Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

January 2, 1999 (11 Ik 0 Chen, 7 Ik)

Greetings! Today, we come here with a brief but important message for you. Right now, your world and its global society have spent the last 13 millennia caught in limitation and surrounded by some very dark energies. These evil forces have made you believe that you were greatly lacking as individuals and, especially, as a people. You have been ruled by many self-serving Beings. These dark Beings fully understand the great dishonor they have done you. This process was part of the dark karma that tarred your planet during the last days of Atlantis. Her great perfidy is legendary. The heinous acts of those who followed her ways are much less so. Yet despite all the evil that was so evident, you were left with a vital spark of the divine. It is this spark and its unlimited potential that we shall speak about today. When Atlantis met its prophesied fate, two forces were left to decide the ultimate fate of your world. These two opposing forces were the spiritual ones of Light led by your local Spiritual Hierarchy, and some dark, materialistic interlopers called, at that time, the Annanaki.

      At times, the material world of the flesh can create many distractions. In the many realms of limited consciousness, it can also cause much grief. This grief comes from a great illusion. This illusion is that the spiritual and the material are somehow two different aspects of Mother/Father God. In reality, they are one and the same. Still, if properly utilized, another element can be introduced. This element is control and its bastard cousin — power. No sentient Being owns another, nor can she/he be claimed as a principle of their self-proclaimed ‘state’. Any legal entity derives its existence from the free, unsolicited support of its people. Every sentient Being is a sovereign Being. This personal sovereignty is inviolate. Long ago, on your world, unsuspecting innocents were stripped of these natural rights. Your recorded history is a sorry tale. It tells how this one heinous act has set forth a great series of unending pathologies upon your sacred shores. This selfish force has ruled you for much too long. The time has come for an evolution that can quickly reverse the effects of these many pathologies.

      In the last few years, the Annanaki that sat at the top of this dark pyramid of power have seen the Light. They became clearly willing to transform their evil ways and to learn the ways of cooperation and harmony. This decision was not an easy one for them. It required a long-term learning process given them by your local Spiritual Hierarchy. Using the instruments of perfect Love and of divine grace and gratitude, they eventually achieved their objective. However, it is unfortunate that this victory for the Light took such a long time (as you presently see it) to accomplish. To understand this process, you need to see time in a whole new way. Suffice it to say, time is more than a sequential measurer. Rather, it is one of the crucial elements by which the Creation unfolds. This is the reason why time is not overly important to us. What is important is that all things occur as the divine blueprint of the holy Creator so ordains. For this reason, the dark is not to be blamed, nor is it to be pitied. The dark is the physical means whereby we learn to grow and to discover how to express our newly-found wisdoms.

      As you grow in the Light, this God-given spark within you also grows. This sacred spark is connected to your True Self. This True Self is connected to Mother/Father God. This spark is the Light that has slowly been transforming your global society. This task has taken up much of your time. Nonetheless, you need to view time as we do. It is not overly important. What is important is that the many parts that can create your new reality come together as planned. This process contains many diverse aspects. We have discussed these with you in previous messages. What you need to know now is that a new segment in this grand plan is close to making its appearance. This segment deals with how these many parts come together. We have set forth the latter part of this galactic year of 7 Ik. Its use is to slowly introduce this new element to you. In applying it, you can come together. In this union, you can put forth organizations that can act as true way-showers for your growth. The growing of this sacred spark is our most important mutual task.

      As your inner spark grows, it needs to understand that it can easily transform all the pathologies that surround both you and your society. The local Spiritual Hierarchy has long shepherded this sacred cause. When Atlantis sank, you were left in a limited consciousness and without the amenities to which you had become so accustomed. The Annanaki used these first fears to control you. From this scenario was derived their great earthly power. Their great worldly authority was passed on, at appropriate times, to those individuals that they had carefully chosen. Meanwhile, the forces of the Light used the Annanaki’s concepts of religion to instill some degrees of morality into these many ever-changing societies. The consequent use of remarkable way-showers and specially-chosen prophets slowly made your world a little less dark. Yet they employed another method.

      This method was the use of carefully-chosen ideas. These innovative thoughts allowed your world to change ever so slowly. Each new technology was effected in such a way that it could be employed by the dark. These technologies moved your societies very slowly toward a divine objective. The world’s potential was expanding according to a self-correcting order. This order used its seeming random and chaotic movement to ensure its success. Each technology brought the world more bloody conflicts and more cruel actions. Yet, the world was also moving to a higher level of freedom. This freedom, while severely checked by the elites, was opening the way for more and more new ideas. Each round of ideas aided the elite’s concept of control, but opened the door just a crack farther. This process had reached its height by the beginning of your Twentieth Century.

      Enough ideas had now been let in to change this strategy. Now, the Light and its committed workers set up the initial organizations for a new reality. The reaction of the dark was a new type of tyranny and two very bloody world wars. The dark ones finally realized that their concepts of fear, tyranny and uncertainty were reaching their limits as well. Since division and strife had worked so well in the past, a new level had to be invented. This need led to ultra-nationalism, doctrinal states and a fractionalized world economy. The masses needed new forms of distraction and reasons not to explore the lighted end of the tunnel. Nonetheless, the spread of mass education had done some good. It had made the public harder to manipulate. So the dark invented propaganda.

      These points lead us up to the present. Your elites are still in control. Their powers are very immense. Yet, there is also a special action afoot. This action is the raising of your frequencies, as well as the massive change in your RNA/DNA protein strings. This coming transformation leads us to a new opening: the great force that can spring wide the door of oppression and limitation. In one large blow, it can knock it down. This force is you. This force is found in the currently invisible world of Spirit. Now, they are integrating and creating a new actuality. This new actuality still mostly goes unnoticed by many of you. Yet, it is there. It is small and seemingly powerless. Yet, it is there! Funny, the elites sense its presence and they are worried. Squashing it is no easy matter. Look and look inside, the spark is there and it is G-R-O-W-I-N-G.

      Today, we have discussed your future. It is a future in which your potential reaches the realms of full consciousness. You are about to upset an apple cart that the Annanaki began to play long ago. Now, as the Annanuki, they welcome what you are about to do. Bear in mind, the self-organizing order of this reality has made your success possible. Be strong and remain committed. The best is about to come. And it is as good as it gets. We leave you with infinite blessings of complete Love, orgasmic Joy and endless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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