Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

August 17, 1999 (4 Muluc, 2 Uo, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come to discuss many things. Your reality is now enduring the final aspects of its transformational process. This point shall be divinely marked by the opening of A-E-O-N's star-gate. These elements have come from A-E-O-N to bring you your destiny! These great legions of Angels and ArchAngels are here to finish the formation of a new local Spiritual Hierarchy and the setting up of a new heavenly Administration. When these elements are firmly in place, it shall be time to set the divine timetable for birthing your new reality. This sacred timetable is created by the transmutation of your RNA/DNA and by moving your Light Body into your re-ordered physical body. This complex integration of your spiritual and Light bodies is being jointly tended to by Heaven and the medical teams of the Galactic Federation of Light. Additionally, to accomplish this feat, we in Heaven have asked the local Orders of Time Lord to carry out the latest divine edicts of the divine plan. These edicts have established a number of key node points in your galaxy and in intergalactic space.

      These node points are accomplishing two important tasks. The first involves a re-setting of your RNA/DNA's individual time clocks. These are set to an assigned frequency. This process can easily alter your RNA/DNA to the threshold needed to switch you into a 12-stranded fully conscious RNA/DNA. The recent activity of your Sun during the day and the workings of a number of special stars and nebulas at night are currently preparing you for this momentous event. Second, we in Heaven are changing your physical body and are smoothly dismantling your present reality. Each step that we have taken brings you much closer to your destiny. We are committed to finishing it off as divinely on time as possible. These actions are ones that bring your part of the plan clearly into view. Your sacred task is to create the societal structures that flip your society into this new reality. To do this, a number of such structures have been created and are now in their fledgling stages. We applaud those whose skills and determination have brought these organizations into fruition. Nonetheless, much is still left to be done.

      As you move through the last stages of your integration process, a need develops for mutual support and caring. This compassion leads you to form social structures that mirror the ones found in fully conscious societies. It is the transition vehicle that takes you from the limitations of your present dysfunctional society to one that permits you to operate in the fullest extent of Liberty and personal sovereignty. This structure commences as the World Wide Web of Light, and then expands outward into global networks of consciousness-growing and outreach-oriented centers. These structures are further combined with those that permit the massive dissemination of focused information and an appropriate curriculum for the coming new reality. In addition, they are interconnected webs of financial and investment institutions geared to this coming reality. These webs of Light are people- and 'expanding the consciousness'-oriented. They are designed to transform organizations that have enslaved and limited humanity for far too long. This objective is why various resources are being provided to you.

      This mutation of your global society is not one with a rather long time scale. As noted in previous messages, this time scale is not meant to be measured in decades. It is provided by the divine plan with the means to bring you swiftly into a world that many of you cannot yet fully grasp. The amazing technologies that your society can produce have been long suppressed by your worldly cabals. Their ability to do so is quickly being overtaken by the need to move your world into the mode needed for a first contact. This contact is essential and inevitable. It not only brings back your space kin, but it also returns you to being physical Angels. It restores you to the realms of Heaven and the holy throne of the Creator. You become the grand stewards of your reality and the lynchpins in a destined galactic peace. This process has been undertaken because of the sacred edicts of the divine plan and the divine intent of the Creator. It is the last step needed to assure that this Creation is unfolded as planned.

      Your coming reality is founded on the twin principles of full consciousness and divine WILL. This new reality is fashioned as the device that completes this sixth Creation. As such, it is quite important to the unfolding of the divine plan. Constantly bear in mind that you are vital to Creation. You also have a very complex role to play in physicality. This role has taken you from your former reality and cast you into the depths of limitation and the amnesia of this particular realm. You have had to overcome a great many obstacles. These obstacles had within them the ability to teach you voluminous knowledge about this limiting form of physicality. They also have given you a great wisdom. Now, they are teaching you patience and how to manifest what is truly yours. These teachings are merely preparation for what is about to occur in your world. Keep in mind that you are not alone, and that many miracles are about to happen.

      Dear Ones, consciousness is an essence that constitutes Creation. Its movement is like a great old river. It tends to twist and turn while abruptly shifting its main channels. Yet, all that this grand river does serves a divine purpose and, in one way or another, enriches all who make contact with it. This process is the reason you are here and the reason this transformation shall occur swiftly and seemingly without notice. There are some amazing signs about. However, few desire to take these clues in and study them. Consciousness moves in a similar fashion. Everywhere, there are signs of a new form of human Being being born upon your world, as well as the ready crumbling of this present reality. Yet, most who reside on your world wish to ignore this. They would rather worry about supposed Earth changes and the nature of your present technology.

      These points suggest that many of you have failed to notice that your world is dying and doing so rapidly. You sincerely believe that some form of technology can save the day. This process cannot happen without Spirit, and Spirit chooses to create something vastly different. Spirit chooses to make it possible for all of you to experience the awe of discovering the magnificent Being that you truly are. Spirit chooses to expose you to things about Heaven that your amnesia has temporarily taken from you. This time is one of remembrance. This time is one of reconnecting with the divine in forgotten ways. It is a time for the many underground keepers of your esoteric knowledge to emerge. Now is the proper time for you to be taught ways that may seem, at first, to be new, but are really quite ancient and natural to your Being.

      These 'new' wisdoms are ones known to your ancient ancestors in Lemuria and Atlantis. They are ways that shall assist you in reclaiming your heritage. This leads us to the ancient societies that have long resided in cavern worlds beneath your feet. Their presence is also near to being made known to you. Dear Ones, as you can see, much is to be imparted to you besides what can be gleaned from a first contact. There are, literally, a myriad of worlds upon worlds for you to discover and then to acknowledge. These new worlds are ones that can guide you to the prime objective that you seek - your full consciousness. For all these reasons, we have come from A-E-O-N. We have come to guide you and to help you manifest this marvelous golden reality. And so, dear Ones, be focused and be committed. Know that you can only succeed in your endeavors.

      Today, we have discussed the merest of outlines of what is happening to you. Take this time to look within and discover how much you really know. Understand that your next part of this journey is to be filled with many marvelous events and a realization that something wonderful is about to happen. We now take our leave with a blessing. O Beings of Light of this Earthly realm: Take the supply of Heaven and use it to build this new reality of the Light! Amen! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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