings with a massive interconnectedness to all other aspects of Creation. This process of consciousness is so encompassing that many of you cannot yet fully conceive what it truly is. But that information is coming to each and every one of you. The beauty of your life is its continual expansion and its ongoing transformations. It is this process that is making your present transition so unique. You are becoming more and more present, or conscious. As you do, you shift your society towards the Light. Previously, this has occurred in cyclic spurts. Now, it is happening in shorter and shorter cycles.

      As your reality is being rapidly reprogrammed, it is slowly collapsing upon itself. This 'collapse factor' is forming your growing field of chaos. It is important that you remain focused and prepared to do what is necessary to stay committed to your objectives. Bear in mind that this time is one of a divine intervention. This intervention has a purpose - the restoration of your full consciousness. Your worldly cabals have yet another plan, and yet another agenda. Their prior success has been predicated upon your buying into their new bag of tricks. Now, you have a support team that is their equal. We have come to assist you through this battle for your minds and your hearts. We have constructed a plan that assures your success. All that we ask is your approval of, and commitment to, these plans.

      Up till now, our plans have been mostly covert. Our desire is to interfere in your affairs in as indirectly a way as possible. Now, our agenda is reaching a point where this procedure can be altered. Our intention is to impress upon your worldly cabals that our objectives are to intervene more directly. Your cabals' plans have reached a point where some sort of more direct action is now needed. At this time, however, we do not intend to reveal fully what this entails. All that we ask is your continued commitment to raising consciousness on your world. To this end, we sincerely reiterate our ironclad pledge to come shortly, at a divine time, to your shores. You, my friends, are meant to succeed in your sacred endeavors, and succeed you shall. Remember that this is a 'welcome home' mission. The sheets, pillows and blankets upon your bed are ready and waiting.

      Today, we have written about many things. These subjects are ones that are truly dear to our hearts. We now have to embark upon a mutual course that ensures your success in the coming time of your reality's transition. Above all, dear friends, remember that you are never alone and that the success of your mission is divinely assured. We leave now with a prayer. O Creator, give unto these peoples of the Earth the Love, Joy, Courage and Abundance needed to fulfill their sacred destiny. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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