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We have developed an assassinationtime line, a list ofpeople involved in the assassination, and important locations.

Our experts are Dave Perry, Jim Marrs, Gerald Posner, and Gary Mack. You will also be able to ask questions in a roundtable forum on Ask a Texan November 21 through 28. All four guests will answer each question--since each of our guests are opinionated and has his own carefully articulated conspiracy theory, you will be sure to get some fascinating responses.

Although the assassination of President John F. Kennedy occurred 33 years ago, the controversy over the events surrounding the assassination has never died down. On this anniversary we visited the crucial sites connected with the assassination, from Lee Harvey Oswald's boarding house on West Beckley to the site of the infamous backyard photographs. Our tour will provide you with photographs and descriptions of these sites, along with comments from four assassination experts about the importance of events that took place at these sites.

We suggest you start with ourtimeline to refamiliarize yourself with that dark day.

Landmark photographs by Charles Lohrmann.

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